Muscle Building Workout

When it comes to muscle building, there are a lot of things that one will have to consider. You’re going to have to make sure that you’re getting all the nutrients that you need in order to build muscles. You will also have to figure out the kind of exercises that your body is going to need to help you achieve that sculpted look.

Despite the challenges that come with muscle building, it’s not impossible to do. If you keep your diet and your exercises consistent, then you can expect changes within a couple of weeks. If you’re finding yourself stuck, consider adjusting your caloric intake or adding cardio to your routines. Fatty skin can also cover up muscle building, that doesn’t mean the muscle is not there, but until you burn off that excess fat- you’re unlikely to see any changes.

Heavy Lifting


You have probably heard of the phrase “Go big or go home.” This applies to very well to the process of increasing the intensity of your lifts in order to promote more muscle building. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, but heavy lifting is basically the process of increasing the weights that you incorporate into your exercises.

If done correctly, heavy lifting should result in added strength and bonafide muscle building. This part is intuitive of course. As you increase the weights you are lifting- hopefully allowing yourself to get used to the added stressor before intensifying it any further – your body will begin to build itself up in order to be able to lift more and lift heavier.

When it comes to building up your dream body – with the intention of getting as big as possible – this is definitely the way to go. However, be careful. Heavy lifting imposes a lot of stress on your body, and if you jump too quickly to a weight without preparing yourself you’re liable to get injured.

You should also make sure that you give your body some time to recover. Get rest and make sure that your body is getting the amount of nutrients that it needs. For example, if you don’t eat the correct amount of proteins – which should be proportionate to your body weight – your body will begin to break down muscles that you have already established in order to recover properly. That’s not something you want to risk.

The weight you lift needn’t be the heaviest at all times It’s necessary to differentiate between heavy weights and lighter weights. The premise of it all, is to start off with a small repetitions on heavier weights, and then exchanged to lighter weights – with higher repetitions. It’s all about balance, and intensifying the number of reps you can do at a time.

Compound Exercises


Compound Exercises are the kind that you do when you are in a hurry. This is meant for people who are short on time, or who find themselves wanting to build – and build quickly. They require more effort, and will undoubtedly have you feeling more sore after – which just assures that you’re getting the results you are after.

This is something that a lot of beginners find themselves doing, because it’s certain to get you quick results. In short, compound exercises are made specifically to work several parts of your body, rather than exercises that are specific to one or two parts. It’s very efficient, and will surely lead to a bigger and stronger form.

Isolation Exercise

Compound exercises are the type that you do in a hurry, which is the complete opposite of what  isolation exercises encompass. These are exercises that target specific parts of your body, whether it be your shoulders, chest, arms, legs, etc. Any exercise or movement that will tone specific parts of your body whilst leaving the others mostly unaffected.

A lot of long-term bodybuilders prefer to incorporate isolation exercises into their routines. In some cases they even isolate their exercises daily. Working on their arms and shoulders one day, their back the next, then their legs, etc. Using this method has been popularized, as you will be able to perform much better and at higher reps as you allow certain parts of your body to fully recover.

This might not seem logical to some, after all why exchange specific time-consuming exercises like this when you could do compound exercises instead? Well, compound exercises will definitely lead to muscle building and massive gains, however, after some point you’ll come to realize the necessity of making sure that each part of your body is getting work at equal amounts.

By working on something new everyday, you can focus on personalizing your exercises to build up parts of your body that you notice to be lagging behind. Some people will find themselves struggling to tone their legs, arms, etc. this is when isolation exercises come in. With these exercises you can make sure that your whole body is caught up and that you are maintaining a certain level of balance.

Boosting Intensity

When it comes down to it, boosting the intensity of your workouts is the most important part. If you’re too hesitant to take the leap, then you can’t expect to make any long-term changes. That being said, jumping in too quickly and not considering the risks can also put you all the way back to square one – or at least prevent you from going any further.

Make sure that you’re moving at a pace that’s right for you, don’t rush it. The results will come in time, and if you ever find yourself stuck. Then consider making changes elsewhere. Muscle building isn’t as complicated as some people might make it out to be, it’s just a matter of knowing what needs to be done and finding out what works for you.

Here is an example exercise routine for beginners, taken from here

Workout plan

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