Best Online Workout Programs 2018

When it comes to workout programs, there’s a complete fuc*king overload of information online. Finding good programs has never been harder. If you’re looking for a ‘free online workout program 2018’, you’ll get snowed under in cheap PDF’s crammed with poor advice.

Even some paid workout programs are just rushed bro splits and poor workout plans with little else to offer.

It really can be pretty frustrating when all you want to do is shred excess fat or build up some healthy slabs of new muscle.

Luckily for you though, the Supplement Devil / Workout guide Devil is on hand to burn through all those PDF’s and uncover the absolute best online workout programs in 2018.

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#1 Boss Workouts – New for 2018


Coming straight in at number #1 and only just launched at the start of the year is Boss Workouts. Boss workouts is the best workout guide we’ve ever seen available online. No joke.

This is a comprehensive set of paid 12 week programs that are designed for a mixture of goals. There isn’t really much online like it. Along with full guides, you get online video trainers to help you work through your goals.

We found that Boss Workouts isn’t so much an online workout program as it is a course and training plan. If you want to learn from the best, then this plan is certainly worth looking into.

Who’s Boss Workouts it for?

There are 4 current programs for Boss Workouts. Each is designed with a different goal in mind. So if you are looking to tone, cut, build or boost then they’ve got you covered.

Boss Workouts Shred

  • For: Males and Females
  • Goals: Fat loss and body recomposition

This is their fat loss program that’s been created by professional celebrity trainer and crossfit athlete Jason Sani. Boss Shred is a highly effective program based on the latest fat loss principles and comes with a fully loaded nutrition and workout guide.

Boss Shred is perfect for men and women who are looking to transform their body and lose a few of those unwanted pounds revealing their new powerful and ripped physique.

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Boss Workouts Lean Mass

  • For: Males 
  • Goals: Lean muscle building

Boss Lean Mass is a program designed to help males add as much muscle mass as possible in 12 weeks whilst mimimizing fat gain. It’s probably the most challenging out of all the Boss Workouts programs you can buy, but it doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to results.

If you are looking to pack on muscle mass throughout 2018 then Boss Lean Mass is without a doubt the best online workout program for you.

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Boss Workouts Prime

  • For: Males 35+
  • Goals: Testosterone boosting and muscle building

Aimed at the older guys, Boss Prime works by helping gradually build up fitness and strength before cutting back down in its final phase.

It’s presented by Darrin Robinson who’s trained countless IFBB pro’s in his time. Darrin will take you through workouts that can help you restore you body to it’s former glory and take advantage of testosterone boosting exercises to ensure you are feeling young after the 12 weeks.

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Boss Workouts Shape and Burn

  • For: Females
  • Goals: Fat loss and curve building

If you want to build a curved and sexy silhouette you could do far worse than investing in Boss Shape and Burn. This program is presented by athlete and bikini competitor Nikki Zager and is all about empowered female training.

This program is heavily results driven will have you feeling slimmer and sexier in no time.

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What is Boss Workouts?

With each Boss Workouts program you get a full guide on everything you need to know about that particular goal. And we mean everything.

Whilst the information can be a little dizzying at times, everything you learn will make a huge difference to your approach to training and mean you can go on and build your own workouts to get you those crucial results.

As online programs go we can say that Boss Workouts is without a doubt the most informative and effective one you’ll find available.

What makes it so good?Boss-Shred-2018

If you’re still not convinced, then you’re exactly like we were before getting hold of these programs.

We didn’t believe the hype at all. Until we’d read the programs and compared them with others available online.

Boss Workouts programs are so good because you get at least double what you’d get with other crappy exercise PDF’s. There’s no gimmicks here, just effective workouts and scientifically grounded and accessible information.

How much does Boss Workouts cost?

We know there’s a load of free programs available online and so many people aren’t going to want to pay for a program. But you should trust us when we say that Boss Workouts is worth it.

You’re not going to get a program that finishes after 12 weeks, you’re getting a life long resource that’ll take your training and nutrition up a level.

For the $90 cost of Boss Workouts here’s what you get with each program:

  • 10 Videos explaining the program. 90 minutes of footage in total
  • 93 Page e-book training guide
  • 73 Page e-book nutrition guide
  • 17 Page e-book recipe guide
  • Online body and nutrition calculation tools
  • Lifetime access
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#2 LDN Muscle LDN Muscle Cutting Guide

Coming in at number 2 is LDN muscle. Whilst it’s not as comprehensive as Boss and is slightly more expensive when it comes down to base value, we ran the workout a few years ago and found the cutting program a fairly solid and dependable exercise program to run.

Who’s LDN Muscle Cutting Guide for?

This is predominately a male cutting program that works over around an 8 week period.

For your money you get 2 eBooks which contain enough information to get you shredded if you stick to their exact words for the entire time you are running the program.

As we’ve mentioned though, this just doesn’t have the same value that Boss Workouts do and also doesn’t have a diverse set of goals available.

LDN Muscle’s guide is a far cry from being one of the best workout plans for men or women in 2018. But still offers a good solid online guide to follow if you want to seriously lose some weight.

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Finding the Best Online Workout Programs

When it comes to looking for a truly effective online program you need to be spending a little bit of money. Some 12 week plans exist on the paid area of, but these plans even lack the information you get with a paid guide like either one of the above.

Generally free PDF’s can work, but you do need to have a sound knowledge of fitness and nutrition to start with. As far as downloading a full workout guide PDF and cracking on, it can be hard to really get the results you want. It can even be hard to get out the gym and start training.

What we’ve tried to give you here is at least a couple of the best online guides available this year, even Boss Workouts will function closer to being an online trainer for you. Meaning you can achieve those goals!

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