Welcome to Supplement Hell.

Supplement Devil is the boldest, best and most badass supplement review site lurking in the dark bowels of the internet.

Our team of personal trainers, consumer writers and fitness monsters are sick of all the shit you have to read online regarding the so called “best supplements.”

All supplements are not created equal. Like people, some are fake, useless and deserve to be cast into a firey pit. Never to crawl out again.

If you are looking to get monstrous biceps, ripped to bits abs, godly fitness levels or anything in between, we represent you.

We are devilishly qualified, either from bitter life experience and wasted cash, or by taking actual mortal exams and competing in competitions. We live and die fitness. If you don’t want to side with the devil, then please, go out and follow the lead of countless fake consumer reviews. HELL BENT on taking your money and having little impact on your crappy physique and fitness levels.

5 rules etched into the blood soaked walls of our Supplement Review Site HELL:

  1. Honest science based opinions. We only use reputable sources when we analyse supplements.
  2. Every supplement we recommend, we test. Then re test. 
  3. We don’t give a fuck what supplement companies think. 
  4. We don’t give a fuck what you think.
  5. Swear lots to get the point across and run rings around boring, stagnant, matter of fact scam supplement review sites. 

If you have any questions, opinions or suggestions for SupplementDevil.com then write them on a piece of paper. Soak it in lambs blood. Burn it. And count to 666 in a mirror.

Fat Burner Reviews

Nutrabolics Semtex reviewIt wouldn’t be a supplement Review website without us reviewing fat burner supplements. Often these supplements are a complete load of shit designed to do nothing but steal your money and make you feel a bit twicthy.

They rarely actually burn away anything. Other than cash. But by checking out the fat burner reviews we have, we can honestly say wether you will get any form of dietary support or metabolism boost from a fat burner.

The right products can get you incinerating fat like the devil incinerates bad souls. But you need the right blends, the right ingredients and the right dose to make it work. We only recommend fat burners that work.

-See Fat Burner Reviews-


Protein Supplement Reviews

Nutrakey Whey Optima ReviewWe can’t all sit around eating flesh every day. So to make monstrous gains we do need the support of a protein supplement.

With a deluded market where people are putting everything from caffeine to angel tears into protein supplements to sell them to you it can be hard to know what to buy.

Luckily for you, protein is basically a currency in supplement hell. So our protein reviews will make sure you are only fueling your muscles with the absolute best proteins.

-See Protein Reviews- 

Pre Workout Reviews

Sidewalk KrakaWe love to review pre workouts. Or good pre workouts at least. Pre workouts are popping up everywhere and can seriously enhance your performance.

But the problem with loads of these ridiculous blends is how shit they make you feel. You don’t want to torture yourself with energy crashes and weak ass lifts do you?

Which is where we come in. Supplement Devil looks at the research surrounding blends and if they will actually work. Trust us if we say a pre workout is good. Because it’s generally made us absolutely dominate a gym session.  With minimal crack head side effects.

-See Pre Workout Reviews-

Testosterone Booster Reviews

Xellerate Testosterone BoosterOne of the more ridiculous supplements in the market. But some of these testosterone boosters can not only turn you into a beast in the gym, but also in the bedroom. We’ve tried some, and the Devil-ess has hated every second of it when one works.

But the right testosterone boosters have turned us into young devils that have started to perform better than ever before.

-See Testosterone Booster Reviews-


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