Is testosterone linked to penis size?

Sometimes you can’t help but worry about the size of your little guy. As the devil, we obviously have a massive wang. But before we were the prince of darkness, we had a mere mortal maggot. We often wondered, is testosterone linked to penis size?

All jokes aside this is a pretty serious question. As for some people it can be very frustrating if you’re not what you’d consider as ‘well endowed’.

First, before we jump into answering the question Is testosterone linked to penis size, we need to figure out what testosterone is and what it controls.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary male hormone and is responsible for a huge number of functions in your body. Your testosterone levels jump up when you hit puberty, which is when your balls drop and you begin the development of your masculine features.


This takes your voice down a notch, sees you shoot up in height and also develop bigger muscles and facial hair.

There’s a reason bodybuilders supplement extra testosterone. Because it works to bulk you up and pack on slabs of muscle. In a way that the correct testosterone boosters can also.

It’s not just men who have testosterone though, women also have a certain amount that also controls a load of their bodily functions. Including muscle mass, menstrual cycle and libido!

Does testosterone control penis size?

We’ve seen that testosterone controls a lot of male characteristics and whilst it can influence the size of your testicles, sadly penis size is purely down to genetics.

So testosterone doesn’t play any real role in the size of your penis. Although, some women can find a pair of hulking nuts as impressive.

This might not be the news some people wanted. But it might also prove to be a bit of good news, as there isn’t really any way to add testosterone directly into the blood without risking unwanted side effects anyway.

What are the benefits of boosting testosterone generally?

So, you’re not going to end up with a 12″ winking python if you some how increase testosterone. But that shouldn’t stop you being conscious and always trying to optimize those testosterone levels.

As we’ve mentioned, your penis won’t get longer if you have more testosterone, but your libido will increase. Couple this with the fact you’ll feel more confident, and if you hit the gym, add a ton of lean muscle, you’ll find it easier to please women in other ways.

A large study of men[1], found that testosterone supplementation increased erection quality, libido and sexual health!

Testosterone and penis size: The final word

By the time you hit puberty your levels of andogenic hormone testosterone skyrocket. During this time your masculine features start to develop due to the hypothalamus part of your brain signalling the testes to increase testosterone production.

At this point you see an increase in the production of sperm and will see the size of your testicles increase.

This testosterone will not impact the size of your penis though, as that is down to genetics and your foetal development.

[1]Travison, GT et al. The relationship between libido and testosterone levels in aging men. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2006; 91(7): 2509-2513


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