Does Testosterone Help with Sleep?

Every man wants to have a good night’s sleep. A deep, relaxing, dreamless sleep makes you feel better. In fact, the good feeling you get from a deep sleep can only be compared with very few things. Whenever the quality of your sleep is affected, it could lead to feelings of fatigue and exhaustion – as well as other tumultuous side effects.

A good night’s sleep has got so many benefits to everyone. However, this is a topic for another day. Today, we want to look at whether testosterone can help with sleep.

Naturally, the level of testosterone declines with age. For instance, most men who report that they are experiencing sleep problems are aged 50 and above. And this is the age where the level of testosterone in most men is low.  Another interesting fact is that men who are in their twenties and are experiencing a low level of testosterone also report that they are experiencing sleep problems.

So, it is logical to conclude that testosterone can help with sleep if you can be able to increase its level.

Yes. Testosterone can help with sleep. Precisely, the more the testosterone you have in your body, the better night’s sleep you will have.

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According to researchers, low levels of testosterone in the body changes the way our brain “syncs”. And for you to have a deep sleep, there must be a perfect synchronization in your brain. Low levels of testosterone prevent or interfere with perfect synchronization, and therefore, prevent you from attaining the deep sleep that everyone needs (1). 

When you lack sleep, you may start experiencing many symptoms – including fogginess and fatigue among others (2). This will make you inactive and unproductive. If not checked, it might result in an even messier sleep cycle.

Interestingly, the symptoms of sleep disturbance are replicated by the symptoms of low levels of testosterone. If the level of your testosterone drops, you will start experiencing an array of symptoms. The most common one is the inability to attain deep, dreamless sleep throughout the night. Others include fatigue and fogginess.


As you can see, low level of testosterone does not only interfere with your sleep but also make you feel unwell and unproductive. So, it’s advisable that when you suspect that the level of your testosterone is dropping, you should find a way to fix the problem right away (3).

First, let your doctor test your level of testosterone. If he or she finds out that the level has dropped, he or she will definitely help you out.

Of course, the level of testosterone starts to drop steadily when a man reaches 30 years of age. Even though this is a natural occurrence, it doesn’t mean that you should live exhausted for the rest of your life. Testosterone injection is one of the most common ways of boosting the level of testosterone. Your doctor may also recommend testosterone pills or enhancers for you.


If you’re looking for something to get you back to snoring the Zzz’s then taking a closer look at your testosterone levels is a good idea.

To promote higher levels of testosterone you could start lifting weights or cleaning up your diet.

Whilst this is good for you on it’s own, it’s shown that heavy weight training and certain foods like oysters, broccoli and nuts can help raise testosterone levels naturally!

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  1. Vic says

    This really is so helpful but first I’m going to consult my doctor if it’s okay for me to take this. Thank you for sharing!

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