Are testosterone and penis size related?

Are testosterone and penis size related? Look everyone’s been there. 

Whether the effects are positive or negative, we all want to know how testosterone will affect the size of the little guy down below.

It makes sense if you really think about it.

Especially when you consider the effects that testosterone boosters usually have. However, does it actually affect anything?

Continue reading to find out…


First off, let’s talk about puberty and how it affects the way your body looks.

If you have passed this stage, or are at this stage, then I imagine you know what I mean. This is the stage where your whole body changes.

This is an awkward point in life. Everything feels weird.

The longer limbs are strange and your emotions even stranger. Now, this is because of the hormones wreaking havoc inside of your body.

What hormone is this you might be asking? Well…


So what is testosterone? And why does it affect our bodies so much?

Testosterone is often described as the hormone that guides us through our developmental stages (1). It does a lot of things for your body, including, but not limited to:

Are testosterone and penis size related 1

  • Keeping your bones strong
  • Distributing the fat in your body
  • Regulating strength and lean muscle mass
  • The hair that grows on your face and body
  • The production of red blood cells
  • Libido and,
  • Fertility

As you can see, that’s a shit ton of responsibilities.

Testosterone is responsible for a lot of things, which is why it’s so important that you keep your testosterone levels stable for as long as you can.

But okay, let’s get to the point-


The truth might disappoint you, but the answer is no.

Testosterone won’t affect the size of your penis, so taking any more of it won’t help it grow bigger. This size is predetermined during fetal development, not puberty.

Now, the second part of this might confuse you, but it’s food for thought.

Testosterone can affect your penis size if you have too little of it.

And no, that doesn’t mean that you can go out there and supplement testosterone to make your little guy bigger.

As mentioned, your penis size is determined from when you were a fetus. Specifically, the reason why some men have smaller penises is that they didn’t have enough testosterone as a child (2).

Now, if you are a parent, who has a child that is experiencing this kind of situation. Then you can help them out by supplementing them with testosterone whilst they’re infants.

In this situation, you can change your penis size.

BUT, if you’re a regular male- who started with the normal amount- then supplementing won’t help your penis grow.


As you’ve probably read, the only way you can change your penis size with testosterone is if you have a special condition (hypogonadism) that led to chronically low levels of testosterone.

Of course, that doesn’t negate any of the other benefits that testosterone can give you.

We’ve looked into a lot of testosterone boosters, and whilst it’s unlikely that any of those will help your little guy grow.

It can still heat things up in the gym and in the bedroom.

Check out our Top 5 Testosterone Booster Review to learn more.

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