Weider Prime Review

Our Weider Prime Review will be analyzing the hell out of a testosterone booster manufactured by a company that goes by the same name, Weider Prime. We don’t know much about this firm but we know that they are based in the United States. The good thing about this product is that they aren’t hiding its ingredients inside of  proprietary blends.

If that is telling you something about this company, then maybe this is the testosterone booster for you. Without any background, you just have to say screw it, and just give it a chance. Sometimes, taking a risk will pay off big time. The issue is you just don’t know when. It doesn’t mean that if you get a product from a famous brand that miracles are to follow immediately after.

Maybe this will open the door for you and help you improve yourself. Once again, we can’t promise you that and it’s up to you to decide.

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How does the Weider Prime Testosterone Booster works

The Weider Prime claims that this supplement will help you with your energy production by boosting your testosterone level and improving your physical performance. Also, it should help you with burning your fat and enhancing nutrient absorption.

The good part is that the supplement isn’t made only from scientific nutrients, but it has several natural extracts that should boost your testosterone levels. Also, it would force your body to speed up the process of reducing fat in your body leading to a fiery physique.

However, looking at the ingredients they don’t doesn’t seem as promising as initially believed.

Ingredients of the Weider Prime Testosterone Booster

Weider Prime Review Ingredients

Let’s have a look at the most important ingredients of this supplement.


This ingredient is a bit sketchy. There are no research that can 100% promise that it works. However, signs have shown that it should be able to balance your hormones in some way. 

To make it simpler for you, the nutrient controls the levels of the estrogens and testosterone in your body. This should be a good choice, but it comes with some side effects that are making us a tad insecure.

Cordyceps Extract

This is the ingredient that should increase the fat burning process in your body. It should burn your calories and pump your muscles. It is still not proven how it works, so perhaps they should have excluded this for now. At least, until they find research to back up its effect-ability. 

Ashwagandha Extract

This herb should help boost your strength and power, which will lead to longer and more intense training. The substance is also supposed to relieve anxiety and increase the muscle endurance. As for its connection with testosterone, it is not confirmed yet whether the extract plays a role.


This is actually black pepper that will increase the absorption rate of the other nutrients that you are consuming. However, if it is not combined with the most important elements, it doesn’t do much.

Vitamins B6 and B12

These Vitamins will give you the energy you need to go all day without any crashes.

Vitamin D3

Improving your testosterone level by increasing the absorption rate of the consumed phosphate and calcium.

How to buy the Weider Prime Testosterone Booster

You can find this supplement on the official website of Weider Prime. It is not that expensive coming at the price of 28.99 US Dollars. However, you only have 60 capsules which would last for up to 30 days. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules taken with your food.

Maybe it isn’t a ripping-off scheme and it would do its wonders, but then maybe you are just playing with the devil and buying a shitty supplement.

Side-effects of the Weider Prime Testosterone Booster

First of all, we would like to mention the main concern, the negative side of the Diindolylmethane. Even though it is proven to raise your testosterone levels, it might increase your estrogen level too much. You wouldn’t want that because you might see yourself in the mirror and see your chest turning into damned man boobs (this is called gynecomastia).

Also, there is a chance that you might experience diarrhea or nausea. However, that doesn’t happen to everyone and it depends on your body, and how well it will accept this supplement and its ingredients.

Weider Prime Review Results and Expected Effects

This testosterone booster isn’t looking ideal from this standpoint. Yes, it might help you with your training or it might raise some of the side effects. It is either dangerous or effective and worth the price. Maybe, if they didn’t stick with the Diindolylmethane, we would be sure that this is the perfect choice for you to assist you in the makings of a vicious body.

We would recommend taking a look at other supplements before you make your decision. Yes, this one is cheaper, but there aren’t enough ingredients to make this testosterone booster so dang good. If you are getting tired of being scammed by ineffective supplements, we would advise you to reconsider this decision before making a final call.

There are definitely better supplements out there. That’s for sure.

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Weider Prime Review

The Weider Prime testosterone booster is a mildly expensive supplement that might be able to provide some benefits. However, there are known side-effects involved and key t-boosting ingredients missing.

  • Weider Prime Review

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