VPX Sports T-Jack Daddy Review

Joining with a packed testosterone booster market comes T-Jack Daddy, the testosterone booster from VPX Sports. Promising to be a product that elevates natural testosterone levels to lead to muscle, energy and increased performance. This T Jack Daddy review has found VPX Sports testosterone booster is a pretty pricey supplement.

Our VPX Sports T-Jack Daddy Review will pick apart this test booster to see if it’s worth the price you pay.

Or if it’s just another overpriced testosterone booster in a crowded market.

Get the right test booster and you’ll find that that you pack on serious muscle quicker than ever, whilst increasing energy levels, aggression in the weights room and also keep off some of that unwanted fat.

Get the wrong one and you’re just pissing away money.  Where does VPX Sports T-Jack Daddy testosterone booster fit into this scale though. and what results and effects will you get?

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VPX Sports T-Jack Daddy First Impressions

Buy VPX Sports T Jack Daddy

Our first impressions of this were great. The packaging, although not that important, is pretty swish and pretty shiny.

The supplement facts are the main point though, and we have to say that our initial impressions aren’t that good here. Especially when we’ve just shelled out so much money on this product.

But the proof is in the T-Jack Daddy results and effects, which for $74.99, we are hoping are pretty good.

One bit of good news though is that ordering is quick and easy with a nice clean website and fast delivery options too.

What Does VPX Sports T Jack Daddy Do?

T-Jack Daddy is a supplement that uses natural herbs and a couple of minerals to help promote natural increases in key sexual hormones and optimize your body to start to create it’s own testosterone.

Minerals have proven results and can work exceptionally well, provided the correct ones are used in the correct doses.

Herbs can also have a proven effect on your bodies ability to boost up your testosterone levels, buy there’s a lot of ineffective and risky ingredients in the market.

Sadly, we’re not holding out much hope for what T-Jack Daddy will do to for testosterone levels. But let’s breakdown the ingredients and take a closer look.

VPX Sports T-Jack Daddy Ingredients

Blend wise, we’ve seen far better blends than VPX Sports T-Jack Daddy, we can say that right off the cuff.

Effects wise, you’re not going to get the best results possible because VPX Sports have left some pretty key and proven ingredients out of this high priced testosterone booster.

VPX Sports T Jack Daddy Ingredients

Swiss Chard

Because it’s high in magnesium and other key minerals found in dark green vegetables, Swiss Chard can help promote health and vitality.

It’s not exactly a direct testosterone booster, but it’s hard to dispute that supplementing it will have some benefits.

The issue? It makes more sense to actually supplement key minerals like magnesium, and then also remember to eat your greens to get a better shot at boosting your test.


Eurycoma Longifolia is a type of flower that’s long been thought to influence sex hormone levels in males.

Studies have made a link between some of the properties of this extract and increasing libido, however limited studies have confirmed it can play a role in boosting up your testosterone levels.

Pretty frustrating that VPX Spots have taken a gamble with this.


As with the longjack, this is an ingredient that’s more known for it’s effects on helping men with erectile disfunction or females with a low sex drive.

Sadly little is know about if this bark extract can actually drive up sex hormones of a healthy male.

Vitamin D3

A solid and proven testosterone booster. Your body naturally produces vitamin D3 when it’s exposed to the sun, it can then go on to create more key hormones and eventually signal your testes to produce more testosterone.

VPX Sports have left T-Jack Daddy with a fairly small dose of this key test booster though, nearly 50% of our current #1 product.


You can’t fault Zinc when it comes to helping the body to produce more test, and with so many people potentially deficient, it can be a very easy way to impact your life positively.

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VPX Sports T Jack Daddy Dose

You get 2 capsules per day of T-Jack Daddy, which gets you very little in terms of actual content of any of the ingredients which are supposed to raise up your test.

Our top boosters generally have a 4 capsule a day serving size, this ensures you can spread your dose evenly through the day and get your body optimised for producing testosterone for as long as possible.

Because T-Jack Daddy’s ingredients come in a blend too, you can’t identify how much of each ingredient you are actually taking.

RECOMMENDED USE: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules daily, preferably with meals. Unlike most other testosterone formulas, T-JACK DADDY™ does not need to be cycled.

VPX Sports T Jack Daddy Side Effects

Because all the ingredients in T-Jack Daddy are completely natural, there is only really a slim chance of any unwanted side effects.

The doses of these ingredients are also quite low, with a small 2 capsule serving size when you buy this product.

Nonetheless, there are some slight side effects associated with high doses of some ingredients in this product.

Potential VPX Sports T-Jack Daddy side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach pains
  • Gas

Buy VPX Sports T-Jack Daddy

You can order VPX Sports T Jack Daddy direct from their website over at VPX Sports. At $74.99 it’s a pretty big investment, especially when you consider the blend is so small and you’re only getting 2 capsules a day.

Another point to remember is that a lot of the ingredients come in a hidden blend, so you have no idea how much you are actually paying for.

Coupled with the fact that there’s only limited testosterone boosting science to some of them, and this product is a bit disappointing. Especially when compared with our top 5 test boosters that actually work. 

VPX Sports T-Jack Daddy Results and Review Conclusion

We love the look of this testosterone booster. But when you’ve paid $74.99 for such a small blend you sort of expect a miracle for it to work.

But, after 30 days of supplementation there will be little to show for the results from VPX Sport T-Jack Daddy. Which is because it’s key ingredients are dosed on the lower side and you only get a 2 capsule per day serving.

The ingredients have more in common with a treatment for erectile dysfunction too, and not that of a genuinely effective testosterone boosting supplement.

This is pretty frustrating as in the past VPX Sports have released some amazing supplements, it’s just a shame that T-Jack Daddy doesn’t fit this bill.

Check out our top 5 boosters that are proven to work in as little as two weeks. You’ll pay around the same price but get so much more for your money.

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VPX Sports T-Jack Daddy Review

An heavily overpriced test booster that has a proprietary blend and small serving size. Minimal results.

  • VPX Sports T-Jack Daddy Review

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