Vigor Labs Raw IGF-1 Review

Our Vigor Labs Raw IGF-1 Review will be covering a natural testosterone booster that is produced by a company called Vigor Labs. The company is well-established in the supplement market. Marketing testosterone boosters, fat burners, etc.

We have the pleasure of looking into the Raw IGF-1 first. Now, we’re just looking to sniff out any possible sins this company could have committed. Get to know the brand more- so to speak, and see if they’re worth their salt in supplements.

Well, enough of the chatter, let’s get on with our hellish analysis.

How does Raw IGF-1 work?

Okay our first glance at the product itself leaves us on somewhat shaky ground. There are a couple of sins that supplement companies tend to make. Sins that give us something to be suspicious about.

The first sin is the recommended daily dose. For the most part, we prefer that testosterone boosters should be taken at least 3-4 times a day. This ensures that you’re getting the maximum benefits 24/7.

The Raw IGF-1 only comes with 1 shitty-recommended dose per day. Now, some people might prefer this- if they’re not into swallowing several pills throughout the day. However, it certainly does decrease the functionality of the t-booster.

Now, the recommended dose. That’s a forgivable sin. That’s something we can live with. However, the Raw IGF-1 sinned once more. A grave sin that puts us on immediate alert.

The formula is all encapsulated inside of proprietary blend. This means, that we have no way of knowing how much of each ingredient is inside the blend, and whether any of them would be effective or harmful.

It’s a shit deal, but we’re not about to stop our analysis here.

Raw IGF-1 Ingredients


Longjack Extract

The first ingredient up to bat is Longjack. A fairly common ingredient, that is found in a lot of testosterone booster supplements. Unfortunately for us, there’s really no proof of it being an effective t-booster.It might stir things up down below, if that’s worth anything to you.

Tribulus Terrestris

Another popular ingredient found in most t-boosters. Now, our relationship with Tribulus Terrestris is a bit strained. Much like its brother longjack over there, it’s a pretty good libido-booster. It gets the little guy up, and increases your general sex-drive.

Unfortunately, there has only been proof of its effectiveness with people who have erectile dysfunction. The same benefits have yet to be proven in healthy males.


Although it has been said to be a rather effective nootropic ingredient. L-Carnitine is on the weaker end, at least when it comes to T-booster ingredients.


You’ve probably heard of this ingredient before, but if not. It’s a milk that is produced after giving birth. It’s very vital to the growth of young mammals. Unfortunately, as effective as this is for fetuses, the same cannot be said for fully grown men or women.

Diindolylmethane (DIM)

This is an ingredient that is great in moderation. It being in the Raw IGF-1 solution is a testament that they did some research at least. However, because the ingredient is inside of a proprietary blend, we can’t be certain if this will end up fucking us over in the end.

100mg of this is stuff is all it takes for you to develop your very own set of man boobs. It’s not worth the risk.

Deer Antler Velvet

A natural ingredient that comes from the antlers of animals. It’s believed to have testosterone boosting effects, but no research could prove that to be the case.

Buy Raw IGF-1

Price: $34.99

The Raw IGF-1 is not badly priced. Although, considering the mediocre dosing- it could have definitely been better. You get 30 capsules- enough for a month, after paying 34.99 US Dollars. That’s within the range of what supplements usually go for. However, it would have been better if they increased the doses and the pill count.

Side Effects of Raw IGF-1

Although the ingredients are all-natural, the existence of a proprietary blend means that some of them could be overdosed, which could lead to horrible side-effects. For example:

  • High amounts of DIM can cause gynecomastia (man boobs)
  • Fish Oil has also been said to lead to high-cholesterol levels

Raw IGF-1 Review Results and Expected Effects

This is a miss folks. Nothing to see here. The Raw IGF-1 might be worth it, if all you’re needing is a good lay. However, not much else will happen outside of that. Most of the ingredients are libido-boosters, rather than actual t-boosters.

You’re not going to get much done in the gym, and plus! A use of a certain ingredient (DIM) can have you growing man boobs before you even know it. So even if you were looking for something to spark up the bedroom, we honestly don’t think that this is going to be worth any of the risk.

There are a lot better supplements out there. Supplements that will not only keep your little devil happy, but your muscles happy as well. We suggest having a look of those instead, because this? Is definitely not worth your time.


Vigor Labs Raw IGF-1 Review

None of the ingredients inside of the the Raw IGF-1 supplement have actually been proven to boost your testosterone levels. Not only that, but it uses a couple of ingredients that you’d be happier to stay away from.

  • Vigor Labs Raw IGF-1 Review

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