Testrogain RX-100 Review

This Testrogain RX-100 Review will be introducing you to a t-booster that promises to stand over the rest with an innovative formula that will push your body to the limit! Is it something that’s going to work for you?

Well, that’s what we’re going to have to find out for ourselves! The Testrogain RX-100 is manufactured and marketed by a company called Newton-Everett Biotech. A bit of a mouthful, but this UK-based company has made quite a name for themselves in their home country.

This new t-booster of theirs is promising something a little more than what most testosterone boosters promise these days. That is, a homogenous anabolic environment that will allow you to actively make gains by helping you increase the amount of testosterone in your body!

Our Testrogain RX-100 Review will be breaking down all the ingredients that make this supplement unique! Give it a read! By the end of this hellish analysis, we would have found an answer to whether this is something that you would even want to take.

How does the Testrogain RX-100 work?

The first thing that we’re going to cover, is how the Testrogain RX-100 works. We touched upon its promises earlier, but this section of our Testrogain RX-100 Review will introduce the aspects in a bit more detail!

So, Testrograin is promising increased testosterone (which will lead to better gains), through the use of their natural blend of ingredients. Based on my first look, some of these ingredients are familiar. As in, these are things I’ve seen in t-boosters elsewhere. However, there are a couple of ingredients that piqued my interest (like Beta Sitosterol.)

All in all, they kept their ingredients fairly simple. Even with the exciting new ingredients, there’s nothing about this that scream overcompensating to me. Of course, whether or not those ingredients are good, is another matter altogether.

Saying that, let’s head over to the ingredient section of this formula! We’re going to be detailing all the relevant ingredients and telling you whether they work or not!

Testrogain RX-100 Ingredients

Testrogain RX-100 Review

Beta Sitosterol

I mentioned this in the previous breakdown, mostly because it’s not an ingredient I’ve run in before. If it is, then I see now why I could have forgotten about it. It’s not that good as a t-booster ingredient. There’s been a couple of studies linking it to the decrease of bad cholesterol.

However, its effects as either a t-booster or libido booster (as it is some timesused for), are largely unfounded.

Soy Seed

Admittedly, there has been studies done to suggest that Soy-deficiency might cause low testosterone. In theory, that would mean that taking in more soy should help you boost your testosterone. However, this theory remains just that, a theory. There is nothing to prove that this is an effective t-boosting ingredient.


This is where we get into the common t-boosting ingredients that I mentioned previously. Tribulus is something that we see everywhere. However, its presence in t-boosters is a bit… ludicrous. It’s more of a libido booster than an actual testosterone booster ingredient.

Tongkat Ali

Again, we have something that (much like Tribulus) is commonly found in t-boosters but is largely unresearched.

Saw Palmetto

This is not as common as the previous two but is similar to Soy Seed in that people think that it works in theory. Unfortunately, theories don’t hold up well in the science community. I’d wait a little bit more before this confirmed before putting any stock into it.

Buy Testrogain RX-100

The price of this supplement shocked me. It costs about an arm and leg, or 53.95 US Dollars. It’s almost on par with the more popular supplements right now. Is it worth it? Well, with the ingredients that they used? I’m leaning towards a ‘no.’

Side Effects of Testrogain RX-100

Is the Testrogain RX-100 safe? Yes, for the most part, it is safe.

The company that produces the Testrogain RX-100 chose a variety of natural ingredients that shouldn’t cause too much of a problem. Of course, you might still experience a couple of side-effects like nausea, stomach cramps, etc. However, that’s only if you’re particularly sensitive to the ingredient.

One should also stay away from this if they are: pregnant, nursing, or under the age of 18.

Testrogain RX-100 Review Results and Expected Effects

So! That ends our Testrogain RX-100 Review! I started off fairly optimistic. They were making a lot of promises at the start that had me excited. Foolish of me, because the formula had ended up being pretty shitty.

Okay, so it’s not that bad. It’s on par with most of the lower-level t-boosters out there. However, it’s definitely not something I would ever consider buying for the price that they’re asking for. If I’m going to spend half a hundred US dollars for a t-booster, then it better be fucking powerful.

There’s too much left to chance here. A lot of unproven theories that Testrogain expects us to swallow without question. Well, I for one am not for it. Ultimately, this is not something I would take for myself, and I’m not the type to recommend something that I myself haven’t tried. So…

As of right now, I can’t say that the Testrogain RX-100 is quite powerful enough for the Devil’s high expectations. The top spots are most definitely still reserved for our current favorites! If you want to get to know those supplements, then check out our Top 5 Testosterone Boosters!!.


Testrogain RX-100 Review

There's nothing about the Testrogain RX-100 that's particularly helpful. Most of the ingredients are unproven.

  • Testrogain RX-100 Review

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