SteelFit Steel Hard Review

Steel Hard is a testosterone booster from US company SteelFit. It’s received some ok reviews online, but our SteelFit Steel Hard Review will take a look at the ingredients and price of this product. All to find out if this will work to boost your testosterone levels and provide you the benefits of increased testosterone levels.

Generally most testosterone boosters use a set of nutrients to help give your body everything it needs to start producing more testosterone.

This leads to more muscle, better recovery and all the holy grail benefits you can expect from higher testosterone levels.

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SteelFit Steel Hard First Impressions

We like the look of all Steel Fit USA’s products. Their pre workout was fairly good and certainly looked the part. Steel Fit also have a decent website and their orders are shipped out pretty fast.

We expect good things from this testosterone booster too, as Steel Fit are regularly touted by the more hardcore bodybuilding websites.

The blend used covers some pretty key minerals and other testosterone boosting herbs. At first glance, it looks ok.


How Does SteelFit Steel Hard Work?

The ingredients in SteelFit Steel Hard will work to help promote an increase in sexual hormones and aid in the reduction of some estrogen.

This will help signal the production of more testosterone in either the testes or ovaries, dependent on gender obviously.

Once you’re body has started to produce these extra hormones, you’ll find that the benefits of the product should happen.

We’re not completely sold on the blend of Steel Hard though, as some ingredients may be a little tenuous in their proven effects.

SteelFit Steel Hard Ingredients

We’re pretty impressed with some of the base ingredients that have been dropped into SteelFit’s testosterone booster, but there’s a few, mostly the added herbs, that aren’t up to much at all.

One area that could be improved is the size of the servings of key testosterone boosting ingredients like Vitamin D3.

However, things like Chromium on the flipside, are heavily and almost needlessly overdosed in Steel Hard. Let’s break down what each ingredient is and what it does.

Steel Hard Ingredients

Vitamin D3

An essential and naturally occurring testosterone boosting vitamin. High D3 levels has been scientifically linked to increase levels of testosterone in males and females.

Naturally you get vitamin D3 from the sun, so it can be hard for many people to get normal levels. Steel Hard is heavily under dosed though.

Vitamin B6

This is a crucial vitamin for general health, and studies have shown it can impact sexual hormones. It’s found in foods that contain protein, so most people will get enough B6 in their normal diet meaning the additional supple mention will likely have little impact.

Magnesium and Zinc

Both heavily linked to production of key hormones, that play a part in the production and release of testosterone. These two minerals can also help with rest and recovery, keeping you feeling energized and powerful.

Both are an essential ingredient for a good testosterone booster.


There may be some minor affects of chromium on metabolic and hormonal health, however studies are currently unreliable. Over supplementation of chromium will likely have no extra benefits either.


The claims around Boron make it sound like a super ingredient for testosterone in males, however the chances are that this is only really effective in men who are already deficient. So supplementation on people looking to ramp up levels beyond normal won’t get much of a result.

Fenugreek (TestoFen)

Fenugreek is one of the rare herbs that has been studied and found to produce higher than normal testosterone levels after supplementation. The added benefit is that it will also increase libido.


Ashwaganda can help reduce levels of testosterone killing cortisol in the body. There may also be some benefit to athletic performance following supplementation.

Tongkat Ali

May work to help strengthen erections and also work as an aphrodisiac. It’s role in testosterone production is not confirmed, as little evidence has been done.

Panax Ginseng

Whilst it may not work for testosterone and erection quality, there is some evidence supporting this ingredient as a mood booster and also contributing to a healthy immune system.

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SteelFit Steel Hard Dose

You get a total of 90 capsules in each bottle of Steel Hard, which is a good dependable serving size for a testosterone booster.

Our current #1 product just beats this with a 4 capsule serving size, ensuring a more even spread of key ingredients and as a result, their effects.

The blend of ingredients features some key test boosters, but there are a few dosing issues with these.

Generally though, this is a fairly standard testosterone booster and should deliver some reasonable results.

SteelFit Steel Hard Side Effects

Steel Hard testosterone booster is a product that is focused around natural ingredients and a large quantity of minerals.

Whilst the minerals can’t cause any real side effects, overdosing could potentially cause minor issues. Although it’d be very very hard to do.

Generally it’s the herbs in that are in SteelFit Steel Hard that could cause the side effects, and because they have put in such a big needless dose of Fenugreek, it’s fairly likely that you could experience these effects.

Potential side effects of SteelFit Steel Hard are:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach Upset
  • Bloating
  • Gas

Buy SteelFit Steel Hard

SteelFit Steel Hard Price: $59.00

You can order SteelFit’s testosterone booster from their website directly. It’s currently on offer for just over $59, however it’s normal RRP is $75 setting it at the premium end of these supplements.

Even at the reduced rate, it just doesn’t really seem worth the cost. The ingredients are mostly quite cheap and some under dosed. For this reason it just doesn’t compare to our current top testosterone booster.

That said, delivery is quick and it is easy to order. But the results after supplementation just aren’t guaranteed.

SteelFit Steel Hard Results and Review Conclusion

Results wise SteelFit Steel Hard started off well, however unlike other testosterone boosters we’ve tried results kind of fizzled out and we were left wanting more.

Muscle gains and performance went up slightly, but not as much as you’d expect from a testosterone booster with such a hefty price tag. Which is a little frustrating.

Libido increasing wasn’t noticeable. Overall, this blend could be improved really.

Our top test boosters ticked all the boxes when it comes down to naturally building up t, and turning you into a hulk of a man. Sadly SteelFit Steel Hard only got us part way there.

Is There Anything Better Than SteelFit Steel Hard?

For us SteelFit’s testosterone booster isn’t as well dosed or as effective as our number #1 testosterone booster.

We’ve had some good results from this product, but they seemed to stop after a certain point. Which was hugely disappointing. It could be dosing issues or even issues with the serving size, but Steel Hard is more Steel Moderately Tough.

If you want fast, lasting results that’ll see you packing on muscle and feeling like a fucking beast, check out our top 5.

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SteelFit Steel Hard Review

A reasonable testosterone booster, but not without some dosing issues and a high chance of unwanted side effects.

  • SteelFit Steel Hard Review

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