Spazmatic Just Test Me! Review

Just Test Me! is the Spazmatic has the highest dose of any test booster we’ve reviewed. But, will it be enough to actually create some serious gains? Our Spazmatic Just Test Me! Review will break apart Spazmatic’s dose, potential side effects and Spazmatic Just Test Me! results.

A solid test booster will ensure that your body has everything it needs to crank up testosterone production. To do this, ingredients will generally aid the production of hormones that can signal both testosterone production and release.

The outcome of this is increased testosterone levels which will lead to:

  • Greater muscle mass
  • Better gym performance
  • Increased Libido
  • Better Recovery
  • Fat Loss

Will Spazmatic Just Test Me! tick all these boxes though? Or is Tim Muriello’s test booster a bit of a gimmick?

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Spazmatic Just Test Me! First Impressions

Spazmatic is a good looking product and the fact it comes from legend Tim Muriello gives it a bit more of a trust factor. Although we’re not entirely convinced he actually uses the supplement.

The website is clean and quick and easy to use and delivery is fast on orders with decent delivery. But, this isn’t everything.

The supplement facts on the back of the bottle are what’s going to get us jacked, or not. First glance reveals a good looking formula with some proven ingredients, but others we’re not as sold on too.

Either way, Just Test Me! looks solid and first impressions are good.


How Does Spazmatic Just Test Me! Work?

Just Test Me! uses a blend of nutrients and herbs to get your body producing more hormones which can impact and influence the production of testosterone.

Coupled with this, there are some potential ingredients in here that could help to reduce levels of estrogen.

Along with this, you’re getting a dose of key nutrients which won’t only influence the production of test, but also play a part in overall male sexual health.

Spazmatic Just Test Me! Ingredients

It’s a big blend in of ingredients Spazmatic’s Just Test Me. And it should be, considering the absolutely monstrous serving size of this supplement.

But, big doesn’t always mean better. And with and industry that’s filled with fake ingredients that offer no real benefit, will Just Test Me perform as well as our current top testosterone boosters?

Once you look into which of this ingredients will perform, you’re not left with much.

Spazmatic Just Test Me Ingredients

Vitamin D3

D3 plays a huge role in the production of testosterone. You get vitamin D3 from sun exposure. Studies have found that 5000iu’s or above is enough to experience some really solid benefits. Vitamin D3 should be top of your list when it comes to increasing testosterone levels naturally.

D-Aspartic Acid

Whilst it may only be temporary increases from supplementation, a full course of a product high in d aspartic acid can benefit male testosterone levels. DAA is an amino acid regulator of protein synthesis, so can also help recover damaged muscles.

Shajit Extract

Shajit contains a wealth of natural minerals that can benefit normal health and also potentially impact test levels. More research is needed, but this tar like substance which contains fulvic acid is a good health supplement, if not a big testosterone booster.


Whilst some studies recognise boron’s ability to impact testosterone in both genders, these are not conclusive or reliable studies and both have fairly reduced effects.


Whilst tribulus may offer some benefit to male health and libido, it’s not going to impact your testosterone. In fact, effects of tribulus are rarely noticeable unless taken in higher doses.


Currently only minor studies exist which support longjacks use. And these studies show minor results as a pro erectile agent and not actually a testosterone booster which some guys will find frustrating.


DIM may offer some use in protecting against prostate cancer. But, when it comes to either building up testosterone levels or helping to lower estrogen, there is a huge lack of evidence sadly.

Indole 3 Carbinol

Suspected to help regulate estrogen as well as packed full of antioxidants. Indole 3 Carbinol is looking promising as an ingredients in a testosterone booster. It’s found in green vegetables like kale and broccoli.

Saw Palmetto

A fatty acid mix that is supposed to build up testosterone and also shrink the prostate. Sadly, there is lots of conflicting evidence at this stage so more research is needed.

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Spazmatic Just Test Me! Dose

The dose of Spazmatic Just Test Me! Is absolutely massive. And this could prove too much for most people

They’ve covered a lot of bases with the ingredients but supplementing 12 capsules a day is basically having an extra meal.

Despite the huge serving size though, you’re still going to be getting limited amounts of some key ingredients.

Consume one half serving (6 capsules) in the morning with food and another one half serving in the evening with food or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Spazmatic Just Test Me! Side Effects

One benefit you have with Spazmatic Just Test Me is that you do avoid side effects from the product.

Everything is completely natural and, whilst you have a massive serving of 12 capsules, should be side effect free. One minor issue may arise from the DAA being so spread though, which could, amongst other ingredients cause a minor issue.

Potential Spazmatic Just Test Me! Side Effects:

  • Nausea
  • Acid Reflux

Buy Spazmatic Just Test Me!

Best place to buy your bottle of Tim Muriello’s testosterone booster is directly from the man’s website.

You can pick up a months supply for $44.99 from here.

Delivery time is pretty good, and ordering your bottle is fairly simple too.

Spazmatic Just Test Me! Results and Review Conclusion

Just Test Me! is a fairly crazy testosterone booster. We didn’t get the results as quick as from more targeted formula’s and taking 12 capsules per day is a bit of a nightmare.

This product does contain a good range of proven ingredients though, and is worth a go if you want a reliable testosterone booster.

Effects on libido were more obvious than strength gains. We also slept pretty well during supplementation.

It just isn’t quite good enough to knock our top testosterone booster off it’s throne.

Is There Anything Better than Spazmatic Just Test Me?

For us, the 12 capsule dose was just too much. We didn’t get any side effects, but saw mostly increases in libido and recovery and not too much in terms of muscle mass.

It’s a good product though. But our current top testosterone booster did beat it to the post. This gave us very strong and balanced results:

  • More muscle mass and strength 
  • Increased energy 
  • Some fat loss
  • Libido boosted 

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Spazmatic Just Test Me! Review

A big dose is an inconvenience and means there's a lot of wasted ingredients in this test booster.

  • Spazmatic Just Test Me Review

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