Spartikus Male Enhancement Review

Our Spartikus Male Enhancement Review will be looking into a supposed testosterone booster. The Spartikus Male Enhancement is a product manufactured by a company known as Brainikus.

The company claims that Spartikus is a male sexual enhancement supplement designed to boost endurance and sexual performance. It was formulated under strict manufacturing practices, and the manufacturer also claims that this product will transform your little guy turn into an ANACONDA!

Of course, sex drive enhancement, completely pushed aside. Is this a good enough supplement to boost your testosterone levels? Well, so far, it’s not looking that way at all. It seems like this is more for the little guy downstairs than it is for the gym.

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How does the Spartikus Male Enhancement work?

Spartikus is said to work by boosting your body’s male testosterone levels and increasing blood supply to your little guy. Best results require that the pill be taking at least once everyday. This recommended dose is a lot smaller that what we usually would recommend here. 

In the least, we would prefer that testosterone supplements be taken at least 3-4 times a day. Just ensure a 24/7 testosterone boost.

This supplement has been said to increase your sex drive drive within 15 minutes. That’s a very big claim, and whilst it is very possible that it can do so, there are unfortunately no similar claims in regards to your progress in the gym. 

Now, the dosage isn’t the only thing that the Spartikus got wrong, it also included a large proprietary blend that encompasses a bunch of ingredients. The fact that they are in this blend means that we cannot be certain of everything that is inside of this solution.

Nevertheless, we’re out here to sniff out all the sins that the Spartikus could have possibly committed, and so far, it’s looking like this supplement is headed towards the pits.

Spartikus Male Enhancement Ingredients

Spartikus Male Enhancement Review Ingredients

The Spartikus male enhancement comes with a blend of natural herbs, these include: 

Pumpkin seed extract

Improves libido levels and provides extra energy when performing highly intense activities. An extremely high dose of pumpkin seeds has been shown to have hypotensive effects lowering of blood pressure. However, said research has not shown any testosterone boosting effects. 


A natural ingredient that increases the size of the penis and sustains you beyond your performance limits. Again, not a reliable testosterone booster. 

Nettle leaf

Supports a faster metabolic process that produces more energy molecules for support and endurance. Older men can rely on this supplement for enhanced “bedmatics.” The recommended dose of Nettle leaf is between 50-100mg a day.

However, an extremely high dose of this ingredient  has been said to trigger allergic rhinitis. Not only that, but this is another ingredient to put in the not a testosterone booster basket.

Oat straw leaf extract

It speeds up the burning of the excess fat from the body, thus increasing lean muscle mass and boosting energy levels. Oat straw leaf components can react with some other medications such as those used in treating kidney, liver or heart problems, and an overdose of this component may lead to a headache or dizziness.

This about ends our list of key ingredients. Unfortunately all of them fell short on our expectations. 

Other Ingredients 

What is even more unfortunate is that there are some ingredients inside of the Spartikus Testosterone Booster that could have been great! Ingredients like Zinc and Oyster Extract. However, both ingredients were inside of a proprietary blend, making it hard for us to ensure their level of effectiveness.

Other ingredients you can find in the Spartikus Male Enhancement supplement includes: Tribulus, Zinc oxide, cayenne pepper, Catuaba extract, Muira Puama extract, and Oyster extract.

Buy Spartikus Male Enhancement

The Spartikus Male Enhancement can be found at a price of around $25.95. It’s actually pretty cheap for a T-booster, although that part makes sense, considering the quality of the ingredients. 

Side Spartikus Male Enhancement

There are little chances that Spartikus male enhancement will trigger, but an overdose of this supplement will make you want to cover your “weapon of mass destruction” for several hours due to the abnormal sustenance of erection- even your girlfriend may give you a “ red card” for being too reckless.

When the Spartikus male enhancement is used alongside other medications such as kidney, or heart treatment drug, you may develop, increased heart rate, nausea, migraines or nausea. An overdose may also results in extremely low blood pressure and weakness.

Spartikus Male Enhancement Review Results and Expected Effects

The results you can expect from spartikus male enhancement vary according to the dose. A daily recommendable dose is one pill at a time and twice a day after meal. For sexual stimulation, you can expect to notice results within 1-2 hours.

However, boosting your sex-drive doesn’t necessarily mean that your testosterone levels will be boosted as well. As far as testosterone boosters go? This one is pretty-fucking-disappointing. It might provide some relief inside of the bedroom, but not much else. 

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Spartikus Male Enhancement Review

The Spartikus Male Enhancement might be able to provide some very mild benefits at best. However, this is definitely more of a libido booster than a testosterone booster.

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