Sculpt Nation Test Boost MAX Testosterone Booster Review

[Updated for Sculpt Nation Test Boost MAX 1/20] Aiming to learn a little bit more about today’s up and coming or best testosterone boosters? 

Well, then you’ve come to the right place! Our Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster Review, will be analyzing the hell out of one of the newest in today’s market!

This T-booster is produced by a company called Sculpt Nation. Unfortunately, much like the product, the company itself is brand new. That means, that there’s really not much to say about them.

Their overall look didn’t stand out to me either. They kept their aesthetics fairly basic.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but you can be certain that I won’t be picking those products off the shelf without prompting. Okay so, not much to say branding wise. You know, they’re new, the sent out a line of products — not uncommon, and they’re putting themselves out there.

I commend them for that, but the real money-maker here isn’t the name. That would depend on how good their formula is. Will it match up to the Devil’s expectations?

We’ll see about that as we go further down the line in our Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster Review.

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Pros and Cons

This is the part of our Sculpt Nation Test Boost review where we tell you what’s good and what’s bad about this supplement. Straight to the point and no BS. 

See for yourself:


  • Great for libido and sex drive
  • Supports healthy stress response


  • Missing vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, and other key T-boosting ingredients
  • Not as strong as some of the current top test boosters
  • Uses a proprietary blend that hides dosage facts
  • $49 is poor value for money for most people

How does the Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster work?

Okay, so one of the first subjects that we’re going to cover, is the how. By that I mean, how does it work?

Well, in the case of the Sculpt Nation Test Boost, they don’t really go too far beyond what a testosterone booster is.

You know, they promise all the usual stuff:

  • Boost your gym and bedroom performance
  • Cortisol Reduction
  • Promote lean muscle gains
  • Libido boost
  • Fat burning benefits
  • Easy recovery

That all sounds well and good, but they don’t really give us any reason to believe that.

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Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Test Boost Max Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris

Supports your sex drive.

This is an ingredient that is often lauded as a t-booster. Unfortunately, it really isn’t all that good at boosting your testosterone. The most that it can do is wake up the little guy downstairs, but honestly? Not much else. It’s a great  libido-booster that can spice up your bedroom times. Although, it’s unfortunate that they have it as their main ingredient. (1)


Helps with stress.

This is better known for its effects on your cortisol. Although, it somehow manages to make it into almost every t-booster these days. (2)

The idea behind Ashwagandha is that it will boost your testosterone indirectly. It’s thought to help with stress levels and with that, support your hormone balance. But it’s not overly potent on its own – you’ll need more proven ingredients to notice any serious effect on you T levels.

Plus, you have no idea how much Ashwagandha you’re getting in this supplement. Dang!


Weak libido effects.

Much like the previous ingredient, the Longjack is actually very popular in t-boosters. We see it often enough.

However, it’s not been proven effective in actually boosting testosterone. At best, it could raise your libido. But that’s about it. (3)


Doesn’t work for testosterone.

There are different types of Ginseng out there, but not all boost your T. Specifically, you’ll want to look for Korean Red Ginseng. Unfortunately, this is not what Sculpt Nation Test Booster uses. (4)

Even if it had been the correct Ginseng, the dosage of this blend would be too low. The entire blend in this test booster weighs 1000mg, but you’d need 1000-3000mg of just Ginseng alone to achieve its positive effects on your T.

Hawthorn Berry

Reduces allergies and inflammation.

This ingredient isn’t something you’ll see in a test booster often. The reason is simple; hawthorn berry has no proven effects on your male hormone.

While it does help with certain things. Like inflammation and nasal allergies. These are pointless effects for a product that’s supposed to raise your testosterone. (5)


Traditional Chinese herb with vitality-boosting effects.

Cordyceps is another rare ingredient to include in a test booster. But not in a good way, unfortunately.

It can help with certain things, like anti-aging and vitality, but the mechanism behind its effects of testosterone is still not fully understood. As a result, I can’t recommend it as one of Devil’s favorite ingredients in a test booster. (6)

Horny Goat Weed

Will probably make you horny.

That’s correct. This herb does exactly what its name suggests. Will it boost your testosterone though?

I’m afraid not! While animal research shows some promise in that regard, human research has so far failed to replicate these results. (7)

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Anything Missing?

Magnesium, zinc, vitamin D3… Some of the most important ingredients are missing from Sculpt Nation Test Boost.

  • Magnesium will help to increase your free T levels. Zinc, on the other hand, prevents the existing testosterone from being destroyed due to stress and overtraining. Then there’s vitamin D, which is like the king of testosterone building nutrients. (8, 9, 10)

This formula also didn’t include any boron, which is a trace mineral that’s shown to raise test levels in men. (11)

It’s not the end of the world, but we expected a bit more. I mean, what kind of a testosterone booster omits the most fundamental ingredients for testosterone? Not a good one, let me tell you that!

Buy Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster

Not sure if it’s a marketing technique or what not, but Sculpt Nation seems pretty determined to stick to the same pricing for all of their products. This includes their price for their testosterone booster, which goes for 49.00 US Dollars.

That’s very expensive, especially for a product that might prove to be a hit or miss (depending on what’s actually inside of it.) Again, we can’t tell which one of these it is because it has a proprietary blend that masks the ingredient facts.

Side Effects of Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster

It’s a safe product.

To be perfectly transparent, there are no ingredients in the Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster that should cause any dangerous effects. Even if there were, the dosages are low enough to accommodate the risk.

Of course, the regular warnings still apply. We’d advise you to check with your doctor if this is something that you can take. Pay close attention to the ingredients and check if you are allergic to any. Children under the age of 18 and pregnant women should also strive to stay away from testosterone boosters in general.  

Is Sculpt Nation Test Boost Good Value For Money?

In our humble opinion, no. There’s nothing to indicate this product is worth $49. 

Unless you’re happy with its libido boosting effects. In which case, this product could very well work for you! It will most definitely ramp up your sex drive, but when it comes to testosterone, it doesn’t have any strong science going for it unfortunately.

Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster Review Results and Expected Effects

That about does it for our Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster Review! We covered quite the array of subject topics today. Including the function of the supplement, the ingredients, the side-effects etc.

Now, if you want my opinion? It’s not worth it. Not at the money, they’re asking for at least. The only real ingredients here are libido-boosters. Which, contrary to what some people believe, are not actual t-boosting ingredients.

Ultimately, if you do want a t-booster that will work wonders on both your physique and your sex life, then be sure to check our Top 5 Testosterone Boosters.

We’ve compiled the biggest and the baddest (the Devil’s finest picks) on that list! So, don’t miss out!

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Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster Review

The Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster should be able to provide its promised libido-boosting benefits. However, it's lacking when it comes to actual t-boosting ingredients.

  • Sculpt Nation Test Boost Testosterone Booster Review
  1. Walter Geiger says

    Looking at this product TESTBOOST as a T Booster only I think misses the point. As a 50+ year old male there is more to health than boosting the T level. Lowering the cortisol can help sustain the T levels and allow your body to create higher levels. Now as for the ingredients mentioned there is evidence that support the lowering of cortisol. This alone tends to make me want to try the product. I haven’t yet but I’m tired of the symptoms of high levels of cortisol. I’ll buy them and report back to see if it actually lowers the cortisol and increases my testosterone levels.

  2. Steve says

    When I got the bottle of TESTBOOST a couple weeks ago, I took the recommended 3 capsules with a meal (in this case, dinner). An hour or so later, I started feeling nauseous. I went to bed. Soon the cramping diarrhea started. I hit the commode 8-9 times overnight. Totally cleaned me out.

    Yesterday I thought maybe the recommended dosage was too high, so I took just one with dinner. OMG. Started having stomach pain, then vomiting, then several episodes of diarrhea.

    I just looked up the ingredients. According to WebMD, side effect of the second ingredient, Tribulus (500 mg per serving) include stomach pain, cramping, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, constipation, excitation, difficulty sleeping…

    Let the buyer beware…

  3. kim terry says

    HI ED,
    I love the it when guys like you take it to dig deeper into the science of a product to uncover what it is and is not as it measures up against other products. The guy does a good job of sellling it, he appears very sincere, and more than that appears to have done the hard work of testing of what products work in combination and insuring purity of products. Even with all of that i wanted to look around to see who is evaluting this product, most of us don’t do the due diligence, don’t know how or don’t have the time so we buy it to try it.
    The red flag begins to come out when i here take this one capsule and your problems are over, LOL, sure they are.

    Thank you,

  4. David A Simpson says

    I was able to order the 6pack at 51% off then Google a code for another 30%. With he longer shipping term of 5-10 days total was around 136$. Will write back out come of how works for me. Being 37 and high blood pressure needed something with less of the side effects of heart problems over time.
    Thanks for the great write up.

  5. steven g bence says

    scam never sent merchandise
    paid $54 scam don’t use

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