SAN Testo Hardcore Review

Our SAN Testo Hardcore Review will be analyzing the hell out of a testosterone booster that was manufactured by a company that is based in the United States. The company that manufactures the Testo Hardcore call themselves SAN.

This is a company that has produced a variety of different products, this testosterone booster being just one of them. Some people might appreciate the fact that all of their supplements are produced in the states and that they prefer to use premium ingredients.

Now, that all sounds fine and dandy, but we’ve heard this story before.

We can definitely say that there’s not much else to look for in terms of branding and reputation. However, is the SAN Testo Hardcore actually a good supplement?

Well, that is what we’re hoping to find out for you today. Through our hellish analysis, we will determine all the possible sins that this supplement company could have committed whilst they were formulating the Testo Hardcore.

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How does the SAN Testo Hardcore work?

So the branding doesn’t look so bad. The SAN Testo Hardcore is a product that would no doubt entice people to buy it. However, a quick look at the ingredient profile tells us that it’s not as enticing as most people would think.

There are a couple ingredients here that are known testosterone boosters, but ultimately, there’s not much here. Right off the bat, it’s not looking so hot. Here’s to hoping that the Testo Hardcore can find a way to dig itself out from this hole.

Outside of the potentially bad choice of ingredients, there isn’t anything here that jumps at us in a way screams sinner. There are only 4 ingredients, which is not necessarily a bad number. However, the fact that there are so little makes it vital that they make the right choices.

The only thing noteworthy here is that they avoided using a proprietary blend. This means, that we can analyze each ingredient in a way that would allow us to determine for sure, how these ingredients will hold up in the heat of the gym.

SAN Testo Hardcore Ingredients

SAN Testo Hardcore Review Ingredients

Vitamin B6

Although this ingredient is not necessarily the best testosterone booster, it has been suspected of providing such benefits. There are other benefits that it has been connected to, which makes it a popular ingredient in other supplements.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that its effects of testosterone, are minimal.


This is something that we have grown used to seeing inside of Testosterone Boosters. So it doesn’t surprise us that it made its way to the SAN Testo Hardcore formula. It’s an essential mineral, one that has been proven to have some effect on the presence of free-roaming testosterone inside of the body.

The process goes like this, there’s a protein inside of your body that makes your testosterone ineffective. Now, the presence of Magnesium has been linked to inhibiting this process. Meaning, more testosterone is present in your body that would have otherwise been made useless.


Much like magnesium, Zinc is an essential mineral that has been linked to the availability of testosterone inside of your body. The process that it does this is not as complex as magnesium. It just promotes more production.

Tribulus Terrestris

This is an herb that is found in a lot of Testosterone Boosters. However, it’s not really something that we like to see inside of the T-boosters that we analyze. Tribulus should get the little guy downstairs up and at em’ but it doesn’t do much for you in the gym.

Buy SAN Testo Hardcore

The SAN Testo Hardcore joins the annoyingly long list of supplements that recommend their consumers to take all capsules at once. The recommended daily dose is 3 capsules, but they instruct that all three be taken at the same time. We would prefer our Testosterone Boosters to be taken a little more spread out throughout the day.

The supplement itself comes with 30 servings and costs 25.99 US Dollars. Cheap, but that’s expected from the slim nutrient profile.

Side Effects of SAN Testo Hardcore

There are no ingredients in the SAN Testo Hardcore that calls upon concern. There doesn’t seem to be any reported side-effects either.

SAN Testo Hardcore Review Results and Expected Effects

They could have done so many things to make this supplement even just the slightest bit more effective.

Ultimately, the SAN Testo Hardcore is not the best supplement. It’s not the worst either, but you won’t see us recommending it to any of our readers.

The Magnesium and the Zinc were good choices on their part, but they could have added something more substantial. It’s not shitty enough to deserve to be tossed into the river of fire, but it’s still going straight to the pits.

Now, if you’re still looking for a Testosterone Booster that works for you, you can check out our Top 5 Testosterone Boosters Review. The supplements there are beasts that can help you burn hellfire in the gym, and that’s exactly what you need.

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SAN Testo Hardcore Review

The SAN Testo Hardcore is an okay supplement. It should provide some level of effectiveness, but it's definitely not the best.

  • SAN Testo Hardcore Review

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