Probulus Testosterone Booster Review

Probulus Testosterone booster is a supplement that contains natural ingredients in order to help promote the production of male sex hormones. Our Probulus Testosterone Booster Review will take apart the formula and look deeper into this shiny natural supplement and see if it’s actually going to be making you gains.

Generally within around 30 days of a good testosterone booster you’ll start to feel increased energy levels, some muscle growth and faster recovery from gym sessions. These are all signs that you’ve bought a testosterone booster that uses a good blend of ingredients.

Probulus’ testosterone booster looks to have some positives to the contents of each capsule, but sadly, there are a few areas that could potentially be improved upon.

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Probulus Testosterone Booster First Impressions

First impressions of Probulus’ Testosterone Booster are pretty good. The Probulus supplement website is good looking and contains a fair bit of detail about the supplement.

The bottle is clean and the branding good. In terms of the blend, there’s no doubt that some ingredients used in Probulus’ Testosterone booster blend will work. But, there’s also some that are slightly more questionable!

One thing you might notice is the huge price tag. This product costs more than our current highest rated product.

Let’s take a closer look at how this supplement will work after you first supplement it.

Probulus Test Booster Info

How Does Probulus Testosterone Booster Work?

Probulus Testo booster uses a blend of completely natural herbs to help turn back the clock on declining testosterone levels with a fairly lengthy blend of natural herbs and ingredients.

Probulus Test Boosters formula does look a lot like a recipe for a vegetarian meal, containing some vegetable extracts as well as the more commonly found testosterone boosting herbs.

The function of the working ingredients in Probulus will help your body to create a better anabolic environment for testosterone, and also help increase levels of key hormones related to your test. This will in turn lead to the release of more testosterone and then it’s associated benefits.

Probulus Testosterone Booster Ingredients

If you’re into your vegetables, the Probulus test booster blend is basically like having a 5 day! Broccoli, cress, garlic are all put into each capsule in high doses. Which is great, but remember you are looking for something to jack up testosterone levels, not replace lunch.

Some ingredients in this blend are reliable and proven t-boosters. Some aren’t. Let’s see what you’re paying for.

Probulus Test Booster Ingredients


Proven for libido enhancing and best of all test boosting. Fenugreek supplementation at around 100mg will work to help boost testosterone levels. It is also used to aid anti diabetics.

Ginkgo Biloba

Generally thought of as something that can help with cognition and brain function. Studies support it’s use in aiding mental decline and potentially reducing stress. As stress and sleep can both impact testosterone this may be the reason it’s included.

Maca Extract

Not dissimilar to broccoli, Maca is normally used as a natural aphrodisiac. It’s thought that Maca can also influence prostate health. What’s worth noting, is that studies into these effects have taken place in Peru. Who financially benefit from the Maca market.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus was originally thought to be a wonder drug by the Soviets when it came to athlete performance. Evidence has since shown it may slightly improve sexual health, but have no impact on testosterone levels.

Watercress Herb

There’s some potential anti cancer benefits to watercress consumption. This plant is also from the same family as broccoli. It won’t have much of a benefit when it comes to testosterone production or sexual health.

Broccoli Sprout

Eat your broccoli and get high amounts of vitamin K and C. There is no real need to include it in a testosterone booster as it’s so easy to get it from your diet.

Garlic Extract

Has been used for a long time to treat high blood pressure and the blood system. This could directly benefit the production and movement of testosterone in your blood.

Oat Straw

A study in San Francisco found that this ingredient may help when tested on impotent men. But this isn’t by any means conclusive and only slightly helped with sexual function in some. It didn’t seem to work as a testosterone booster.

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Probulus Testosterone Booster Dose

You get 4 capsules per day of Probulus’ test booster. This is a good amount of capsules as it means you are keeping your body utilizing the testosterone boosting ingredients through the day.

Whilst the serving size is good though, sadly, the ingredients profile and dosing of some ingredients is on the low and weaker side.

So even with 4 capsules of Probulus Test booster per day, you won’t get the increased energy, more muscle and better sleep and libido as promised.


The recommended dosage is two capsules per day, one twenty minutes before breakfast and one twenty minutes before lunch.

Side Effects of Probulus Testosterone Booster

There’s a completely natural ingredients profile that comes with Probulus Testosterone booster. This means that generally these ingredients will be safe for consumption.

One slightly concerning area is the tribulus, which may cause the side effects listed below.

Potential side Effects of Probulus Test Booster:

  • Stomach cramping
  • Constipation
  • Nausea

Buy Probulus Testosterone Booster

You can buy your own bottle of vegetable extract directly from Probulus website. But for the cost, we’d say this testosterone booster isn’t really worth it.

There are a couple of ingredients in here which could provide some health benefits to impotent men, or men with clinically low testosterone.

You can get a bottle of Probulus Test Booster for £49.00  (in the sale) from their website here. Keep in mind this is more expensive than the price of our current top testosterone booster. You can see our top 5 here.

Probulus Testosterone Booster Results and Expected Effects

You may get some general health benefits from supplementing Probulus Test Booster for a 30 day period. This will be particularly true if you are 50+ or have a low libido or impotence.

Results will come in the feeling of health and some vitality. In terms of muscle building and better gym performance then Probulus is lacking in this department annoyingly.

The blend is ok, but it’s not targeted enough at boosting testosterone levels. Because of this the results you get will reflect this. It’s also very expensive.

How Could Probulus Testosterone Booster be Improved?

When compared with our current best testosterone booster, here’s a few ways that you could take Probulus and make it a better product that will result in quicker and more noticeable benefits:

  • Include proven test booster Vitamin D3
  • Include proven test booster DAA
  • Remove weak ingredients
  • Spread the serving evenly
  • Reduce the high cost
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Probulus Testosterone Booster Review

This is more of an older guys sexual health supplement than a muscle building testosterone booster.

  • Probulus Testosterone Booster

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