Prime T Testosterone Booster Review

Our Prime T Review will be analyzing the hell out of a testosterone booster manufactured by a company that goes by the name RSP Nutrition.

Gonna be honest with you, we do our best to sniff out as much detail as we possibly can when it comes to these companies. The RSP Nutrition is no different. We checked out as much of their company website as possible, like hellhounds on a chase.

Unfortunately, their website is about as dark and empty as the pits of hell. Without the fire and brimstone of course. However, that’s not going to stop us from looking into their product. We’ve seen a couple of reviews about it going around, but we wanted to dip our hands in and check it out ourselves.

The product is as much a mystery now, as the parse information we could gather from the RSP Nutrition website. However, we’ll be continuing our review to find out just what exactly is hiding inside of this sleek bottle.

How does Prime T work?

Alright then folks, let’s get straight to the point. First look? Not so bad, but definitely not perfect either. A good thing to note is the lack of any proprietary blends, all the ingredients are expressly stated on the label. However, we’ll get to the ingredients a little later on.

Let’s first look at the kind of effects the company promises it will give. As a testosterone booster, it only makes sense that the Prime T offer some kind of increase in your testosterone levels. Of course, that part should be pretty much guaranteed.

However, the Prime T also promises benefits like managing your Estrogen, Libido, and Prostate Health. Word going around the fire pit is that this product is targeted more towards older men. Now, we can see why that would be the case.

However, a proper T-booster should still be able to offer a man the energy and drive that they need to excel in both the gym and the bedroom.

Continue reading to find out what exactly is inside of this sneaky little devil…

Prime T Ingredients

Prime T Ingredients

Vitamin D3

The first ingredient that we will be talking about is a vitamin. Not such a big surprise there. The body needs nutrients and vitamins in order to function at its best. 

RSP Nutrition did a good job adding this ingredient in, a lot of other supplements seem to forget about it completely. However, research has shown that Vitamin D3 is at its most effective when taken at doses of around 3,332IU per serving, which the Prime T is just a little bit short of.

D-Aspartic Acid

Safe to say, but this is another good choice on Prime T’s part. D-Aspartic Acid is an ingredient that has been tried and tested. It’s a well-known testosterone booster for infertile men, as well as for athletes looking for a boost. Research has shown it to be effective at doses of at least 2,000-3,000mg.

Unlike the previous ingredient, Prime T didn’t short change us. They provided more than enough for this ingredient to be effective.

Fenugreek Extract

Another good ingredient to add to a growing list. Fenugreek is well-known for its ability to enhance testosterone. There are some studies that have been a little shaky on this fact, but most of them seem to universally agree that Fenugreek is the best choice. It’s most effective in doses of around 500-600mg, which again, the Prime T got exactly correct.

Maca Extract

This ingredient is a libido-booster, there are no signs of it being effective at boosting one’s testosterone. It’s also proven most effective at doses of around 1,500-3,000mg, which the Prime T does not have.


Our streak of good ingredients end here. One of the promises that the Prime T made was to balance the hormones inside of the body. DIM is particularly good at making sure that the balance leans towards testosterone.

However, the thing that fucked up the Prime is the fact that the dose of DIM is way too high. If they had keep it under 100mg, it would have been fine, but they didn’t. Research has shown, that the 250mg of DIM will push for more estrogen production, rather than testosterone.

Buy Prime T

Price: $29.44

The price of the Prime T is tempting. It’s one of the cheapest that we’ve seen in recent times, especially one with such good ingredients. It sells for 29.44 US Dollars, per 30 servings.

Side Effects of Prime T

The ingredients used in Prime T were mostly natural, and side-effect free. However, there was that bad egg. DIM ruined everything this supplement could have been, and here’s why:

  • DIM is known to raise estrogen levels at high doses. Which could lead to gynecomastia- which is basically growing a set of boobs or a shrinking penis. It makes you more effeminate.

Prime T Review Results and Expected Effects

I gotta say, I’m pretty upset about how this all turned out. The beginning was great- no doubt about that. There was one good ingredient after another. Sure there were some hang ups along the way, a couple of small harmless bumps.

However, this could have been a great supplement. The existence of that one ingredient (DIM) is what messed up the situation so badly. It’s a small, but unforgivable sin.

Potentially Bad

Prime T Testosterone Booster Review

Although there are great ingredients in the Prime T that could definitely help you boost your libido and testosterone levels. The existence of the ingredient DIM, can ruin all your work thus far.

  • Prime T Testosterone Booster Review

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