PMD Platinum Test 600 Review

Platinum TEST 600 is a testosterone boosting supplement whose aim is to help users increase libido and muscle mass, allowing for greater vitality and physical stamina. Below is our PMD Platinum Test 600 review, which will help you find out more about it.

Platinum TEST 600 is developed for men to help increase libido and strength. This supplement is natural and safe. It has no dangerous stimulants or hormones found in other competing products.

The PMD sports Supplement Company manufactures the Test 600. This company focuses on providing nutritional sport supplements such as testosterone boosters, workout formulas, strength and muscle building formulas and pre and post workout supplements.

It’s an oldie, one that was established in 2002 and it’s part of FitLife Brands. This company is located in the United States. Its main aim is providing high quality products to customers.

Is PMD Platinum Test 600 one of their prized high-quality products? Or will it be a bust that wholly deserves to be fed to the hounds of hell? Well, read on to find out.

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How does the PMD Platinum Test 600 work?

It comes in the form of a capsule, and inside the capsule there is a liquid soft gel. Therefore delivery into the body is efficient and rapid. Many athletes use this formula for the purpose of increasing their levels of testosterone, without any hormone replacements that have side effects and which may produce many deficiencies than benefits.   

Results are said to be visible within a week with full results being seen at two weeks. You should take 3 capsules every day as part of your daily workout routine. You should take the three capsules at different times of the day so that they will be absorbed effectively to give maximum results.

PMD Platinum Test 600 Ingredients

PMD Platinum Test 600

Fenugreek (Testofen)

An herb that has proven effective when it comes to raising testosterone levels. The herb is inside of a product that has been patented, which is something that we would prefer to avoid. However the ingredient’s presence is enough to ease our minds some.


T-Terrestris, as it is also called, is another ingredient that is known to boost testosterone levels. However, there have been several studies done that disprove this. Making it difficult for us to count it as anymore than just a meaningless ingredient.

To make matters worse. This supplement has been known to result in some bad side-effects. It would have been better for PMD Platinum to avoid this ingredient completely.


Another inefficient ingredient that has not proven to have any positive effects when it comes to improving the way in which testosterone exists inside of the body. It has been known to help improve pumps, which would make it a decent Pre Workout ingredient.

However, it has no room here in the PMD Platinum Test 600 solution.


Another ingredient that has been known to improve pumps by easing the passage of nutrients through your blood. However, it does nothing to boost your testosterone levels, and has no real purpose here.

Black Pepper Extract (Bioperine)

Although this is not necessarily a testosterone booster, this is an ingredient that has been known to help make it easier for ingredients to be absorbed.

Buy PMD Platinum Test 600

Price: $113.99

With 3 capsules a day and 90 capsules per container, this costs around 113.99 US Dollars per month. This is honestly one of the most ridiculous fucking things I’ve ever heard. Especially when you consider all the shit ingredients inside of it. The ingredients they used might have been high-quality in their eyes, but the only real effective ingredient in this supplement is the Fenugreek.

Side Effects of PMD Platinum Test 600

There is an ingredient inside of the PMD Platinum Test 600 that can cause issues:

  • Tribulus Terrestris has been said to enlarge (or more specifically- increase the weight of) your prostate.

PMD Platinum Test 600 Review Results and Expected Effects

This supplement is scientifically tested, sold by a reputable company and offers a number of benefits as well as effective and fast results. However, it is sold at a relatively higher price compared to similar testosterone boosting supplements.

Even that is saying it a bit lightly. This shit is expensive for a T-booster, and as previously mentioned, the only real effective ingredient here is the Fenugreek. The others have no reason for being in this supplement to begin with, and some of them causes side-effects that you would probably prefer to avoid.

Because of the price and the bad choices, this is not something I would recommend to anyone. Not even to my greatest of enemies. Heck, casting them to hell would be so much kinder.

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PMD Platinum Test 600 Review

The PMD Platinum Test 600 is mildly effective with the Fenugreek, but it is missing a lot of key Testosterone boosting ingredients.

  • PMD Platinum Test 600 Review

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