Performix Super Male Strength Review

Performix are innovators when it comes new supplements, and their latest development is a strength and drive enhancing drink called Super Male Strength. Is this supplement overkill in a market that’s already packed with solid pre workouts and testosterone boosters though?

Our Performix Super Male Strength review will take apart this supplement and see if it can actually promote improved performance in the gym, whilst also allowing the same benefits as a good testosterone booster.

If you get the right testosterone booster, you’ll find you optimize levels of key hormones resulting in more muscle, more energy and better performance in and out of the gym.

A pre workout will lead to muscle pumps, high temporary energy levels and improved performance and focus.

Can you mix the two with a proprietary blend and few ingredients taken once a day? Performix are trying.

Our last Performix review left us slightly disappointed, we hope we get more out of Super Male Strength.

Will this work? Let’s find out.

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Performix Super Male Strength First Impressions

Buy Performix Super Male Strength

We like the idea of an all in one supplement, but in reality, these ‘hybrid’ style supplements are always just mash ups of things that stack well together.

Pre Kaged as a pre workout and our top test booster do amazing things for our testosterone levels and also ensure we absolutely smash gym performance.

Sure, Performix Super Male Strength looks absolutely amazing, and also tastes pretty good, but if you actually take a look at the supplement facts, you’ll likely be disappointed.

What Will Performix Super Male Strength Do?

Overall Super Male Strength is a testosterone support supplement first and a performance enhancer/pre workout/recovery supplement second.

After taking a scoop of this supplement, you’ll gradually build up your bodies ability to produce key hormones, which will contribute to an overall boost in testosterone and all the benefits to physique composition and strength that follow.

You may also get a small increase in performance from the small amounts of amino acids present in each scoop of Super Male Strength.

Performix Super Male Strength Ingredients

There’s some decent ingredient in Super Male Strength that are hard to dispute in terms of giving you some good results. There are however minor dosing issues and one ridiculously big proprietary blend that’ll offer very little once you’ve pulled it apart.


Performix Super Male Strength Ingredients

Vitamin D3 and D6

Vitamin D is a naturally occuring vitamin which is created when sunlight hits the skin. If low levels of vitamin D are strongly linked to low testosterone, which leads to nasty side effects.

Whilst you do get a high amount in Super Male Strength, it’s single serving could potentially take away some of the effects.

Having types of vitamin D may help with the potential effects, but generally you’d be far better off with a higher dose from a testosterone booster.


Zinc is a great mineral for overall health also contributing to balanced hormones in males. Generally Zinc supplementation can help with rest and recovery too. Ensuring better performance and more muscle growth.


A big player in the testosterone booster world because as an amino acid, it works to help to signal the production of more testosterone in males.

Studies are very positive, but once again the single serving could present an issue within Super Male Strength, as it can lead to unwanted side effects and take away some of the effects.


A solid and often overlooked muscle building amino acid. It’s just one part of what commonly makes up BCAA supplements however, and will need to be supplemented daily to get those good results when it comes to hitting the iron.

Citrulline Malate

Increase levels of nitric oxide available within your blood. When taken at high doses 30 minutes before exercise, you’ll find the increased blood flow can improve muscular endurance and also get you muscle pumps.

Herbal Testosterone Matrix:


Glycerol may work as a pre workout supplement by increasing energy metabolism and also help with water retention which can also increase athletic performance.


Yohimbe bark can help with focus and also has been shown to help with men who have erectile dysfunction. Largely though, studies haven’t been fully conclusive about it’s effectiveness.


There’s potential for ashwagandha to work as an adaptogen, which can help reduce the physical and chemical effects of stress.

This can not only potential lead to better performance, but help reduce the hormone cortisol, which can damage testosterone levels.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed has been shown in some animal tests to help increase testosterone levels. However, this research doesn’t mean it would have the same effects on humans.


With a lack of evidence for it’s testosterone boosting properties, Longjack does show promise as pro erectile and even fertility. There is no research currently on it’s use for athletic performance.

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Performix Super Male Strength Dose

Super Male Strength Dose

You get one serving per day, which contains enough of some ingredients like vitamin D, however leaves L-citrulline and others under dosed.

Coupled with the fact you’re paying for an unknown amount of some ingredients in the proprietary blend and Super Male Strength is actually a bit disappointing.

You could easily purchase a testosterone booster which has a more evenly spread serving and higher dose of key proven ingredients to get better results, even in terms of fitness performance.

Performix Super Male Strength Side Effects

Whilst you shouldn’t really get any major unwanted side effects from the natural ingredients that are used in Performix Super Male Strength, there are potentially some risks that come with a high single dose of DAA and also with some of the other herbs in this product.

The chances of any interactions between ingredients are relatively low, however it’s advised to avoid mixing some of the ingredients with blood thinners and prescription medication.

Potential Performix Super Male Strength Side Effects:

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Stomach Upset
  • Bloating
  • Gas

Buy Performix Super Male Strength

Performix Super Male Strength Price: $59.99

You can buy yourself some Super Male Strength directly from the Performix website.

$60 gets you 30 servings, which is enough for 4 weeks. Delivery is quick and ordering is easy. There doesn’t seem to be any discounts or vouchers on this product yet though, which might put off some people.

Performix Super Male Strength Results and Review Conclusion

We liked the idea of this supplement, but have been pretty let down with some of the dosing.

After 30 days you’ll find that test levels may have increased slightly, but there’s still a lot missing before this supplement can call itself anything more than a weak testosterone booster and also a weak pre workout.

Gym performance for us was ok, but nothing compared to the combination of a good testosterone booster and your own BCAA filled pre workout.

For $60 we expected something pretty magical, as Performix have had amazing creations in the past. But sadly, Super Male Strength isn’t one of them.

We are still in awe of our top testosterone boosters that delivered big increases in gym performance and also hugely impacted physique and lifestyle.

What’s Better than Performix Super Male Strength?

After trailing Super Male Strength we’d have to recommend our current top testosterone booster TestoFuel.

Whilst it won’t function as much as a pre workout, we found it still offered big performance benefits in as little as two weeks and helped build up new layers of muscle and increased endurance.

Coupled with BCAA’s, TestoFuel is the best option you have if you don’t want to risk the side effects and mediocre effects of Super Male Strength.

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Master of nothing

Performix Super Male Strength Review

We were left with disappointing results from a confused and under dosed blend of ingredients. By a full test booster instead.

  • Performix Super Male Strength Review

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