MRI Testosterone Support Review

MRI Performance are a california based supplements company who’ve recently released a new t booster product. In this MRI Testosterone Support Review we will be taking this testosterone booster supplement and putting it through hellish and fact based analysis.

When testosterone boosters, or ‘testosterone support supplements’, whatever you want to call them, are done right, they can lead to major muscle gains and lifestyle benefits. Allowing you to perform better in the bedroom, sleep better at night and feel better through the day.

You’ll be as confident as the devil himself.

But we’ve tried and tested countless of these test boosters and the sad fact is not many lead to real results. But will this MRI Performance Testosterone Booster be one of the rare gems that get’s you jacked?

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How Does MRI Testosterone Support Work?

MRI Testosterone support is a supplement that’s designed to support your test levels if they’re in the healthy and normal range. We’re not sure what that fucking means really?

Because if you have healthy and normal testosterone levels they certainly don’t need support. They need boosting.

But, that’s just a grip against their marketing team.

In terms of the products effects MRI Testosterone Support uses a blend of 6 supposedly powerful ingredients that allow it to help ‘support’ your testosterone levels.

The ingredients mean that your body can naturally help to build up levels of healthy hormones. To a degree anyway. There’s a couple of ingredients in the 6 that won’t really have any affect at all.

MRI Testosterone Support IngredientsMRI-Testosterone-Support-Ingredients

MRI have kept the ingredients in their testosterone booster/support supplement pretty limited. Focusing on 6. 2 of these ingredients are minerals that you need to live.

After you take these two ingredients out you are left with the 4 main ingredients that make up this testosterone booster supplement.

We can already kind of guess that this product may fall short slightly when it comes to climbing out of the firey pit of supplement hell and landing in our top 5 testosterone boosters.

Here’s the main 4 ingredients and what they will do anyway:

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Damn. Right on the top of their supplement facts sits 300mg of Tribulus Terrestris Extract. MRI Performance have ballsed up slightly here. As currently there is very little scientific evidence to back up the use of Tribulus as a testosterone booster.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is a good addition to natural testosterone boosters and appears in our current top booster. It does have some merit when it comes to increasing levels of lutenizing hormones in males, which can help boost levels of testosterone.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is a herb predominantly used in Chinese medicine. Horny Goat weed does have some merit when it comes to helping to promote blood flow.

Given the contents of MRI testosterone support and the niacin, blood flow would be improved.

But regarding potential testosterone support and also testosterone boosting, Horny Goat weed is lacking in terms of scientific support.

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is a root herb that is supposed to have some form of benefit and improve levels of cognition. It contains elements called ginsenosides and panaxosides. It’s used to help with breathing also.

But, here’s the kicker, whilst it’s often used to help with premature ejaculation, there’s still lacking evidence supporting it’s use as a full testosterone booster.

Other ingredients:


Zinc is an excellent mineral when it comes to supporting healthy bodily functions and sexual hormones. It’s a good addition to this testosterone booster, but MRI Performance should have also added in some magnesium to give this product far more power when it comes to it’s potential effects. A wasted opportunity.


Helps blood flow and can improve nutrient delivery among st other things. Niacin may also cause some flushing for a short time after supplementation.

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Buy MRI Testosterone Support

You can check out MRI testosterone support on their website. But you can’t buy it from there. Instead you can get it from for $45 for 90 capsules. Which is a 30 day supply.

We’ve not seen MRI Testosterone support on Amazon or Ebay, but as with any supplement, you’re probably going to get something shitty if you order off there anyway.

Wherever possible buy direct from the manufacturer or at very least do a little digging and find yourself a trusted retailer for the product.

Price wise MRI Testosterone support is quite expensive. When you compare it with our top testosterone booster you’re getting less ingredients, smaller doses and a smaller serving size.

Coupled with the fact that a couple of the ingredients might not have any effect at all and you’re essentially pissing on your own money and burning it.

Side Effects of MRI Testosterone Support

One good thing about natural supplements? They generally steer clear of any unwanted side effects. If you are one of the very unlucky few, there’s a chance that some ingredients in MRI Testosterone support could cause an upset stomach.

But overall the ingredients are perfectly safe. So safe that some probably won’t have any effect on your testosterone levels at all. Which is a little frustrating.

MRI Testosterone Support Results and Expected Effects

You can tell by the fact this supplement doesn’t quite dare to call itself a testosterone booster it’s not going to be too good.

With a limited ingredients profile in which some will have little benefit to your testosterone levels and a heavy price tag we’re a bit disappointed.

In terms of expected effects you may feel some difference due to the high amount of fenugreek in this supplement. More energy and a bit of a bigger libido. The zinc may also have an effect if you are deficient. But overall results will be very limited and may take up to 2 months of supplementation to achieve.

In reality the cost is just too much and there are supplements out there that deliver more than MRI Testosterone Support in a quicker amount of time and with bigger servings and better ingredients. Check our top 5 for the current favorites.

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MRI Testosterone Support Review

A tiny ingredients profile and limited results make this a disappointing product by MRI Performance.

  • MRI Testosterone Support Review

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