Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Review

Our Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up review will be analyzing the hell out of a testosterone booster supplement. The company, Irwin Naturals, is not one that we are familiar with. At least, we haven’t looked in on any of their products before.

However, the product itself doesn’t look so bad. There was enough of a buzz around it for us to want to dip our fingers in. So that’s what we’re doing. Hopefully, we’re able to find more about the product and the company by the end of this review.

Let’s get right to it then.

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How does Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up work?

This product is meant to be taken three times a day. Which is a good thing. We here at Supplement Devil would prefer that the doses for testosterone boosters be at around 3-4 a day. This just ensures longer-lasting benefits. One that lasts 24/7.

The pills themselves are liquid soft-gels, which should ease some of the pain of having to take multiple pills throughout the day. That’s one sin avoided.

Another great choice on their part, is that there are no proprietary blends to be seen. None. At all. You don’t have any idea what fucking good news that is, but in short. The fact that the ingredients aren’t in blends will make it easier for us to analyze the ingredients fully.

We’ll know exactly how much of what, is in the Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up. That’s not something we can do with most supplements out in the market.

Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Ingredients

Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up


Zinc is an essential mineral. Its spot in the Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up is well-deserved. A good choice on their part.

Tongkat Ali

Although this is known to be a pretty good libido booster. The same cannot be said for its testosterone boosting effects.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil is known as an effective treatment to prostate disorders. Not so much as a testosterone boosting ingredient.


Tribulus Terrestris is a very popular ingredient. Unfortunately, popularity doesn’t necessarily equate effectiveness. It’s good for stirring up the little guy. You’re certain to have some fun in the bedroom, but not much else. Not only that, but it has also been connected to some fairly gnarly side-effects.


This is an ingredient that was traditionally used to boost libido for centuries. However, its ability to boost testosterone is non-existent.


This is a good addition. At least, it would have been if there were a couple more better ingredients. As it is now, there really isn’t much used for it in the Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up. However, BioPerine is often used as an ingredient to enhance the absorbability of ingredients. Making them more effective- faster.

Buy Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up

Price: $34.99

The recommended dose is 3 pills per day. Now, with 60 liquid softgels per container. You’re getting about 20 days worth of product. Most supplements offer at least a month’s worth of product, so this is strange.

The Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up sells for around 34.99 US Dollars, which might not seem much. However, when you consider that there are only enough pills for 20 days- rather than the regular 30. Then this is actually quite expensive.

Side Effects of Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up

Most of the ingredients inside of the Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up are natural, and won’t lead to any trouble. However, there is one to look out for:

  • Tribulus Terrestris has been known to result in an enlarged prostate.

Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Review Results and Expected Effects

There are some very problematic ingredients inside of the Testosterone Up. Not only that, but a lot of the ingredients are pretty useless. The only one worth its salt was Zinc. However, as trusty as that is, the supplement could have seriously done with a couple more ingredients.

The fact that there were no proprietary blends was good, and the recommended dose too. However, the supplement itself was way too expensive for the shit it’s bringing to the table. The solution could have been better, that’s for damn sure.

We can say that it might be mildly effective. At least, it’s not completely horrible. There are so many better supplements out there that would be more than capable of providing better benefits. Ones without the problems and side-effects that this supplement brings.

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Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Review

The Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up is a pretty mild when it comes to actual testosterone boost. Not only that, but it comes with some major hangups that are not worth paying good money for.

  • Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Review

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