High Energy Labs TestoRX Review

Our High Energy Labs TestoRX Review will be looking into a testosterone booster. Now, the thing that caught our eye with this one, is the promise of testosterone boost, but not in a crazy scale.

A lot of supplement companies tend to bullshit us about the effectiveness of the ingredients they use. More often than not, these ingredients end of being a lot less impressive as their opinions would suggest. So having a company like High Energy Labs, be honest about their products supposed affectability is refreshing.

Time will show whether that honesty was put in good faith, or just another lie. It’s a new company, one that we haven’t heard much before. However, we’re willing to have a look at their TestoRX and see what it’s really about.

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How does High Energy Labs TestoRX work?

Our first look at the High Energy Labs TestoRX isn’t very good. First of all, they committed the gravest of all sins. The formula is all wrapped up in a shitty proprietary blend. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with what those are.

Well, basically it’s a means of hiding the effectiveness of the ingredients. We won’t be able to tell how good or bad they will work, because all the doses are hidden. It’s a pretty shitty situation, one that is a major red flag when it comes to considering supplements.

We’ll still be able to give you an idea on the stuff going on inside of the High Energy Labs TestoRX, but this is definitely not a good start for them.

High Energy Labs TestoRX Ingredients

High Energy Labs TestoRX

Tribulus Terrestris

Although Tribulus Terrestris is a rather popular ingredient in t-boosters, our relationship with the ingredient is a bit iffy. It’s good for revving up your engines in the bedroom, but not so much in the gym. Specifically, it’s known to work for men who experience erectile dysfunction, not so much for healthy men.

Fenugreek Extract

Definitely not a bad ingredient. Fenugreek is pretty well known to enhance testosterone. We can’t say that 100%, but studies have shown it to be effective in doses of around 500-600mg. Of course, we cannot be certain that there is enough in the High Energy labs TestoRX for that to even matter.


This is a mixture of zinc and vitamin B6, both of which are not bad ingredients. However, it’s not known to really help improve your training in anyway.

Tongkat Ali Extract

A great libido-boosting ingredient to be sure, not so much for testosterone boosting.


Although this ingredient has been said to be particularly good at converting into testosterone. The same can be said for its ability to convert into estrogen. Raising your estrogen levels can lead to risk of gynecomastia (man boobs.) Furthermore, this ingredient has been banned for use in most sports. That should give you an idea about how dangerous this little shit is.

Buy High Energy Labs TestoRX

Price: $49.95

The High Energy Labs is meant to be taken twice a day, which is not necessarily the most effective way of taking a testosterone supplement. Not only that, but it’s also fairly expensive. It costs around 49.95 US Dollars per 60 capsules. That’s a lot more than most supplements.

Side Effects of High Energy Labs TestoRX

There are a couple ingredients inside of the High Energy Labs TestoRX that could lead to some concern. A couple of them to worry over would be:

  • The DHEA is an ingredient that is known to boost estrogen levels as well as testosterone. This boost in estrogen could lead to gynecomastia (man boobs.)
  • As for Tribulus Terrestris, this ingredient is known to cause issues with the male prostate.

High Energy Labs TestoRX Review Results and Expected Effects

Seems like all there ever is these days are let downs. We gotta admit, we had initially thought that this might be a little better than it actually was. With the company’s honesty about the product’s effectiveness.

However, all that seems to have been thrown down the pits, because there’s no way this product is any good. Perhaps it might provide some mild-benefits, but for the money the supplement is asking for, it is definitely not worth it.

Not worth the trouble for the problematic ingredients they used as well. There are better supplements out there that would  get the job done more efficiently.

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High Energy Labs TestoRX Review

Although the High energy Labs TestoRX might provide some mild benefits, the danger of side-effects and the expensive price makes it not worth it.

  • High Energy Labs TestoRX Review

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