Genius Nutrition iTest Review

The Genius Nutrition iTest Review will open your mind to newly created supplements that will improve your training significantly more than the older products that you have been using for so long.

Tired and exhausted of workout without any results? It is time to spread your horizons and meet a couple of new products! That is what we are here to do for you. Of course, this particular one might not be your winning glory. But that’s what we’re here to find out for you. 

The Genius Nutrition company entered the world of supplements back in 2016 and has witnessed a lot of success since then. From their products, you can expect good quality followed by maximum enhancement in performance, healthy supplements with natural nutrients, advanced formulas created with the latest designs and innovations of the supplement science.

This particular review will be analyzing the specifics on the Genius Nutrition Testosterone booster that has been said to work miracles and will make your body demonic and vicious.

Is that true? Well, read on to find out.

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How does the Genius Nutrition iTest work?

There are many companies that are trying to rip you off! Very rarely are there supplement companies that actually care about their customers. With that in mind, is the Genius Nutrition Company one that we can trust? Or is it just another shitty supplement company out to get our money?

Well, rather than judge by the reputation of the company itself, we will be looking into their product and determining its quality! First look at the the ingredients is promising. Every single ingredient is expressed and detailed on the label. Which is good! That means that the supplement itself is proprietary blend free.

Another look shows a couple of ingredients that could prove a little problematic. We also do not see as many of our favorite testosterone booster ingredients in there. A shame, however, we’ll continue on to sniffing out all the sins the iTest could have possible committed..

The powerful ingredients of the Genius Nutrition iTest

Genius Nutrition iTest Ingredients

Lj-100 o Longjack

This ingredient is the best part of this supplement, which kind of sucks if you think about it.

It’s not an actual testosterone booster ingredients, just another run of the mill aphrodisiac. It’ll make you feel active in the bedroom, but not so much in the gym. 

DIM (Diindolylmethane)

This powerful ingredient will balance your testosterone in the body and will control its effects in order to protect you from any unexpected harm. You should know that it is natural and you can find it in many vegetables, especially in the broccoli.

This vegetable is eaten by many professional athletes, so this should tell you something about the Genius Nutrition iTest supplement. However, there is a problem with the dosing here. DIM has also been said to increase estrogen levels at or above 100mg, which then causes gynechomastia (man boobs.) 


The Ashwagandha root extract plays a part in increasing the testosterone levels and the serum levels of LH. This element will boost your immunity, your fertility, and cognitive ability.


If you are infertile, this might help you out. However, it’s not a proven testosterone booster for healthy men. Which makes it fairly inefficient. 

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Where to buy the Genius Nutrition iTest

This specific product goes for around 21 Euros. That’s actually right on the nose when it comes to Testosterone booster supplements. So, not a bad price.

You will get 90 Capsules and you should consume one serving or 3 capsules with a lot of water, maybe even a bottle, twice a day. If your physical activity is with a bigger amount you can increase the dose, but it isn’t something that we recommend.

Side effects of the Genius Nutrition iTest

All of the ingredients inside of the Genius Nutrition iTest are natural. That should eliminate most of the risk of side-effects. However, even all-natural ingredients can cause side-effects when overdosed. For example.

  • The DIM inside of the iTest solution can result in the raising of estrogen levels. This rise will affect hormonal properties, like enlarging the presence of male breasts.

The Genius Nutrition iTest Results Review and Expected Effects

The company is exploding with high ratings and the client experience is overall satisfactory. However, so are many supplements. When it comes to testosterone boosters, it’s really hard to tell whether it’s really working the way it should be. 

Once you’ve had a good supplement, you won’t be able to go back. However, for people who have never taken testosterone boosters before, well, you can expect them to falter a little when it comes to t-boosters. Because a lot of them makes you feel like its working.

The amount of aphrodisiacs and fertility boosters they have in these are enough to get a horse rutted up. The Genius Nutrition iTest had promise, but it fell short in the end. If you’re needing some help in the bedroom, then it might help you.

BUT it won’t do anything else outside of that. Treat yourself by getting a supplement that actually works!

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Genius Nutrition iTest Review

The Genius Nutrition iTest will provide mild benefits at most. However, side-effects and missing key ingredients makes it a sub par testosterone booster.

  • Genius Nutrition iTest Review

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