FDA Approved Natural Testosterone Booster

The FDA or Food and Drug Authority are in charge of keeping us safe. So it’s pretty good thinking to find yourself an FDA approved natural testosterone booster if you are looking to boost t levels or increase gym/bedroom performance. Low testosterone is a hell that this devil knows well. Combine that with ineffective/dangerous approaches to increasing testosterone, and you’re done for.

A solid natural testosterone booster can have incredible effects. Will it may not be as aggressive as TRT or steroids, it comes with much less risk.

Over time these products allow your body to start building up it’s own testosterone levels. Increasing muscle mass, recovery, libido and energy levels. Plus you’ll sleep better and be more comfortable all round.

Finding a natural testosterone booster that’s approved by the FDA is impossible. Why? The FDA doesn’t approve supplements. But there is a work around to this. Although it can be pretty time consuming. (Don’t worry if you’re short on time, we’ve found you a product at the bottom of this post.)

Which is the safest, natural and closest to an FDA approved Test booster? Well, the current best is TestoFuel.

It’s completely natural and uses a high dose of the best testosterone boosting ingredients. You can check it out for yourself here.

-FDA Approved TestoFuel.com-

How to find FDA Approved Supplements

We’ve run through this in another post on pre workouts, as we’ve been asked a few times about how to find supplements that are approved by the FDA. But the method of finding these products is pretty simple. Whilst the FDA won’t approve whole supplements, so blends of natural test boosting ingredients, they can approve individual ones.

For example, if you know the full ingredients list of a product, you can generally find information about that single thing on the FDA website or somewhere on the web.

You’re probably sat there thinking ‘This devil is fucking crazy, I’ll be with him in hell by the time I’ve figured that’, and you’re right to. The annoying this is:

This doesn’t always work. 

The FDA may have approved a list of ingredients that go into a supplement, but is that ingredient guaranteed to work the way you want it? Nope.

Testosterone Boosters and Scientific Studies

We’d argue that ingredients being backed by scientific studies into their use is far more important than any FDA approval or study. This is because scientific studies look into what the ingredient will do for you. Not just information about it’s actual science and laws.

Sure, people still study synthesised ingredients, but it’s clear when reading a study if an ingredient is natural. Another excellent reason to clue yourself up on studies is to be able to tell which ingredients work best and what alternatives there are.

There’s also the need to check the supplement you are buying is using clinical doses of these ingredients. This is easily done and most manufacturers will have done the leg work for you too.

Safe testosterone booster ingredients


Now, we’ve done loads of digging and reviewed loads of testosterone boosters. Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled on one of the only places to have checked FDA websites (boring) and pull together some scientific studies on key ingredients to go into a testosterone booster too.

We’ve researched ingredients that provide the following benefits:

  • Increase/bolster sexual hormone production
  • Contain high levels of Zinc and magnesium
  • Improve muscle mass and overall health

There’s loads of ‘ancient herb’s or hidden ingredients marketed by supplement companies that boost testosterone. But that sad fact is that very little of these will actually work.

Here’s the ones that do. As backed by numerous scientific studies:

Vitamin D

 On no banned substance list and occurs naturally / Study

Vitamin D is absolutely essential in any natural testosterone booster. It’s a naturally occurring vitamin and is produced when you are in the sunlight. Studies have shown it increases lutenizing hormone. If you have low test levels, you may be deficient in vitamin D.

D-Aspartic Acid

A naturally occuring amino acid and is on no banned substance list / Study

D-aspartic acid serves as a direct influencer in male sex hormones. Men who supplemented it saw no side effects and good increases in testosterone.

Asian Red Panax Ginseng

Highly researched globally. A full natural extract on no banned substance list / Study 

This is an extremely intensely researched ingredient and has been shown to help with cognition as well as sexual health, immunity and testosterone.


Plant extract on no banned substance lists / Study

Fenugreek has been studied and proven to improve libido and blood sugar metabolism issues. As well as this it can increase testosterone levels.

Oyster Extract

Shellfish extract from widely available food source. Only risks are from shellfish allergies / Study

Oyster extract contains extremely high levels of zinc and magnesium. These two minerals play a huge role in the regulation and production of male sex hormones.

Nettle Root

Comes from the stinging plant. Safe to supplement, just not to touch! / Study

Whilst stinging nettle is a nasty plant to touch, it’s extract has been proven to improve urine abnormalities as well as other reproductive and penile issues.

By no means are these the be all and end all when it comes to safe and studied testosterone boosting ingredients. But you will find most of these products occur naturally in you, or are part of something that is widely used and FDA approved for consumption.

With these ingredients in mind you can go looking for a natural testosterone boosters that’s as good as FDA approved.

Our Recommendation for an Alternative FDA Approved Natural Testosterone Booster: TestoFuel


If you’re looking for a safe and 100% natural testosterone boosting supplement then TestoFuel is about as good as it gets.

It includes clinically backed doses of nearly every ingredient above. The only thing that’s missing is nettle root.

However in terms of it’s effects, you can begin to feel it working within a week of supplementation.

The reason TestoFuel is our recommendation for an FDA approved natural testosterone booster is:

  • Manufactured in cGMP Approved Facilities
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Clinical doses of all ingredients
  • Uses only extracts and naturally occurring ingredients
  • Fully disclosed ingredients list

-Visit TestoFuel.com-

FDA Approved Testosterone Boosters

So there you have it. You might be feeling a bit bitter about this all, but the FDA have no real weight when it comes to your supplements.

That doesn’t mean you should give up looking for a safe natural testosterone booster though. We’ve recommended one that works and won’t flag up on any drug tests or cause unwanted side effects. If you’re not sold on this, then get on Google and get researching.

Remember to check studies on each ingredient followed by FDA information.

  1. Chris Harris says

    how safe is this products for chronic cardiac patients who are on chronic medication.

    1. Eddie says

      Hi Chris, We’d assume near enough completely safe. HOWEVER, given your situation we’d check with your doctor first. There are limited ingredients in these which will have an powerful stimulatory effect, but some may slightly alter blood flow.

      Have you tried including more testosterone boosting foods in your diet as opposed to really on a natural test booster? This could be a safer option for you and will still get you some results over time.

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