CTD Sports NoxiTest Review

Our CTD Sports NoxiTest Review will be analyzing the hell out of a testosterone booster supplement that claims to be the best in the industry. Will this be the miracle cure that we are all looking for? OR is this just another scheming little devil that needs to be put right back to hell?

That’s what we’re hoping to answer for you today. We’re going to be looking into everything the CTD Sports NoxiTest has to offer and sniffing out all the possible sins that this supplement could have possibly committed.

The supplement is manufactured by a company called CTD Sports. They claim to have made the perfect all-natural testosterone booster. Read on to find out how it’s meant to work…

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How does the CTD Sports NoxiTest work?

The CTD Sports NoxiTest was said to have been created for men who suffer from low sex hormones. It claims to boost testosterone levels and be completely safe for people who are taking other medications that might be contraindicated with the more common side-effects.

There are only five main ingredients used in the CTD Sports Noxitest. That’s not all that bad of a number. We prefer that supplements focus more on the quality of the ingredients, rather than the quantity.

That sounds all well and good, but our first look at the ingredients themselves, is not looking so hot. Let’s look a little deeper.

CTD Sports NoxiTest Ingredients

CTD Sports NoxiTest Review Ingredients

Vitamin D3

This is an essential vitamin that has been proven to boost testosterone levels (1.) Unfortunately, these effects have only been proven for people who are Vitamin D deficient. You’re unlikely to experience any benefits if you’re getting your recommended levels of vitamin D.


Zinc is an essential mineral that has been proven to boost levels of testosterone. The amount in the CTD Sports NoxiTest should be enough to be beneficial.

Bulbine Natalensis

Although this is known most for it’s libido-boosting effects, it has been known to boost testosterone as well. This has been proven in various studies with rodents, but not so much with human studies. It should be said that taking this ingredient has been said to damage organ function, in a way that is similar to if you were taking steroids (2.)

Fenugreek Extract

Another proven testosterone booster. It does need to be researched more in order for its effects to be proven, but it has good potential (3.) Now, it should be said that the amount inside of the CTD Sports NoxiTest might not be enough. It only has 400mg, whereas the recommended is usually 500-600mg.


This is part two of fucked up ingredients that shouldn’t be put inside of supplements that are so confident about ‘being safe.’ The doses are pretty low,so it might not be so bad. However, taking DIM has been said to cause awkward side-effects (4.)

Buy CTD Sports NoxiTest

The CTD Sports NoxiTest sells for around $29-39 US Dollars. The company recommends that you take 3-6 capsules per day. Taking the minimum should make it last for at least 30 days, which would be about average priced. However, upping your dose would make this a pretty expensive fucking deal.

Side Effects of CTD Sports NoxiTest

There are two ingredients in the CTD Sports NoxiTest that are a cause of some concern. These two include:

  • First is Bulbine, this has been said to affect your body in a way that is similar to steroids. In that, it causes organ damage.
  • Next is DIM, which has been known to cause a boost in estrogen, which will definitely lead to the development of man boobs.

CTD Sports NoxiTest Review Results and Expected Effects

Although the CTD Sports NoxiTest is not as bad as other supplements out there. It is definitely not one of the best. It bragged a lot about being safe and the most effective. When in fact, it’s actually pretty damn dangerous.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather not risk organ failure, just to get my rocks off. This supplement will be going straight into our ‘tossed into the river of fire’ list just for that.

Ultimately, if you are still looking for a testosterone booster that will help you bulk up and get shredded, then I recommend that you look elsewhere. Our Top 5 Testosterone Boosters List is a good place start.

-See the Top 5 Testosterone Boosters-


CTD Sports NoxiTest Review

Although the CTD Sports NoxiTest uses proven-to-work testosterone boosting ingredients, it also uses ingredients that are dangerous and could cause potential side-effects.

  • CTD Sports NoxiTest Review

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