Cloma Pharma Black Tiger Review

Our Cloma Pharma Black Tiger Review will be focusing on a Testosterone Booster that is manufactured by a company called Cloma Pharma. It’s meant boost your testosterone levels in a way that will give you back the energy and sex drive of your youth.

This particular supplement is made specifically for men. The company claims that it should be able to not only boost your testosterone levels, but boost your energy levels in the bedroom as well.

Now, let’s talk realistically for a second. A lot of testosterone boosters promise to help you in the bedroom as well as inside of the gym. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. More often than not, companies wills stuff their solutions with libido boosters.

These will get your little guy up and at em’. However, it does nothing for you outside of the bedroom. Cloma Pharma Black Tiger could be the one that actually does what it promises.

But it could also just be another supplement to be thrown into a river of fire.

Continue reading to find out which one it is..

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How does the Cloma Pharma Black Tiger work?

The Cloma Pharma Black Tiger is a a testosterone booster. So one would expect ingredients that actually boost testosterone. Our first look shows a couple of ingredients that we see in a lot of testosterone boosters. However, whether or not those will be enough is the question.

The formula also seems to come with a few ingredients that we aren’t used to seeing inside of supplements like the Cloma Pharma Black Tiger. So, we’re on kind of on shaky ground right now.

The best thing there is, at this moment in time. Is the fact that the Cloma Pharma Black Tiger is proprietary blend free. That means, we can see each and every single ingredient and know exactly how much of said ingredient is inside of the supplement.

Ingredients of the Cloma Pharma Black Tiger


Cloma pharma black tiger Ingredients

Scientific studies have shown that use of fenugreek can help in maintaining the testosterone levels in the body. Seeds of this plant help increase libido and improve muscle strength.


Also known as Epicedium or horny goat weed, this ingredient was in use in ancient China to treat the loss of libido or low libido levels. Scientific studies show that there is a compound in the plant that helps regulate the flow and increase the flow of blood to the male genitals.

Tribulus Terrestris

One of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market, it has been demonstrated that the use of this plant helps boost testosterone levels by more than 12%. Tribulus also reduces body fat and adds muscle mass to your body.

Saw Palmetto

DHT is an agent that corrupts testosterone in the male body and is one of the leading causes of male pattern baldness. This palm prevents the testosterone from converting to DHT and helps stabilize the levels of testosterone in your body.

Long Jack

Another root with great beneficial properties to help balance testosterone levels in the body by inhibiting protein binders that restrict its movements.

Other Ingredients

Other ingredients of the Black Tiger include Magnesium (as magnesium oxide) Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) Gelatin Silicon Dioxide Magnesium Stearate Titanium Dioxide.

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How to buy the Cloma Pharma Black Tiger

This supplement is extremely popular and is available in a lot of leading body supplement stores online. The Cloma Pharma Black Tiger sells for varying prices. But it’s rather cheap for the most part, selling at around 25-30 US Dollars for 100 capsules.

Side Effects of the Cloma Pharma Black Tiger

Testosterone supplements are hardly angelic; there have been reports of a few side effects stemming from the use of the Cloma Pharma Black Tiger. Some of the reported effects are; mood swings, dizziness, unpleasant stomach, etc.

  • Tribulus Terrestris has been known to cause a couple of these side-effects. Most specifically dizziness and an upset stomach.

Cloma Pharma Black Tiger Result Reviews and Expected Effects

The Cloma Pharma Black Tiger is a highly rated supplement. The reviews on this product are particularly promising. However, those reviews are undoubtedly due to the effects that it has on libido.

This is definitely a supplement that will boost your sex-drive. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said on its effects on your testosterone levels. At most, it might provide some minor benefits. After all, it has zinc and magnesium. It also uses a few herbs that are suspected of being able to boost testosterone in some adults.

The price for the supplement is a decent. Not expensive, but perhaps not cheap enough to support the actual worth of the ingredients- which is little to none. There are also a lot of reports about negative side-effects.

So yeah. The Cloma Pharma Black Tiger is not the worst supplement out there. However, it’s also not the best. It should provide mild benefits, but we could recommend better.

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Cloma Pharma Black Tiger Review

The Cloma Pharma Black Tiger should provide mild benefits at best. It includes a couple of troublesome ingredients that are likely to cause side-effects and there could have definitely been more actual testosterone boosters.

  • Cloma Pharma Black Tiger Review

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