Beast Super Test Review

Almost every dude in this century wants to look good and get all the girls. One of the ways of having a great look is by getting a well-built body. Men are striving to get muscles by hitting the gym every day; however, this requires a lot of strength and effort. Our Beast Super Test Review will be covering a testosterone booster produced to make it easier for you to work out. 

Of course, with all the shitty products being sold on online retail and local market shelves nowadays, it’s hard to find a trustworthy brand that you can depend on. As mentioned the Beast Super Test is supposed to ease the hardships involved with gaining muscle.

As men grow older, they start to lose a bit of that gusto. That’s why a lot of them turn to testosterone boosters like the Beast Super Test. It’s meant to help you in both the gym and the bedroom.

The beast super test review below will seek to give more details about the product from how it works, the price, and what ingredients are contained. We’ll be sniffing out every possible sin this supplement could have possibly committed, and giving you an honest review on whether or not it will it will work for you. 

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How does the Beast Super Test work?

In males, testosterone is an important hormone that enables sexual desire and at the same time leads to muscle growth. It is an essential hormone if you want to increase your muscle mass. This is where testosterone boosters come to play.  It helps out with physical endurance and better performance. 

Now, there are certain ingredients that we like to see inside of testosterone booster supplements. Looking at the Beast Super Test… is quite the task. As you can see in the image down below. It’s a cluster fuck of blends and scientifical names that many people have probably never even heard of before!

It’s a beast- in that it contains a lot of ingredients. BUT a lot of ingredients don’t always mean that it’s good. In fact, supplements with tons of ingredients often end up crappy and ineffective. The  company focuses more on stuffing shit in there- that they forget all about the fact that these ingredients should be at the optimal dosage to work.

Now, the Beast Super Test makes another grave sin because of this. They wanted to hide how effective their ingredients were (all of which are probably under-dosed) so they stashed them inside of proprietary blends. This way, customers like us won’t be able to tell whether or not there’s enough or too much of an ingredient.

It’s a shitty tactic and a sin that is completely unforgivable in our book.

Beast Super Test Ingredients

Beast Super Test Review Ingredients

Vitamin B6

For better production of testosterone other hormones such as estrogen have to be suppressed. It is where the vitamin plays its part in reducing production of the hormones. It plays quite an important role in the product.


This is an important mineral when it comes to muscle issues. Magnesium helps out the enzymes which are responsible for muscle relaxation to function. It is, therefore, an essential ingredient when it comes to dealing with muscles and thereby constitutes a large volume in the beast super test of about 225mg.


The ingredient has been found to increase the amount of testosterone and libido significantly. The ingredient also suppresses appetite.

Nettle root extract

The main aim of the beast super test is to increase the production of testosterone. It is one of the ingredients that enable it to function. It also reduces allergic reactions in the body.

Buy Beast Super Test?

The Beast Super Test is a pretty crappy product all in all. However, the price doesn’t make it any better. You can buy it from websites like Amazon for around 45 US Dollars. That’s a lot of money, especially for a supplement that usually comes with only one recommended dose per day. We usually recommended 3-4 doses throughout the day, for a 24/7 testosterone boost.

Side Effects of the Beast Super Test

The product has brought up some side effects to its users. Here are some of the negative issues people have had with it. Migraines and constipation are said to be normal. As well as problems involving an erection. 

Beast Super Test Review Results and Expected Effects

The Beast Super Test is not much of a beast at all. At most, it’s about as powerful as a weak demon underling. It uses a couple of promising ingredients. Ingredients that we like to see inside of testosterone boosters, however, these ingredients are most definitely gravely underdosed.

That means it’s unlikely to help you at all! Couple that with the fact that the daily dose is lacking and the fact that it’s much too expensive for the useless set of ingredients that it added to its formula…and well- you got yourself a crappy product.

This is not something that we’d recommend to any of our readers. Oh no, this is heading straight to the pits folks. It was a nice try, but they tried too hard. If they had lightened up on their load, it would have been much better.  As it stands, there are better (more effective) testosterone boosters out in the market.

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Beast Super Test Review

The Beast Super Test should provide mild benefits at best. There are some potentially effective ingredients, however, these ingredients are inside of proprietary blends and are almost definitely underdosed.

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