Alpha Male Biotest Review

Our Alpha Male Biotest Review will be analyzing the hell out of a testosterone booster supplement.

Alpha Male Biotest is a supplement that supports the ability of the body to produce testosterone. It contains potent testosterone boosting ingredients. Although some users have experienced side effects like dizziness and headaches, it is said to be a highly effective testosterone booster.

The company promises to reduce your body fat, maximize your testosterone and make you feel energized as you work out. As of now, we can’t confirm whether or not this is true, but we will unearth every possible sin that the Alpha Male Biotest has committed.

Alpha Male Biotest is an effective hybrid of Red Kat and Biotest Tribex. This supplement uses Tribulus Terrestris to support high testosterone levels and maximize muscle gain.

Biotest makes sure stringent extraction and manufacturing protocols are used beginning from harvest to encapsulation. Let’s learn more about this T-booster.

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How does Alpha Male Biotest work?

You should observe a number of precautions when taking the pills. Take one or two pills in the morning and take a similar dose after eight hours. You should also take the pills before meals.

You should not exceed six tablets in a day, that’s just asking for trouble. We doubt Hades will appreciate having to row large-volumes of people through the Styx.

Two types of set cycling guidelines should be followed. One of them suggests that you take the supplement four days consecutively and take a day off on the fifth day. This is followed by taking the supplement for three days consecutively and then taking a day off. After this, the cycle gets back to the four days of taking this supplement and it continues in that manner.

The second type of cycling guidelines involves taking the product for five days consecutively followed by a two days off. Then the whole cycle is repeated.It’s a whole thing, but enough of that. Let’s get down to business.

Alpha Male Biotest Ingredients

Alpha Male Biotest Review

Tribulus terrestris

Triggers the production of luteinizing hormones in the body, which is responsible for testosterone production. The hormone sends signals to the testes to manufacture testosterone in plenty. High levels of this ingredient therefore ensure that the testes produce more of the hormone.

Vitex Agnus Castus

The next ingredient is Vitex agnus castus, which inhibits the production prolactin and progesterone in the body. These hormones curtail the production and the effects of testosterone in the body. When the levels of prolactin and progesterone are low, the body’s response is raising the amount of testosterone produced.

Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma longifolia is the third ingredient. Its role is to control the amount of androgens and DHEA that are changed into testosterone. It also boosts the performance of Tribulus terrestris. It signals the release of more testosterone by the testes.

Buy Alpha Male Biotest

Price: $49.95

According to Biotest, take 1-2 tablets of Alpha Male in the morning and take another dose after 6-8 hours. that’s a pretty low dose, we prefer 3-4 doses throughout the day, especially when the product is selling for this much.

One can purchase the Alpha Male Biotest for 49.95 US dollars. That’s pretty expensive, especially for an supplement that uses such shit ingredients.

Side Effects of Alpha Male Biotest

There are a couple problem ingredients inside of the Alpha Male Biotest. Here are a couple of noted side-effects to look out for.

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Palpitation of the heart
  • Allergy
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

Alpha Male Biotest Review Results and Expected Effects

It is seemingly impossible to get the right male enhancement supplements today owing to the countless number of supplements in the market. As men age, their sexual performance naturally goes down and this may contribute to embarrassment and feelings of inadequacy.

The choice of supplements should be determined by four main factors, which include improved sexual desire, active ingredients, ability to support sexual stamina, arousal enhancement and support by clinical studies.

Unfortunately the Alpha Male Biotest will be giving us none of that. The ingredients it uses are crappy, and it’s expensive to boot! This is definitely one for the pits. DEEP in the pits.

The main ingredient is problematic and is likely to cause concerning side-effects that will lead to future harm, and the other ingredients are not any better. It’s a horrible choice, one that we’d prefer to chuck straight into hell.

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Alpha Male Biotest Review

The Alpha Male Biotest is a testosterone supplement that is able to offer mild benefits at best. It also comes with the added side-effects that are better avoided.

  • Alpha Male Biotest Review

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