Alpha Lion Lions Blood Review

Here we have Alpha Lion Lions Blood up for inspection. A strength and performance supplement that’s aimed at supporting your gym workouts. It promises all the usual stuff, like a boost in strength & muscle gains and a reduction in body fat.

But can this product really deliver on its claims? Below we have a short and easy section that tells you just that. Then, further down in this Alpha Lion Lions Blood review, we dissect the ingredients to find out whether they work and if they come with any side effects.

Let’s get to it.

Pros and Cons

Overall, the impressions about Lions Blood are quite good. After looking through the ingredients, we’ve noticed that the formula is small and kind of incomplete, but it does its job.

It will most certainly support your fitness goals such as strength & muscle building, although it’s not the strongest formula we’ve seen. The only notable downside is the high price of $79.95 per bottle.


  • Good company reputation
  • Clean and transparent ingredient formula
  • Supports you on your fitness journey


  • Pricey
  • We’d like to see a few more ingredients

About the Company

Alpha Lion was started a few years back. In the short time since its inception, the company has grown quite a lot in both reputation and range of supplements that it offers. The stylish design of their products, as well as the clean and attractive official website, certainly makes the company appear trustworthy and user-friendly.

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Curious about how Alpha Lion Lions Blood works? Then read on…

This is mainly a strength & muscle building supplement. It’s not a testosterone booster since it doesn’t have any T-boosting ingredients. That said, it does have compounds that lower myostatin levels, which helps you grow muscle faster.

Alpha Lion Lions Blood also claims to promote:

  • Increase Strength & Power
  • Supercharge Recovery
  • Accelerate Shredding
  • Boost Overall Performance

Now, it’s quite common for supplements to claim various things. Lions Blood does have some promising ingredients though, which makes us actually believe some of what they say. Let’s look at the full ingredient profile to get a clearer picture:


Alpha Lion Lions Blood only uses 3 ingredients, and two of them are quite interesting. In the sense that we haven’t seen them often in supplements of this kind before. While these ingredients seem to be beneficial for muscle growth and strength, the formula certainly has some room to improve.

alpha lion lions blood ingredients


Supports strength and muscle growth, although the effects aren’t very potent.

Epicatechin is a compound found in chocolate. It works to inhibit myostatin, which is a molecule that reduces muscle growth.

Some experts suggest that since Epicatechin suppresses myostatin, it can help you indirectly grow your muscles. There’s only been a couple of studies on this though, and they aren’t overly reliable. (1)

That said, if you wish to gain the benefits of this compound from chocolate, you’ll have to eat a lot of it! Which may not be so healthy. Therefore, supplementing with epicatechin for any potential benefits it might have is a better option.

Laxosterone (5a hydroxy laxogenin)

Might potentially increase muscle mass, needs more evidence.

Laxosterone is a patented extract of Smilax Scobinicaluis, which is a shrub whose roots are thought to contain compounds that boost your sports performance.

Anyways, it contains certain plant steroids that are thought to act in a similar fashion to real steroids – just without any side effects. Some evidence confirms this, but it’s not super convincing. Laxosterone doesn’t seem like a bad ingredient but it’s not our favorite either. (2)

Bioperine Black Pepper Extract

Improves your body’s utilization of other ingredients.

This is an ingredient we like to see. Bioperine is simply a fancy name for black pepper extract. Its job is to make other ingredients in Alpha Lion Lions Blood stronger. (3)

Basically, when you consume black pepper with other ingredients, it improves their bioavailability so your body can absorb more of them. Ultimately, this makes this product a bit more effective.

Anything Missing?

We’d like to see a good fat burning ingredient in there, such as green tea extract and Garcinia Cambogia.

Green tea helps your body utilize fat for energy, while Garcinia makes you less hungry and reduces cravings for foods.

Other than that, we think that the formula looks okay.

How to Take (Dosage)

Best dosage for Alpha Lion Lions Blood is 1 capsule, twice per day. You should never take more than 2 capsules per day.

If you follow these dose recommendations, you can expect one bottle of Lions Blood to last you one month, as it has 60 capsules in it.

Also, the label notes that you should cycle every 8-12 weeks by taking a 4-week break before getting back on the supplement.

Side Effects

For most people, Alpha Lion Lions Blood should cause no side effects. The product only has 3 ingredients, all of which have enough research behind them to indicate they’re safe for consumption.

That said, since the warning on the label says you should cycle this supplement, it essentially means that it’s possible to experience side effects if you take it for too long (e.g. more than 12 weeks without a break).


One bottle of Alpha Lion Lions Blood will cost you $79.95. This is quite on the more expensive side and might be the biggest sticking point of this supplement. If you do wish to purchase is, you can do so on the official website.

Is Alpha Lion Lions Blood Good Value For Money?

From our experience, the answer to this one depends mostly on you, the customer. You’ve seen the ingredients and what they do. Now it’s up to you to weigh out the pros and cons and see whether the benefits are worth the cost. We do think there are more affordable options out there, but in many cases with these supplements, the cheaper ones usually don’t work or come with too many side effects.

Conclusion on Alpha Lion Lions Blood Review

With the exception of its high price, we only have positive things to say in this Alpha Lion Lions Blood review.

Granted, this supplement isn’t as effective as some of the top testosterone & strength enhancers we’ve reviewed in the past, but it’s still a decent product. And the only thing that might stop you from buying it is the price. Which is quite honestly, a bit too much for most people!

Other than that, it’s a 4-star rating from us.


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  2. The anabolic effect of plant brassinosteroid. (source)
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