1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max Review

1UP Nutition have upgraded their original Pro Test testosterone booster, to a highly inventive new name. Presenting: 1UP Nutrition Pro Test MAX! Will this supplement, now maxed out, be the product that hammers up test levels and gets you huge gains? Our 1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max Review will take a look at the blend and see the improvements and expected results.

1UP Nutrition are a big name in the fitness industry, and they should be. With reliable BCAA’s strong branding and a solid team of pro athletes, they’ve been around for some time.

But will this testosterone booster actually work to get you bigger muscles, better recovery and all the other holy grail benefits of increased testosterone?

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1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max First Impressions

Pro Test Max is a big leap forward in terms of look for 1UP Nutritions test booster supplement. It’s probably one of the better looking products on the market.

Sorry if that’s boring, but when you review supplements you do just get excited by a product that looks like it’s worth the money you are paying.

If you take a look at the supplement facts, you’ll see that Pro Test Max has a beasty formula too. There’s a couple of improvements to make it perfect, but it’s a strong start.

1UP Nutrition have quick delivery and an easy to use site on top of all this. Making our first impressions pretty damn good.


How does 1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max Work?

1UP have combined a selection of key minerals and testosterone boosting herbs to help push your bodies test levels to the max.

Pro test max should start to work in or around the first 30 days of using it.

This supplement won’t be like supplementing testosterone directly, but rather giving your body the tools it needs for a natural increase. Hormones like the Luitenizing hormone, which are influenced by fenugreek signal the release of more testosterone in your testes. Which is when your body will use this to increase muscle mass and improve recovery.

1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max Ingredients

As we take a closer look at the ingredients used in Pro Test Max we start to get a little frustrated. Whilst there are some proven test boosting minerals in here, and also minerals that contribute to normal bodily function, the herbs blend isn’t as convincing.

It’s hard to argue with ingredients like Magnesium, Zinc, Boron etc as these are irrefutably what your body needs.

But there is still a lot of controversy around ingredients like Tribulus, which we will take a closer look at below.

Pro Test Max Ingredients

Mineral Blend

This part of Pro Test Max contains key minerals for normal bodily functions. We’re not even talking the production of key sexual hormones either, but Magnesium, Zinc, B6, Boron and Selenium can all help with rest, recovery and performance.

You quite literally need these ingredients for your body to function.

Zinc and Magnesium especially are directly linked to the production of key hormones in the male body and if you have reduced levels, could leave you with low testosterone.


Fenugreek is one of the rare herbs that’s been tested and proven to elevate testosterone levels after supplementation.

Tribulus Terrestris

May have an impact on sexual well being in males, but sadly the evidence to support it’s use boosting testosterone levels is nearly none existent. Tribulus rose to fame as a result of Soviet Athletes believing it was a performance enhancer. Which didn’t turn out to be true.

Rosemary Leaf

This contains Ursolic acid, which is largely unstudied at this stage. There are rumblings that it could work to promote muscle mass or body recomposition, but research is still being compiled. Making it a slight gamble in terms of cost. There’s also a chance it could be anti fertility.


Commonly found in broccoli, it’s thought at this stage that DIM can play a role in the metabolism of estrogen. Meaning naturally, it can reduce the effects of estrogen in the male body. The issue? Research is still ongoing and test subjects have been largely female.

Mucuna Pruriens

This bean has been used for centuries, and can be used to weaken snake venom. It’s use a testosterone booster is questionable though. And it may only be the fact it contains some zinc that makes it viable.


This looks promising and could potentially increase strength, but there is a fairly big lack of human research. There’s potential for higher doses to also cause headaches.

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1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max Dose

You get 2 capsules per day with Pro Test Max. As serving sizes go this is fairly average. Our current top testosterone booster uses 4 capsules per day, at even intervals to ensure your body is topped up with the key testosterone boosting ingredients.

In terms of ingredients, they’ve got the dose of the key minerals covered. And fenugreek is also overdosed a little.

Other than that the doses seem ok, it’s just slightly frustrating that some of the ingredients won’t have as much of an effect on test levels as you’d hope.

1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max Side Effects

Pro Test Max side effects will be fairly limited. Every ingredient is natural, or naturally based and so you can near enough supplement without much concern. There is only one ingredient that when supplemented at higher doses could cause negative effects: Laxosterone.

Potential 1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max Side Effects:

  • Headaches

Buy 1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max

The best place to get your bottle of Pro Test Max from is direct from the 1UP Nutrition website. 

One bottle costs around $54.99 and this will last you a month. Making it a fairly expensive testosterone booster for the effects and ingredients you’ll be getting.

1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max Results and Expected Effects

We initially thought we’d see elevated test in as little as 15-30 days with this product. However after results came in, the ingredients just didn’t work as well as other test boosters out there.

1UP have put some ingredients in this product that aren’t backed by any science, which costs in terms of expected results.

While you may see some slight improvements in rest and recovery, and even add some muscle mass, you’d probably need to supplement this product for much longer than a month to get even that.

In terms of results, 1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max just can’t compare to our current top testosterone boosters.

What’s Better than 1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max?

For us, Pro Test Max’s best alternative would be our top booster. The holes in the Pro Test Max formula are filled with that product.

You still get a healthy dose of key minerals, but each ingredient is backed up with conclusive scientific studies. 1UP Nutrition missing out Vitamin D from this formula is crazy. Also DAA should have really been added to replace the Laxosterone.

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1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max Review

On first impressions this is a good product, but the results you get from the blend just aren't there.

  • 1UP Nutrition Pro Test Max

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