100% UNALTERED Testosterone Booster Review

Unaltered Athletics are a mid size supplements company with a wide range of products. 100% Unaltered testosterone booster is the name of the hormone booster from Unaltered Athletics. It’s a natural product that claims to be the most advanced testosterone boosting formula ever created. Our 100% UNALTERED Testosterone Booster review will find out if this is true…

A good testosterone booster contains enough ingredients to help your body naturally boost levels of key hormones. Each playing a role in the production of testosterone. This in turn is what leads to increases in the male hormone. Getting you more muscle mass, less fat and more confidence. As well as a whole host of other benefits.

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First impressions of 100% UNALTERED Testosterone Booster

First impressions of this product are pretty good. Unaltered Athletics have a solid website with a range of products. Hell, they wouldn’t be here if they made completely awful supplements.

The price of Unaltered athletics testosterone booster is that of a premium product, high. But whether the blend and results you’ll get from supplementing it are worth it, remains to be seen.

All in all though, this is a good looking product with a fairly promising blend from a trusted company.

  • Good brand
  • Nice looking bottle
  • Premium price
  • Natural Blend

How Does 100% UNALTERED Testosterone Booster Work?

Some ingredients used in 100% Unaltered Testosterone booster will have some good effects on your bodies abaility to produce testosterone.

Generally, rather than directly increase test production, the ingredients will boost up levels of precursor hormones like the lutenizing hormone, which signals the release of testosterone in the testes.

Unaltered Athletics has done enough with this testosterone booster to cause this to happen slightly. But there are sadly a few ingredients in the blend that will have little effect. And some which do require slightly more research.

There are some ingredients that as well as support key hormones, are thought to play a role in healthy metabolism and blood flow too.

100% UNALTERED Testosterone Booster Ingredients

The blend used in 100% Unaltered T booster is completely natural, which is a major positive for these kind of supplements. This ensures you limit potential side effects and maximize the period you can safely supplement it.

Leading you to more muscle and less fat. To understand exactly what’s going to work in 100% Unaltered and figure out if it’s worth your money, we need to overview what each ingredient in the blend will do.


Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is naturally produced when your skin is exposed to sunlight. It plays a vital role in the production of testosterone and studies support it’s use to help for this reason. For best results around 5000iu if Vitamin D3 is recommended.

Supplementation can also lead to other lifestyle benefits, such as more energy and better rest and recovery.

Bryonia Lacionosa Extract

This is an  Ayurvedic herb that used as an aphrodisiac. One study has been completed recently on it’s potential use as a testosterone booster. The problem?

The study that supports it’s use was done on rats. So there’s a high chance this ingredient may not work.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat weed has been used in chinese medicine for years. It’s thought that supplementation can help improve libido and fertility in males. Studies though, say otherwise and more research is needed before this ingredient can be proved useful.


Ashwagandha is basically some sort of super plant. It’s been thought that the extract can help with joint pain, inflammation, tumor reduction and sleep. Couple with this with the fact that people use it to try and improve fertility, and it sort of does it all. But does it work?

The evidence is quite there yet, to support of these claims. Annoyingly!

Arjuna Powder

Known as terminalia, it’s generally thought this can help with chest pain and  heart issues. It may help improve healthy cholesterol levels. But other than that, research isn’t there just yet.

Cholesterol and testosterone are linked though, so if this does work, it could help create a better anabolic environment.

Fenugreek Seed Powder

Fenugreek is a great natural testosterone booster. An austrialian study found that this herb normalized testosterone levels and helped enhance libido. It’s one of the rare test boosting ingredients that works.


Contain naturally occurring L-dopa and can influence serotonin levels. Interestingly studies have shown minor increases in testosterone and fertility in some males who supplement this.

Zinc and Boron

Two minerals that influence the production of key hormones in males. They also contribute to a range of other bodily functions. It’s a shame that 100% Unaltered testosterone booster doesn’t contain magnesium. Another important ingredient to help boost test.

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100% UNALTERED Testosterone Booster Dose

One thing you can’t deny about Unaltered Athletics testosterone booster supplement, is it’s serving size.

Each bottle contains a massive 150 capsules, meaning to keep on top of dose you are taking 5 capsules per day. This ensures you are flooding your body with the nutrients in this supplement. It’s just a little frustrating that a large number don’t work.

Suggested Use: Take 3 capsules in the morning upon waking, and 2 additional capsules in the afternoon before lunch. Alternatively, take 2 capsules in the morning upon waking, and 3 capsules 30 minutes before working out. If stomach agitation occurs, take with food.

100% UNALTERED Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Side effects you’ll get from the ingredients used in this Unaltered Athletics supplement are pretty limited. In fact, we don’t expect you should have any. Even with such a massive serving size and dose.

One problem you may find is some slight stomach upsets. Here’s the 100% Unaltered Testosterone Booster’s side effects:

  • Potential stomach upset
  • Cramping

Buy 100% UNALTERED Testosterone Booster

Unaltered Athletics sell their products on Amazon. But it’s much better for you to go direct to them and order from their website. You can buy 100% Unaltered Testosterone Booster from their store here.

It costs a fair bit for a product that is slightly hit and miss with it’s ingredients profile, coming in at $69.99.

100% UNALTERED Testosterone Booster Results and Expected Effects

There’s some solid ingredients in this product that can benefit your testosterone levels. And, because this testosterone booster contains such a huge serving size, you’ll be getting impressive amounts of each.

Results wise you should expect some good muscle gains and fat loss after a 2 month supplementation period. Why not sooner?

The issue is that there’s lots of ingredients Unaltered Athletics have used that just aren’t backed by scientific studies. Which means they are a bit of a waste.

There are better products out there with far more focused ingredient that come in at a similar cost. The best we have reviewed so far are here.

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