Woke AF Review

We all know that these supplements are the real deal, but do we really know what they’re doing? Take a look at this analysis and see how your favorite supplement stacks up.

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Woke AF Review

Concerning Woke AF

You don’t want to be dragging your feet and moaning till your chin touches the floor as you go into the gym; you want to be ready for the exercise ahead! 

The potent benefits of pre-workout pills are used by many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts before their exercise. They’re designed to give you the additional push you need to not only finish your exercise, but to leave knowing you gave it your all. 

Due to the broad number of goods available, shopping for pre-workouts is becoming more challenging. It’s crucial to be diligent while looking for the proper one since they all have various components and intensities. 


What Exactly Is Woke AF?

If you’ve came across Woke AF, I hope you’re aware of what you’re getting yourself into since it’s not for someone who has never had an energy drink before. They’re upfront about the fact that this is a pre-workout designed for those who have a high tolerance for pain. 

Bucked Up, the company behind this powder, compares it to another of their products, BAMF. Woke AF Pre-Workout, although comparable, goes a step farther by mixing three distinct stimulants in one powder. They include a range of cognitive enhancers to keep you awake and alert throughout your exercise. 

To be precise, Bucked Up recommends this product not just as a pre-workout, but also for anybody who wants a tremendous energy boost. This includes students who have extended study sessions, workers who are trapped on the graveyard shift, or those who have a long night of partying ahead of them. 

Woke AF has been on the market for a few years, along with its other items, which include vitamins and clothes. Their macho goods and effective marketing technique have made them incredibly popular. 


Ingredients for a Woke AF Diet

It’s quite usual to discover dangerous substances or just too much of a certain component in pre-workout supplements. This has the potential to turn your interesting and well-marketed supplement into a flop right away. 


Let’s take a closer look at the components in Woke AF to see whether it’s safe to use. 

B12 (cobalamin)

B12 (cobalamin) is one of the many nutrients our body relies on daily. It’s a water-soluble vitamin, meaning our body won’t store it and will excrete it when too much is taken. It’s largely responsible for converting the foods we eat into glucose, which is then used as energy. B12 (cobalamin) is also known to help red blood cells form, support bone health, and improve your mood. 

2-4mcg per day is the recommended daily intake.

Malate of Citrulline

Citrulline, which is an amino acid that transforms into arginine in the body, that is bonded to malate, an organic salt from malic acid, forms a substance called Malate of Citrulline. It can help reduce fatigue and improve endurance during a workout. More research is needed to confirm that Malate of Citrulline has the same effects as citrulline by itself, but they do know a higher intake is needed with the malate form. 

6,000-8,000mg before an exercise is recommended.


Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid, which means your body can make it. It aids in the production of carnosine, which is necessary for muscular endurance during severe activities. Lactic acid accumulation is minimized, and muscular tiredness is reduced, thanks to an increase in carnosine in the muscles. 

2-5g per day is the recommended dosage.

Anhydrous Caffeine

We’ve all heard of caffeine before, and many of us have fallen in love with it, but you’ve probably never heard of Anhydrous Caffeine. It gives you the same benefits as caffeine, but it’s a dehydrated form. Users should be careful when taking Anhydrous Caffeine because it’s much more concentrated than your typical caffeine. 

No more than 400mg per day is recommended as a daily intake.


Cacao beans, coffee beans, and tea leaves are among the plants that contain theobromine. It’s known to have a molecular structure that’s comparable to caffeine, which has gotten a lot of press in recent years. Theobromine may help you feel more energized, maintain a healthy heart, boost your mood, decrease inflammation, and suppress a cough. 

200-300 mg per day is the recommended dosage.


Alpha-GPC, commonly known as Alpha-glycerophosphocholine, is a choline-rich substance. Choline is required in the brain to regulate mood, memory, muscular control, and a variety of other functions. The capacity of Alpha-GPC to increase growth hormone production and power output during an exercise has made it popular among sportsmen. 

400-600mg before an exercise is recommended.


Taurine is an amino acid that occurs naturally and aids in the stimulation of metabolism as well as the protection of the heart, brain, and immune system. It may also aid in the appropriate performance and recovery of your muscles. Though additional study is required, several studies demonstrate that supplementing with taurine improves athletic performance. 

500-1.500mg per day is the recommended dosage.

Rock Salt from the Himalayas

Believe it or not, Rock Salt from the Himalayas is one of those secret workout hacks that no one talks about. It can be added to your water, protein shake, or pre-workout before exercising. Not only does it contain a wide variety of minerals and electrolytes that will enhance your beverage, but it will help you stay hydrated when you sweat a lot. 

100-200mg before/during training is recommended (1 pinch)

Velvet from deer antlers

Whether you’re wondering if this came from a deer, the answer is yes. Deer velvet protects the growing bone and cartilage in deer antlers. Many people report it boosts their strength and endurance when exercising, as well as strengthening their immune system. It does include IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which has been prohibited as a performance-enhancing substance in professional sports.

Dose Recommendation: Unknown


AstraGin is an all-natural, plant-derived substance made from a mix of astragalus and ginseng. It is said to assist with nutrient absorption, allowing you to get the most out of your diet and activity. It may assist enhance blood flow to the muscles by increasing nitric oxide levels. This will improve your pump, which we all like seeing!

50mg before an exercise is recommended.


Another natural nutraceutical derived from Panax ginseng and Rosa roxburghii fruit is ActiGin. It has been shown to increase the generation of ATP (the energy our bodies utilize), decrease inflammation throughout the body, and aid in the removal of old cells and the replacement of new ones. 

50mg before an exercise is recommended. 


Chinese club moss or fir club moss plants are used to make this chemical. It may help the body produce more acetylcholine, which aids in the delivery of choline to the brain. In persons who take a fair quantity, this may enhance memory and cognitive abilities, as well as boost energy, alertness, and treat the muscular illness myasthenia gravis. 

300-500mcg per day is the recommended dosage.

Woke AF Pre-Workout Dosage, Packaging, & Pricing

When it comes to finding a pre-workout that can help you improve the intensity of your activity, you want a product that is tailored to match your needs. Woke AF’s packaging is highly manly and strong, making it stand out from the crowd. 

The all-black tub is a fantastic start, but they amp it up with bold red lettering spelling out “WOKE AF” and their distinctive buck image (deer). They add a lovely touch by adding a huge “Warning” sign on the front, which is followed by “High-Stimulant.” 


On the label, they are open about the dose of each component, which is as follows:

  • B12 (cobalamin) – 100mcg
  • Malate of Citrulline – 6,000mg
  • Beta-Alanine – 3,200mg
  • Anhydrous Caffeine – 333mg
  • Theobromine – 300mg
  • Alpha-GPC – 200mg
  • Taurine – 100mg
  • Rock Salt from the Himalayas – 100mg
  • Velvet from deer antlers – 50mg
  • AstraGin – 25mg
  • ActiGin – 25mg
  • Huperzine-A –  50mcg

Each tub contains 30 servings, enough for a month’s worth of food (or 30 workouts). One tub costs $55 and comes with free delivery and a Money-back guarantee for 30 days. Blue Raspberry, Red Raspberry, Grape, Rocket Pop, and Orange Juice are among the five varieties available. 

Pros and Cons of Woke AF

Every supplement will have its own set of benefits and drawbacks. When looking for a pre-workout that meets your needs, it’s critical to make sure you’re not sacrificing more than you need to. 

Let’s take a look at our reactions to Woke AF.


  • This is the one to take if you’re looking for a serious energy boost.
  • Sugar-free and calorie-free
  • Paleo and Keto-friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • GMP certification
  • Huperzine-A, Taurine, and Citrulline are among the nootropic compounds included in this supplement.
  • I like the addition of Rock Salt from the Himalayas
  • They do an excellent job of alerting people about “rookies.”
  • tastes that are unique
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Shipping is free.


  • Caffeine intake should not exceed 400mg, although this includes 333mg in one serving.
  • Doesn’t let you have any coffee for the remainder of the day without repercussions
  • Vitamin D is quite abundant and is water soluble.
  • The NFL and MLB have banned a drug because of its performance-enhancing characteristics.
  • More would be beneficial. Alpha-GPC with Taurine
  • It is really costly.

Claims of Woke AF Pre-Workout vs. Reality

Bucked Up, I must say, does an excellent job of being upfront with their goods. They tell you exactly what you’ll receive, they’re upfront about it, and they stick to their promises. 

They weren’t shy about this being a pre-workout designed for the advanced athletes looking to take their workout from massive to unstoppable. They boast the use of Velvet from deer antlers, which might turn some people away. They’re also adamant about the powder containing three effective stimulants, which means an energy boost your body isn’t used to.

If you’ve been doing this for a long and have discovered that pre-workouts aren’t cutting it, this one will most likely do the job. There are a few things to keep in mind, which we’ll go through later. 

Woke AF’s Final Verdict

I admire how frank they are about the fact that Woke AF Pre-Workout isn’t for everyone. This product should be avoided at all costs by the ordinary person who exercises out twice a week, if that. If you’re a pro and want to test its strength, I recommend doing so in moderation. 

The caffeine and Vitamin D consumption are the two things that stand out to me the most. Given that it’s concentrated caffeine, it may be quite harmful. Caffeine consumption should be limited to less than 400mg per serving, and this has 333mg per serving. 

If you drink coffee, green tea, soda, or work out twice in one day, be careful with this product. Vitamin D isn’t as much of a concern since our body won’t store it, but you’ll likely experience some stomach issues as a result. I’m also not an advocate for ingredients like Velvet from deer antlers, but that’s more of an ethical thing. 

Overall, I’d advise using Woke AF at your own risk, and I’m sure the guys at Bucked Up would concur.

Woke AF is a supplement that has been designed to help you get your mind and body ready for the day. It contains vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids that have been proven to be beneficial for overall health. Reference: woke af flavors.

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