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RAW Nutrition Intra is a new weight-loss supplement created by the company of the same name that strives to provide you with an all-inclusive, holistic approach towards nutrition. What makes this product stand out from other supplements on the market?
Despite what many people think when they hear “raw”, RAW doesn’t mean just green smoothies and raw food recipes. It’s time for individuals who want to see changes in their health but don’t know exactly how or where to start should take note!

“Who owns raw nutrition” is a question that comes up often. The company, RAW Nutrition Intra, is owned by the company called Raw Nutrition. Read more in detail here: who owns raw nutrition.

RAW Nutrition Intra

Profile of Ingredients

(9.5/10)RAW Nutrition Intra-Workout Supplement Facts

Let’s face it, most intra-workouts these days are basically EAA or BCAA. Ingredients that help in energy output and muscle recovery should be included in a real, useful intra-workout. RAW Nutrition’s Intra-Workout does not include EAAs; however, they do offer another product that does. Intra-Workout was created to assist you improve your gym performance. We’ll look at the doses for 2-scoop and 20-servings.

We begin with 25 grams of Highly Branched Cluster Dextrin. At FI, this is one of our favorite carb sources. You usually don’t suffer the stomach pains that come with some of the cheaper carbohydrates. You also don’t receive the insulin surge and crash that a simple sugar source like gummy bears gives you. Unlike other carbohydrates, Cluster Dextrin provides a more “sustained” energy release. This is a good intra-workout option at 25g, particularly if you’re also consuming carbohydrates before your exercise.

D-ribose, a popular intra-workout supplement, is utilized in the amount of 2g. D-ribose is an important element in energy generation since it is a naturally occurring monosaccharide present in cells, notably in mitochondria. In a nutshell, it aids in the generation of ATP. As a stand-alone supplement, D-ribose may be taken up to 5g per day (recommended), but 2g in an intra-workout is enough.

Coconut Water Powder is dosed at 1g to help with general hydration. This is a decent dose of this substance since it’s what we’re used to seeing and expecting.

At 1g, Betaine Anhydrous, a frequent component in pre-workouts and certain post-workout products, is present. Betaine Anhydrous might help you gain strength and power. We want this to be between 1.5 and 2.5 grams in a pre-workout, therefore 1 gram in an intra-workout is a good dosage.

The dosage of Himalayan Pink Salt, which we love here at FI, is 500mg. This helps with hydration and may help with the pump. Some individuals are opposed using salt before or during a workout, but we like it. It provides us a great boost at 500mg. We suggest consuming 1-2 grams of protein before and throughout your exercise. With RAW Nutrition Pump providing 1.5g, the system would provide a total of 2g.

The dosage of Grape Seed Extract is 250mg. This chemical is often used to increase blood flow. The greater blood flow to your muscles, the more nutrient-rich blood they get, the more endurance they will have while working out to failure or doing training sets. We like a dose of 150-300mg. This is OK with us.

The last component is 200mg of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid). This is a frequent component in GDAs (glucose disposal agents). This is an excellent complement to the 25g carbohydrates to ensure that they are used. We’d prefer to see a total of roughly 300mg, although 200mg is okay.

Overall, this is a fun intra-workout that uses carbohydrates, D-Ribose, and ALA to guarantee that your body produces energy throughout your exercise, allowing you to continue longer. Your overall pumps and muscle recovery will benefit from increased blood flow. What we observe here appeals to us. 

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The “raw nutrition protein” is a supplement that provides the body with essential amino acids. It helps to build muscle and repair damaged tissue.

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