Laxogenin: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage and Supplements

Laxogenin is a supplement that has been shown to enhance both bodybuilding and sports performance over time. Laxogenin interacts with the brain, muscles, thyroid gland and testosterone levels in ways similar to anabolic steroids without their adverse side effects.

Laxogenin is a supplement that has been used for centuries. It has many uses, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation and improving mood. Laxogenin also interacts with other supplements like creatine and green tea extract. It also has side effects that can be mild or severe depending on the dosage taken. Read more in detail here: laxogenin side effects reddit.

Laxogenin: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage and Supplements

Laxogenin is a plant-derived component that is often found in muscle-building supplements. The subterranean stems of the Asian plant Smilax sieboldii contain roughly 0.06 percent Laxogenin and are its major natural source. Brassinosteroids, which include Laxogenin, have been found to have anabolic effects, resulting in greater power output, muscular mass, and a leaner body composition. Laxogenin has also been proven to lower cortisol levels by 200 percent while increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Laxogenin (brassinosteroids) was demonstrated in a mouse research to promote protein synthesis and prevent protein breakdown, resulting in increased food intake, body weight gain, lean body mass, and gastrocnemius muscle mass when compared to vehicle-treated controls. For 24-days, rats were administered either 20mg or 60mg (or none) of Laxogenin (brassinosteroids). Before and after the 24-day period, measurements were obtained. The research compared a standard (23.9 percent protein) diet to a high protein diet (39.4 percent protein).

In terms of protein synthesis, which is the process of repairing muscle tissue, one research found that Laxogenin may boost protein synthesis by up to 200 percent. More research is needed to back up these assertions. 

Laxogenin for muscle growth

Laxogenin (Brassinosteroids) is primarily used for its anabolic characteristics (i.e. lean body mass gains). Any condition in which nitrogen is differently held in lean body mass, either via acceleration of protein synthesis and/or reduced protein breakdown anyplace in the body, is classified as anabolic. Over the course of 24 days, rats were fed a regular diet and either 20mg or 60mg each day. In comparison to the control group, rats administered with 20mg or 60mg gained 18.3% and 26.8% greater total body weight by the conclusion of the trial. Although the 20mg group had a modest increase in food intake, when corrected for body weight, food consumption did not vary between the groups. 

The body composition of the participants was also assessed as part of the research. DEXA scan, one of the most accurate body composition assessment techniques, was used to determine body composition. Both the 20mg and 60mg groups had their lean body mass assessed. The 20mg group saw a 7% increase in lean body mass, whereas the 60mg group experienced a 14.2 percent rise. Both the 20mg and 60mg groups had a reduction in fat mass. The fat mass of the 20mg group was reduced by 3.9 percent, whereas the fat mass of the 60mg group was reduced by 4.9 percent.


The same tests were carried out using a high-protein diet (39.4 percent protein). On a high protein diet, the control group (no Laxogenin) ate less food and gained less weight than the control group on a regular diet. The 20mg group gained somewhat more weight than the usual diet 20mg group after the 24-day research period, but no significant differences were found between the 20mg and 60mg on the high protein vs. standard protein diets.

Laxogenin is also hormone-free. It does not attach to an androgen receptor in this way. It has no effect on the human body’s hormonal pathways and does not interfere with the generation of natural hormones. It has no impact on the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis or estrogen levels, and unlike many popular anabolic steroids, it does not decrease luteinizing hormone. It also doesn’t place too much pressure on the liver. Methandrostenolone was compared to brassinosteroids in this research (Laxogenin). Methandrostenolone was shown to have specific affinity to the androgen receptor, but Brassinosteroids (Laxogenin) did not. This implies that while taking Laxogenin, no PCT is necessary.

Laxogenin Androgen Recptor

In comparison to the control group, brassinosteroids like Laxogenin increased grip strength in both the lower and upper extremities. This research lasted ten days and compared a control group to a 60mg Brassinosteroids treatment. Brassinosteroids may enhance physical fitness in untrained healthy rats, as seen by a 6.7 percent improvement in lower limb strength, according to the findings. 

Laxogenin strength

Brassinosteroids (of the Laxogenin family) have also been shown to boost muscle mass by repairing and rebuilding Type IIa and Type IIb muscle fibers. The research focused on androgen deficiency. The gastrocnemius muscle mass was reduced by 85.8% as a result of androgen deprivation. The individuals were then given either 20mg or 60mg of Brassinosteroids (Laxogenin family) for a 10-day period. Oral supplementation with Brassinosteroids increased gastrocnemius muscle mass by 13.8 percent (20mg) and 10.3 percent (60mg) groups, according to the findings.

By decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, laxogenin is thought to aid muscle repair and development. Cortisol levels that are too high can make it difficult to gain muscle, let alone strength. Laxogenin, according to the patent application:

Adaptogens are said to have an anti-stress impact, especially when it comes to non-infectious agent stress. In this regard, adaptogens differ from the current invention’s spirostanic spirostane and spirostene “addaptogens” (from “additive” and “adaptogens”) or “adaptogenins” (from “adaptogen” and “laxogenin”), which have broad-spectrum immuno-enhancing and immuno-stimulating properties that can also be used to restore homeostasis, normalize functions, enhance protein synthesis, and improve numerous Adaptogens’ main function is to reduce stress responses in the alarm phase, reducing tiredness and offering some protection against stress as well as repairing the body after stress or weariness. The present invention’s adaptogens or adaptogenins also give protection before to, throughout, and after the alarm phase and exhaustion stage, as well as several advantages following stress or weariness. 

Overall, Laxogenin has several applications, the most important of which are higher muscle protein synthesis and cortisol management, which contribute to improved lean body composition, muscular mass growth, decreased body fat, strength and power output, and athletic performance.


  • Brassinosteroids, the plant family from which Laxogenin is derived, were studied in the research mentioned above.
  • Laxogenin has only been the subject of a few investigations. To verify the aforesaid data, human studies should be undertaken.
  • According to recent research on OTC Laxogenin products, some of them do not genuinely contain 5-hydroxy Laxogenin.

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Laxogenin is a supplement that has been used in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. It has also been associated with treating osteoporosis and cancer. Laxogenin can be taken as a liquid or pill. The dosage for laxogenin is between 100mg-1000mg per day. Reference: androgenin liquid reviews.

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