Growth Factor

You may be wondering how to tell if you need a growth factor supplement. Growth factors are supplements that help your body grow and repair itself. You might consider using them after experiencing surgery or when you’re recovering from an injury or illness.,

Growth factor is a protein that helps to promote the growth of cells. It is found in many different places, including plants and animals. Growth factor function is important for healthy development. Read more in detail here: growth factor function.

Growth Factor

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SeroVital, a proprietary mixture of particular amino acids and a plant extract, is Growth Factor-9. A few clinical investigations support the claims of the unique component in Growth Factor-9. San Medica International LLC, the ingredient producer, performed these investigations. It’s worth noting that this identical substance is also offered under the name SeroVital, however it’s aimed for older/aging ladies rather than bodybuilders. 

The manufacturer of Growth Factor-9 says that the medicine may increase growth hormone production by over 700%. As a consequence, the substance is claimed to boost numerous desired fitness features, such as lean muscle mass and recovery speed. To get the clinically tested 2.9g dosage, four capsules per day on an empty stomach are recommended.

Growth Factor-9 Product

Advantages of GF9 

Boost your hGH levels by up to 682 percent naturally.

This claim is based on one of SeroVital’s clinical experiments including the proprietary amino acid mix and Powdered Schizonepeta. However, they think that by increasing hGH Growth Factor-9, they may achieve a number of additional advantages. hGH has been linked to all of these fantastic advantages, according to their bottle and website:

  • Increasing the amount of lean muscle mass
  • Bone and joint strengthening
  • Quicker recovery
  • Getting more restful sleep
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Mood improvement
  • Increasing the desire for sex 

All of these claims are correct, however they are exaggerating the facts from their studies. Growth Factor-9 is attempting to convince you that increasing hGH will result in X improvement.

Ingredients in Growth Factor-9

Growth Factor-9-Supplement Facts


SeroVital is an unique amino acid combination that includes Schizonepeta. The way the five amino acids have been connected together, according to the business, is what makes this combination special. When San Medica, the company that makes SeroVital, makes claims regarding the amino acid blend’s advantages, they cite four clinical trials. The majority of these research are patent applications, not peer-reviewed papers in medical journals. 

Hydrochloride of L-lysing

One of the most prevalent amino acids is lysine. It’s present in both animal and plant-based meals. Lysine, when combined with other amino acids, has been found in certain tests to promote growth hormone synthesis. Because these trials frequently include IV infusions rather than oral supplementation, it’s difficult to estimate how much of the amino acid would be required.

Hydrochloride of L-arginine

The amino acid arginine is widely used in the bodybuilding and fitness industries. Because it may aid in blood vessel dilatation, this amino acid is often related with pre-workouts. When it comes to arginine and human growth hormone, most studies have utilized at least 5 grams. Exercise was shown to be more beneficial than arginine supplementation in raising hGH in one research.


There seems to be no link between proline and hGH. Instead, proline may be included in this product to aid in the speeding up of healing and the creation of collagen. 

N-acetyl cysteine is a kind of cysteine.

The amino acid n-acteyl cysteine, or NAC, is widely used in the supplement business. It may help with anything from immunological health and energy to lowering inflammation and discomfort. Rather than its effects on hGH, NAC was most likely added in this formulation for those reasons.


Glutamate, like creatine, is one of the most well-known supplements on the market. It has a lengthy history of providing positive results in both the lab and the gym. Glutamine is essential for muscle recovery after exercise. Glutamine is required for protein synthesis as well as hGH secretion. According to studies, ingesting 2 grams of glutamine may considerably increase blood hGH levels.

Powdered Schizonepeta

For ages, this traditional Chinese herb has been utilized. It’s most well-known for its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. Although there doesn’t seem to be a direct influence on hGH, inflammation regulation is an essential part of recovery after a hard workout. Adult doses typically range from 2.5 to 9 grams.

What Is Growth Factor-9 and How Does It Work?

SeroVital is the only component in Growth Factor-9. According to one research, it may boost hGH levels. As a result, Growth Factor-9 is likely to elevate hGH to some extent. But the issue is whether that increase in hGH is sufficient to provide some of the other advantages they mention, such as increased muscle growth, faster recovery, and better sleep. Growth Factor-9 is unlikely to have a large enough influence on hGH production to have a significant impact on these other areas. 

How Does Growth Factor-9 Work

Reality vs. Claims

There is just one claim made by Growth Factor-9. The claim is that taking the supplement will increase your serum hGH levels by up to 682 percent. The research they’re referring to, though, is rather tiny. There were just 16 persons engaged. Furthermore, the 682 percent rise does not correspond to peak hGH levels. The 682 percent increase refers to the quantity of serum hGH measured during a certain time period. 

On their website and label, Growth Factor-9 offers a number of additional implicit claims. They attempt to generalize that because hGH is linked to X benefit and Growth Factor-9 may increase hGH, Growth Factor-9 can also create X benefit. It is deceptive to make such promises without evidence that Growth Factor-9 can truly provide that advantage. 

There are just a few proven and effective strategies to increase hGH at this moment. Focusing on your sleep is one of the finest things you can do if you’re attempting to increase your hGH levels. The majority of our hGH is created when we are deep asleep in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning. Cleaning up your food might have a favorable effect on your hGH levels as well. It’s very critical to have your blood sugar under control. When your blood sugar is high, it seems that your hGH is inhibited. Getting hGH replacement treatment from a doctor is the only other possible alternative. Your doctor will inject a peptide into your pituitary gland that directs it to create more hGH. 

Growth Factor-9-Claims vs Reality


hGH is a hormone that must be addressed with caution. If Growth Factor-9 may increase hGH levels, it’s crucial to have these levels checked and monitored by your doctor.

Where Can I Purchase Growth Factor-9?

On the GNC website, you may purchase Growth Factor-9. A one-time purchase of 120 capsules from GNC will set you back $99.99. If you’re a fan of Growth Factor-9 and want to save money, GNC provides an auto-delivery option that saves you 10% and includes free shipping.

Growth Factor-9 Website

Other internet sources for Growth Factor-9 may be found here (see below).

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Growth factor is a substance that helps to stimulate the growth of cells. Growth factors are proteins that are secreted by the body, and they have been found in many different tissues including bone marrow, brain, cartilage, skin, blood vessels and muscle tissue. Reference: growth factor biology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are growth factors give examples?

A: There are many growth factors in the human body, and there is a huge list of them. A few examples for you would be hormone (hGH), melatonin, insulin-like growth factor 1 etc.

What is a growth factor in biology?

A: A growth factor is a substance that promotes cell division and differentiation. Its often found in the extracellular matrix of an organism, where it causes cells to multiply by dividing into more cells. Growth factors are important for tissue regeneration and wound healing.

How growth factor is produced?

A: Growth factors are a type of protein that have been found to be involved in the regulation and growth of cells, tissues, organs, bones, cartilage. They work by stimulating cell division.

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