GHOST Pump V2 Review (Updated 2021) Read This BEFORE Buying

GHOST Pump V2 is a daily supplement that promises to boost your energy and make you feel more alert. We were lucky enough to get our hands on it, but can they live up to the hype?

The “ghost legend v2 review” is a supplement that has been updated to include GHOST Pump V2. The supplement is meant for people who are serious about their workouts and want to improve performance.

GHOST Pump V2 Review (Updated 2021) Read This BEFORE Buying

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GHOST Pump V2 Overview

The GHOST Pump V2 might be the most effective GHOST product to date. It not only boosts your pumps, but it also maintains them there. One of the few pump products on the market that can be said to be “long-lasting.” With a high amount of Nitrates and Citrulline, as well as substances that prevent your body from breaking down NO… GHOST Pump is a great way to start.

The tastes are well-executed and true to their names. Not only that, but they feature a wide range of flavors, including sour watermelon, peach, and “Natty.” There are a variety of tastes to pick from that may be stacked. The price is more than reasonable, and this is a product worth keeping on hand. It’s a terrific option whether it’s as a simple add-on to some stims or as a standalone pump product.

Test Results and Scores

GHOST Pump V2 was evaluated in five categories. We’ll begin by looking at its component list. This section of the review looks at the various chemicals used in the pump supplement, their intended function, and how well each ingredient is dosed.

Then there’s the question of efficiency. High-quality, tried-and-true components will be used in scientifically supported quantities in an effective pump product. This part is usually a continuation of the profile section. The more efficient a pre-workout is, the better quality components utilized at the right doses.


We next go on to tasting the various tastes we’ve sampled. We assess each flavor individually before averaging the results to determine their overall taste rating. We had the opportunity to try the following flavors: Sour Watermelon and Peach Warheads

The powder’s mixability relates to how well it dissolves in 6-8 oz of water. The shaker bottle test is what we utilize. We utilize the Ice Shaker, which is the official Shaker Cup of.

Finally, we discuss value. In terms of cost, value is a combination of profile, efficacy, taste, and mixability. Competitors and various variants of pump items on the market are another source of value.

Profile of Ingredients


1641682988_346_GHOST-Pump-V2-Review-Updated-2021-Read-This-BEFORE-BuyingCitrulline is the first element in GHOST Pump, and it transforms to Arginine. Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, which aids in the dilatation of blood vessels. Citrulline is perhaps the most common pre-workout/pump ingredient, therefore it’s no surprise to find it in GHOST Pump. It is well dosed at 6 grams. The following component is another another powerhouse, and it’s perhaps our favorite pumping ingredient on FI. When it comes to pumps, arginine Nitrate (NO3-T®) or nitrates in general are certainly among of the most efficient substances in the sports nutrition field. Pump V2 gives you a powerful dosage at 3 grams.

Taurine is the next element on the list, and it’s another prominent substance in pump products. It’s wonderful to see in here since it may aid with blood flow and hydration. You’re receiving a good dosage at 1 gram. PureWay-CTM (390mg) comes next. This is a good source of bioflavanoids and vitamin C. By lowering your body’s tolerance to nitrates, this may aid with pumps.

The next ingredient is Pine Bark Extract, which is high in proanthocyanidins. This was in the original Pump, and it’s still included in a lot of pump formulations today. It contains antioxidants, which may aid in the prevention of NO degradation. It doses nicely in Pump V2 at 200mg.

We’ve arrived at Setria® Glutathione. Glutathione is a potent antioxidant that may assist in the synthesis of NO as well as help with sustained pumping. It doses nicely in Pump V2 at 200mg. AstraGin®, the last component in Pump V2, may aid in the absorption of certain ingredients. It’s dosed correctly at 50mg.



The GHOST Pump V2 is one of the most powerful pumps on the market. With a large dosage of Nitrates and a powerful dose of Citrulline, this is sure to deliver when it comes to straight pumps. Pumps are felt at the start of your exercises and may be rather uncomfortable. 

The length of the pumps was one thing we observed. Some pump products tend to wear off during the middle or finish of your exercise. That is not the case with Pump V2. The boost in pumps seems to continue throughout your exercises, and its efficacy is equivalent to that of almost any other pump product on the market. 

It’s a great stacking supplement since it’s not like the other non-stim pre-workouts out there. While it’s fine on its own, it’s much better with Legend V2, and the combination is one of the finest we’ve seen. Still, the pumps are enjoyable, painful, and long-lasting on their own. It is unquestionably an experience you must have for yourself.

One thing to note is that this product is still effective at 1 scoop, and many people will be happy to add one scoop to their stim-based pre-workouts and receive great results.


Sour Watermelon Warheads (9.0/10) (8.7/10) Peach

We were able to sample both the Sour Watermelon and the Peach flavors.

9/10 for Warheads Sour Watermelon

So our user wasn’t a huge fan of watermelon. Having said that, the taste is spot on for a watermelon. The sour isn’t overpowering, and if you’ve had the flavor in Gamer or Legend, you’ll be familiar with it. It’s really sugary, so if you like a more refreshing taste, you may want to try something different. This one is perfect if you have a sweet tooth and like candy-flavored vitamins.

8.7/10 Peach

Pump V2 tastes more like Peach Rings than Gamer, thus anyone expecting it to taste like Gamer will be disappointed. That being said, it’s still a good taste, and if you like Peach, you’ll like it.



The GHOST Pump V2 offers excellent value. One tub will set you back $36.99 and provide you with 20 servings (if you use 2 scoops). With the promo code INFORMANT, you may save 20%, bringing the price per serving down to $1.47. Even at one scoop, which is 73 cents, you’re getting a good value, and Pump V2 is definitely worth having around as a supplement. 

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The “ghost pump side effects” is a supplement that has been around for a while. It’s been updated to GHOST Pump V2 in 2021, but it still contains the same ingredients as the original GHOST Pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you take ghost size before or after?

A: After.

When should you take ghost pump?

A: You should take ghost pump before you start your workout.

Does Ghost pump have beta alanine?

A: Yes, but it doesnt mean that the beta alanine is better than regular arginine.

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