GHOST Legend Review (Updated 2019) Read This BEFORE Buying

GHOSTS are a supplement for those looking to build muscle, burn fat and optimize their overall health. This article does not contain sponsored content but we do have affiliate relationships with some of the products mentioned on this site. For more information please see our Disclaimer page.-

The “ghost legend v2 review” is a supplement that has been updated. The product was originally released in 2018, but the company has recently updated it to be more effective.

GHOST Legend Review (Updated 2019) Read This BEFORE Buying

Profile of Ingredients


GHOST Legend label

GHOST Legend pre-workout has a number of tried-and-true substances that were not widely utilized at the time. The formula is a few years old now, and it will almost certainly be updated at some time, but it still works on paper. To begin, I’d recommend taking 1.5 scoops of pre-workout to get your value and components in the range you want.

4g L-Citrulline is used in the recipe. In the body, L-Citrulline is the precursor of Arginine, which raises nitric oxide and so increases blood flow. At 2g, beta-alanine is utilized next. Another reason the 1.5 scoop portion is recommended is because we’d like to see this at 3g. It has been shown that beta-alanine improves muscle endurance. The dosage of agmatine sulfate, a nitric oxide regulator, is 500mg. We like it at 1 gram, although we’ve also seen it at 500 mcg. 100mg of L-Norvaline is the last ingredient in the GHOST Legend pre-workout component. Norvaline is an Arginase inhibitor, which means it aids Arginine in its function in the body, enabling more nitric oxide to be produced. This dose of 100mg is enough. 

Several elements in GHOST Smart Energy contribute to energy, attention, and anti-fatigue. We begin by taking a whole gram of Taurine. Taurine assists in electrolyte regulation, which improves strength output. Then there are two types of caffeine. 165mg Caffeine Anhydrous is what we receive. This is a completely natural kind of caffeine that kicks in straight away. Then there’s Di-Caffeine Malate, which has 37mg of caffeine. Di-Caffeine Malate is a combination of 75 percent caffeine and 25 percent malic acid that occurs after Caffeine Anhydrous has been consumed. Caffeine has a total of 202mg in it. This dose is enough on its own, but at 1.5 scoops, you’ll receive about 300mg, which is comparable to some of the newest pre-workouts on the market today.

At 150mg, Alpha-GPC is utilized. This is something we’d want to see at 300mg. Alpha-GPC is an excellent attention enhancer. After that, 50mg of Rhodiola Rosea is utilized. This is a high-priced component that may help with weariness and exhaustion under lengthy periods of stress. We’ve seen this work with doses as little as 50mg.

At 50mg, theobromine, which is related to caffeine, is employed. This causes the blood vessels to relax, enabling more blood to flow into your muscles. This is something we’d want to see at 100mg. The usage of 50mg of olive leaf extract has been shown to improve heart health. 

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) is employed at a concentration of 2.5 mg per ten percent. NADA was shown to reduce oxidative stress in trained athletes in a research. Finally, 1mg Rauwolfia Root is utilized (also known as Rauwolscine aka Alpha-Yohimbine). This is a hard-hitting fat-burning substance. This is a really good dose.

Overall, this is a decent profile, with certain components requiring 1.5/2 scoops to be properly dosed and others requiring just 1 scoop. The components are tried and true, and when taken correctly, this is a great pre-workout. 

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The “ghost legend v3” is a supplement that has been updated in 2019. The product is designed to help people sleep better, reduce stress, and increase energy levels.

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