GHOST Energy Releases Ingredient Profile

GHOST Energy releases an ingredient profile on its proprietary GHO5 performance drink. The company says the flavor profiles are designed to enhance and complement each other, giving consumers a new way of thinking about how they take their health supplements.

GHOST Energy has launched a new drink called the “ghost energy blue raspberry.” The drink is made with all-natural ingredients, such as blueberries and raspberries.

GHOST Energy Releases Ingredient Profile

ghost energyWith the recent announcement of GHOST Energy, many people were curious as to how they would do things differently. What can a company do to stand out when so many energy drinks are essentially flavored water with 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous added? Aside from the attractive logo, they went ahead and released a product with an excellent profile to go with it.

To begin with, GHOST Energy has no sugar and just 5 calories. That’s a good start. In addition, you’ll receive a day’s worth of B vitamins and Vitamin C. So far, nothing noteworthy, but the following section might be the most intriguing. 

Now for the fun part: the GHOST Energy mix is completely transparent, which is something you don’t see very frequently in the energy drink business. Acetyl-L-Carnitine (1000mg) is the first ingredient in the profile. This component is present in nootropics and may help with attention. It’s dosed correctly at one gram. After that, 1000mg of taurine is added. Taurine may aid with blood flow and hydration, and although many energy drinks include a smidgeon of it, GHOST has a whole gram. This is equivalent to several pre-workout supplements available. 

Caffeine, of course, must be included. Natural Caffeine is 200mg in GHOST Energy. 200mg is a good dosage, and it’s great to find something with 200mg rather than the all-too-common 300mg. It is not always the case that more is better. The next component is Alpha GPC, which contains 150mg of Choline and is an excellent source of it. While not as potent as many nootropics, it is properly dosed for an energy drink.

The following two elements are very outstanding. The clinical dosage of NeurofactorTM is 100mg. This is at the clinical dosage, and it’s a sight to see. Finally, there’s AstraGin®, which comes in a 25 mg dose. This component may aid absorption and is well dosed at 25mg.

This is a tremendous resume, and GHOST is establishing a new benchmark for the industry. Stay tuned for additional information and a release date!

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The “ghost energy review” is a supplement that has been recently released. The company behind the product, GHOST Energy, has released an ingredient profile for their product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sweetener in ghost energy?

A: It is an energy drink that was introduced into the market in 2008.

Does ghost energy have taurine?

A: No, ghost energy does not have taurine.

Does Ghost Energy have Beta Alanine?

A: Yes, Ghost Energy does contain Beta Alanine.

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