David Goggins

David Goggins is a former Navy SEAL and American football player. The athlete’s no-nonsense approach to life has led him from an early retirement at age 37, through the culmination of his NFL career and into a legend status in the fitness world with over 1 million Instagram followers.

David Goggins is a retired American athlete and author. He was the subject of the Netflix documentary “I Am Legendary.” His wife is named Marla.

David Goggins

David Goggins is an ultramarathon runner, ultramarathon biker, triathlete, motivational speaker, and author from the United States.

He is a former Navy SEAL and the only member of the US Armed Forces to have completed SEAL school (including two Hell Weeks), US Army Ranger School (where he graduated as Enlisted Honor Man), and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training.

He was also a member of the United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party throughout the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

David Goggins holds the world record for the most pull-ups completed in a 24-hour period.

We’ll take a detailed look at David Goggins’ remarkable journey up to this point in this in-depth David Goggins biography.

We’ll pay special attention to the good things we can learn from David, as well as some of the advice he’s offered to his fans over the years.

David has developed a sizable social media following over the years, with more than one million followers on his personal Instagram account at the time of writing.

David’s tale is about pushing the boundaries of what is possible and challenging himself to be the greatest version of himself.

Clearly, there are many lessons to be learned from David’s path. So let’s get this party started.

Information on David Goggins

• Full name: David Goggins • Birthday: February 17, 1975 • Age: 46 • Height: 6ft 2in (188cm) • Weight: 190lb (86kg) • Net Worth: Unknown

Who is David Goggins, and where did he come from?

David is an ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance biker, triathlete, motivational speaker, and author, as we indicated at the opening of this piece.

But where did it all begin for him? David has already spoken openly about his rough life, and in early 2019, he spoke on the Jay Shetty podcast about his troubles as a young kid.

On the podcast episode, David reveals, “People started seeing me as this wonderful superhero.” “I knew the genuine tale in the back of my mind.”

“My father was an alcoholic,” says the narrator. He was quite adamant about become a powerful guy. He had two distinct personalities. The dungeon was our dwelling. No one had any idea what was on the interior of the home. That home was nasty and horrifying on the inside. No one knew who this man was until he left that home and became the kindest person on the globe. The scarring began on the interior of the dungeon.”

David goes on to describe how, from an early age, he was forced to work in his father’s family company.

“My father didn’t think we should go to school,” he adds. “He ran a family company that included a rink and a bar.

David Goggins

David Goggins (photo courtesy of Instagram user @davidgoggins)

“I’ve been working at the skating rink since I was able to walk — from around 9 p.m. until 12 a.m. With my brother and mother, I was four years old and scrubbing gum off the rink floor.

“After the skating rink closed, the bar would open and stay up until 3 a.m. or 4 a.m.” We’d walk upstairs and clean the bar after that was done.”

“The horror started when my father became inebriated. He’d become aggressive, and we’d get beaten up on a daily basis. “It’s probably once or twice a week.”

After a difficult upbringing, David decided to join the military.

He joined the Tactical Air Control Party of the United States Air Force. David retired from the US Air Force after serving in TACP.

David was deployed to SEAL Team FIVE after completing from BUD/S training with Class 235 in 2001.

David fought in Iraq and received the enlisted ‘Top Honor Man’ award after graduating from Army Ranger School in 2004.

David learned of the tragic death of many of his buddies and fellow SEALs in a helicopter accident in Afghanistan in November 2005.

He decided to compete in severe Ultra Running events to raise money for the families of his slain teammates as a result of this awful tragedy.

In November 2005, he competed in his first race, the San Diego One Day (100 miles in 24 Hours).

Since then, David has competed in over 60 endurance events, consistently finishing in the top five and winning multiple times.

Runner’s World magazine dubbed him a “Hero of Running” in 2008.

Can’t Hurt Me, his self-help book, was published in 2018 and became a New York Times Bestseller.

In the book, he tells his incredible life experience and explains that most of us barely use 40% of our potential.

David Goggins' Book Can't Hurt Me

I’m not going to be harmed by David Goggins’ book (Photo: Amazon)

David’s tale is without a doubt inspiring.

Over the years, he has shown remarkable self-awareness and bravery in his transformation, and he has not been reluctant to talk openly about the grim reality of some of his challenges.

For example, David acknowledges that he weighed about 300 pounds after four years in the Air Force. He was informed he would not be able to complete SEAL training because he was too overweight. He returned in less than three months, weighing 190 pounds.

David’s tenacity and resolve to push himself to the boundaries might serve as a source of inspiration for us all to be our best selves.

Height, weight, and age

David Goggins is a 46-year-old actor who was born on February 17, 1975.

He stands 6ft 2in tall (188cm) and weighs roughly 190lbs (86kg).

Pull-Up World Record

David Goggins

David Goggins is a British actor (Photo: YouTube)

David appeared on the Today Show in 2012 to try to break the world record for the most pull-ups completed in a 24-hour period. However, due to an injury sustained during the effort, he fell just short of the record.

However, he would not be denied. David returned the next year, demonstrating his unwavering will to excel.

Goggins broke the world record for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours on his third try, on January 19, 2013, in Brentwood, Tennessee.

He established a new world record for pull-ups after completing 4,030 in 17 hours.


David Goggins has a lot of fantastic straight-talking quotes. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite David Goggins quotations below.

“What’s Your Fucking Excuse, Anyway?” Life isn’t meant to be fair. I know we all want things to be that way, but it isn’t. “It’s that easy.”

“It’s critical to see our whole lives as the overarching goal. The aim of our existence is to exist. The fact that you are still alive indicates that you have a purpose.”

“Never let fear of being judged stop you from attempting to be extraordinary.”

“The larger your desire, the more you’ll question yourself on the road to realizing it.”

“There are moments in life when you have to conjure up motivation when you don’t have any.” At times in your life, having a medieval attitude might be beneficial. We must never forget the countless hours, weeks, and years we dedicated to becoming the best we could be.”

“Always be ready to make adjustments. Life does not always go according to plan. Allowing it to take over your mind is a bad idea. Be open to the opportunities that lie ahead of you! There’s always a way; all we have to do now is figure out the equation.”

“In life, we should constantly be on the lookout for those exceptional individuals who are on a never-ending quest for excellence. Rather than those who make you feel better, surround yourself with people who drive you to be better.”

“Everything has to be seen as a fresh chance.” Stop judging things by their outward appearance.”

“This isn’t going to happen in a day or two. You must be able to slow your thoughts down in this fast-paced environment. Most of us are eager to work harder to attain our objective, but as soon as we have a setback, we get discouraged and allow our imaginations to spin out of control. “Don’t let a setback define who you are.”

David Goggins

David Goggins (photo courtesy of Instagram user @davidgoggins)

Net Worth

David Goggins’ net worth has yet to be determined.

Although some sources suggest that it is approximately $250,000, there is no official word on this, so these figures should be taken with a grain of salt.

What Can David Goggins Teach Us?

David Goggins’ tale is, without a doubt, an amazing one.

On his path to experience some fairly spectacular alterations, he has exhibited an incredible level of self-awareness.

In addition to putting himself through enormous physical obstacles, David has not shied away from revisiting some of the most traumatic events in his life, particularly his upbringing, in order to conquer them and go ahead.

Much like David, we would all be smart to pay closer attention to how our childhoods have influenced our lives and evolution into who we are.

David Goggins

David Goggins (photo courtesy of Instagram user @davidgoggins)

Final Thoughts

David Goggins is a very amazing figure who earns the label of “world’s toughest man.”

On his path, he has showed remarkable tenacity and has not been hesitant to speak openly about his prior challenges and failings.

David’s tale is motivational for everyone wishing to make a positive change in their life and become their best selves.

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David Goggins is a former US Marine and ultramarathon runner who has set world records in the field of endurance. He also wrote a book called “The Dark Night”. Reference: david goggins children.

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