Core Nutritionals Zone Review (Updated 2020) Read This BEFORE Buying

Core Nutritionals Zone is a new dietary supplement brand that promises to deliver results for its customers. The company says it has the bodybuilding community in mind and will provide products without any side effects or risks. However, some of their ingredients have been linked with serious health problems so make sure to do your homework before placing an order

The “core zone definition” is a dietary supplement that has been around for many years. It’s main ingredient is chromium picolinate which helps with weight loss, and it also contains other ingredients like green tea extract, caffeine, and more.

Core Nutritionals Zone Review (Updated 2020) Read This BEFORE Buying

Profile of Ingredients


core zone

Zone begins with 1 gram of Acetyl-L-Carnitine, a typical nootropic ingredient. ALCAR is a kind of Carnitine that effectively penetrates the blood-brain barrier. Multiple studies have shown that it is effective for this purpose, and at 1g, it is properly dosed. Tyrosine is the next element, and it’s one of our faves for improving attention. Tyrosine is a precursor of the feel-good hormone Dopamine. It helps you concentrate when you’re stressed, and at 1g, it’s a healthy dosage. 

Taurine is the next element, and it’s becoming much more popular than it was before. It may help with blood flow as well as hydration. In Core Zone, you’re receiving a good dosage at 1 gram. Next up is Citicholine, which we adore. Citicholine is a Choline source that easily passes the blood-brain barrier and is probably our preferred Choline source here on. 

Mucuna, a source of L-Dopa, is the next element. This substance is a precursor to dopamine and has several advantages. L-Dopa is standardized to 50% of its original value. Following that is Bacopa, which we believe is an underappreciated focus component. It has a lot of science behind it that shows it helps with attention and cognitive function, and it’s nice to see it in Zone.

Caffeine Anhydrous is the next component, and it’s everyone’s favorite. Of course, caffeine is good for energy and attention, and Core Zone contains 150mg of it. This should be plenty to offer the great majority of individuals a pleasant energy boost without becoming excessive. After that, you’ll get 100mg of Neurofactor®, which is the clinical dosage. Neurofactor has a lot of research behind it, and we’ve published a whole post on it. It’s excellent for brain health, and it’s wonderful to see in here.

The next compound is Huperzine A, which stops choline from being broken down in the brain. It’s a frequent ingredient in nootropic pills. You’re receiving a big dosage of it at 20mg (1 percent standardization). Pregnenolone is the last component, which Core utilized in their Fury pre-workout. It’s a neurosteroid that may help with mental function. You’re receiving a good dosage at 10mg. 

Overall, the profile is strong, and this seems to be a formula that may be used in a variety of situations. This should get you moving whether you’re working, gaming, or working out.

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