Chirp Wheel+ Review

The concept of a wheel with its own app is nothing new. The Chirp Wheel+ has some unique features that make it stand out from the competition, but what do other users think?

“Is chirp wheel worth it reddit” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is yes, but only if you are willing to put in some work and do some research.

Chirp Wheel+ Review

What if you could utilize anything to help with a sore shoulder, joint discomfort, or a more intensive stretch?

This is when the Chirp Wheel enters the picture. This is a back-relieving and workout-recovery rolling wheel. The wheel is available in a variety of sizes and options, each of which functions as a better version of a standard foam roller. Chirp Wheels provide a deep tissue massage with an ergonomic design that is designed to alleviate back discomfort.

Despite the fact that these items are new to the fitness industry, they are swiftly gaining appeal. The brand was recently featured on Shark Tank, which gave these clever rolling wheels even more visibility.

There’s no denying that the Chirp Wheel is generating a lot of buzz right now. We’ll see whether the Chirp Wheel lives up to the buzz when we investigate it more in our Chirp Wheel review.

Is the Chirp Wheel a good investment or simply another overhyped fitness fad? To discover out, keep reading our Chirp Wheel review.

What Is The Chirp Wheel Plus, and How Does It Work? 


The Chirp Wheel+ is a massage wheel with a tough Inner ring made of injection-molded ABS material and a rubber tread on the outside.

This is essentially a better foam roller that provides a deep tissue massage that may help reduce lower and upper back discomfort. The wheel may be used to recuperate after an exercise or to treat any form of back discomfort. The product will not injure you because of the compression-sensitive cushioning.

So, what is it about the Chirp Wheel that makes it so unique? Fitness equipment, massage tools, and topical treatments are just a few of the recuperation solutions available. How does the Chirp Wheel stand out from the crowd?

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the one-of-a-kind design. The wheel is gently textured and soft enough to be comfortable while yet being hard enough to work out knots in your back muscles. The wheel is clearly made of high-quality materials and is durable.

The wheel has a creative design that was created with back pain alleviation in mind. A spinal channel in the tread of the Chirp Wheel+ protects the wheel from rubbing on your spine. The design is much superior than that of a standard foam roller.


Sizes of the Chirp Wheel

Because the wheel has a Capacity of 500 pounds, practically anybody can operate it.

The Chirp Wheel is available in three sizes:

Size: Extra Large

The 12-inch diameter of this wheel makes it the most popular of the three. The huge wheel is excellent for stretching and pain relief in the upper and lower back. It’s ideal for relieving stress caused by job or poor posture.

Size: Medium

The Wheel Size: Medium has a diameter of ten inches. This one is a good compromise between the big and little wheels. It’s great for adjusting to the pressure differential while switching between wheels.

Miniature Size

This Miniature Size wheel has a 6-inch diameter. While this wheel is the smallest, it can be the most powerful for certain purposes. This wheel is great for deep tissue massages, targeted stretches, and posture correction. If you like working on your pressure points, this size is a great choice.


These wheels are available separately or in a three-pack for a reduced price.

Although the Chirp Wheel is often likened to foam rollers, this isn’t a realistic analogy. The Chirp Wheel is created primarily for the muscles around your back, but foam rollers may be used for any muscle area.

The wheel has a distinct benefit since it has a specialized focus. Because of its unique shape, it is more helpful for treating lower and upper back discomfort. When used correctly, it may also aid with posture.

The Chirp Wheel+ is made by a company called Chirp.

The Plexus Wheel+ was a Kickstarter effort in the summer of 2018 that gave birth to the Chirp Wheel+. Plexus Wheels started arriving in October of 2018, and the first feedback was incredibly good.

The Plexus Wheel+ was the first product from Chirp, a tiny firm comprised entirely of engineers.

Since its inception, the firm has created a number of other therapeutic and massage equipment, some of which have become well-known in their own right. Chirp acquired enough brand awareness by mid-2019 that they decided to place their name on their main product. The rebranding of the Plexus Wheel Plus to the Chirp Wheel Plus is the result of this.

Tate Stock, the company’s founder, appeared on Shark Tank in 2020, looking for a transaction for $45 million. After some haggling, Tate was able to reach an agreement with Lori Greiner. Since then, the product has been available on QVC and has grown in popularity.


What Is the Chirp Wheel+ and How Does It Work?

The Chirp Wheel+ is mainly intended to massage your back muscles as well as your skeletal structure. The wheel’s unique design helps to ease back discomfort while also providing relief in other locations. The wheel exerts stress in precisely the appropriate places, allowing you to massage knots, reduce lower back tightness, and even cure headaches and neck discomfort.

The Chirp Wheel’s unusual form enables it to reach the muscle tissue near to the spine, allowing users a more focused and effective deep tissue back massage than typical foam rollers. This is what makes these back rollers so appealing. They are good in massaging the muscles around the spine, which relieves stiff muscles and back pain the most effectively.

What Is the Chirp Wheel and How Do I Use It?

It’s quite simple to use the Chirp Wheel. You should concentrate on finding the most comfortable posture the first time you use it. Position the wheel between your shoulder blades, with your spine in the channel for safety, to stretch your spine, shoulder blades, and hips. Next, roll the wheel forward and backward.

Although the little Chirp wheel seems to be inadequate, it is effective in relieving localized knots and discomfort. Even so, this wheel outperforms most yoga wheels. Alternatively, this little wheel may be used to massage muscles.

This approach works better with bigger wheels, but it all depends on your specific requirements and tastes. Roll this wheel at any angle to reach the knots around your shoulder blades or lower back that are difficult to reach.

Chirp Wheel + Where to Buy

On Chirp’s website, you may purchase the Chirp Wheel+. The small version is $45; the medium version is $55; and the biggest version is $65.

You can also get the whole three-pack for $99 or the Ultimate Back Pain Bundle for $119.97.

We strongly advise purchasing the Ultimate Back Pain Bundle for two reasons. First and foremost, the wheel pack is the most cost-effective option. The wheel pack bundle is less than $120, however buying all of the wheels and accessories separately would cost over $200. Second, if you want to get rid of your back pain (and you should), this is the most effective method. You will get access to all of the various wheel sizes as well as the upper back posture corrector, which may be really beneficial.

Every purchase is guaranteed by a “100% Happy Body Guarantee,” which states that if you don’t enjoy the product during the first 60 days, you may get your money back.


Foam Roller vs. Chirp Wheel+


Wheels and foam rollers are conceptually similar in certain ways. However, if you look under the surface, you will see substantial variances.

The name is the most noticeable distinction. Foam rollers are made entirely of foam and degrade over time due to wear and strain. The Chirp Wheel, on the other hand, is made of higher-quality materials and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Foam rollers are generally often longer and thinner than other types of rollers. They can’t reach between your shoulder blades or hips because of this. They’re more for massaging your muscles than stretching your bone structure. This isn’t always a good or negative thing, but it might make a major impact depending on your requirements.

In addition, the Plexus Wheel is more maneuverable than a foam roller. The little, 6-inch wheel, in particular, can get into all of your back’s weird angles and help you work out knots that are difficult to reach.

Simply explained, the Chirp Wheel is meant to be used on back discomfort alone, but foam rollers may be used on any muscle. The product’s specialty is really an advantage. When it comes to massaging your back muscles, foam rollers are ineffective, but the Chirp Wheel is ideal.

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Chirp Wheel+ Specifications


So far, we’ve discussed why the wheels are worthwhile. Here’s a short rundown of the specs.

  • 5 inches in diameter
  • 6 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches in diameter (three sizes)
  • 1 pound, 3 pound, or 4 pound
  • Capacity of 500 pounds
  • Design with two layers
  • Rubber tread with a light texture
  • Inner ring made of injection-molded ABS material
  • A carrying case is available as an option.
  • Acupressure cushion and mat are optional.

Some of this has already been discussed, but let us take a moment to discuss the optional accessories.

While you have the option of purchasing the wheels separately, the Ultimate Back Pain Bundle makes much more sense. The Chirp Wheel comes in three sizes, as well as an upper back posture corrector, a case for the wheels, and video training.

If you’re going to the gym with your wheels, the carrying case is almost a must-have. It’s inexpensive and easy to carry, but it’s simply a plain black nylon case with a carry strap and no additional storage.

Customer Feedback on the Chirp Wheel

Customer Feedback on the Chirp Wheel are overwhelmingly positive. The company has over 5,000 positive customer reviews and counting. Here are just a few:


Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, by this point in the Chirp Wheel review, you know how the product works and why it is so effective for back pain relief. Here are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions about the product.

Is The Chirp Wheel Effective?

One of the most efficient instruments for back pain alleviation and exercise recovery is the Chirp Wheel. The product is well-designed in every way.

We enjoy that these wheels may be used to relieve discomfort caused by accident, sickness, or inflammation. They are very beneficial for back discomfort.

While there are many other types of back massagers available, the Chirp Wheel has been shown to be one of the most effective.

The Chirp Wheel is the only wheel on the market that has been classified as a Class 1 medical device by the FDA. This back roller comes highly recommended by doctors, and consumer feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

What Chirp Wheel Size Should I Purchase?

The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Bundle is our recommendation. This wheel pack package includes all three Chirp wheels as well as a few extras. If you just want to buy one, choose the one that best suits your needs.

Large tyre

This will provide you with the most overall stretch. It’s ideal for working out upper and lower back discomfort. It may also be used to stretch out the hips and chest.

Wheel Size: Medium

Offers a nice middle ground between the Large tyre and the Wheels that are little. It can be used for both targeted stretching and broad stretching. This one works best when you use the large one as well.

Wheels that are little

You can call this one the “deep tissue” wheel. It can be great for a targeted stretch. It can be great for neck and posture improvement, however, it will not offer as much back pain relief as the Large tyre.

If you really had to choose one, the Large tyre seems like your best option because it covers more areas.

Chirp Wheels: Are They Safe?

When used correctly, Chirp Wheels are safe. Keep in mind that this product is beneficial to your back. This wheel is both safe and effective if you use appropriate form.

If you’re worried about your form, though, view the instructional films that accompany with the device. You may contact the firm or your health care practitioner if you have any more questions.

Is It a Good Investment?

At the end of the day, the Chirp Wheel represents excellent value for money. We are not implying that it is inexpensive.

We think the pricing is fair, and you receive a lot of value for your money. If you compare rollers on the internet, you’ll either spend a lot of money or get a poor device that will break down on you. In our Chirp Wheel review, we were really pleased with what we found.

The product is convenient, adaptable, and effective. It’s also simple to move around. The best part is that it comes with a 10-year guarantee, so we know it will endure.

It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that you are satisfied with your purchase. You receive the greatest deal, be sure to go to the company’s official website. The finest affordable and most effective alternative for back pain alleviation is the package deal.

Is it necessary for me to use the Chirp Wheel on a regular basis?

You are free to use the Chirp Wheel as often as you want. You may also use it to recuperate after a workout or to reduce back discomfort at any time.

Use the Chirp Wheel on a regular basis for a deep tissue massage that may aid muscle rehabilitation, posture, and back pain relief. The wheels are used by the majority of users at least a couple times each week.

Chirp Wheel+ Final Thoughts

The Chirp Wheel is one of the greatest back pain treatment items on the market. In our Chirp Wheel review, we are pleased with what we observe. Some of the key reasons we prefer this product are as follows:

  • Padding that is thick and comfy
  • Narrow design for a targeted back massage that targets certain problem spots
  • The cushioning has a spinal channel for further comfort.
  • Back pain reduction and stress relaxation are both effective with this product.
  • Excellent for post-workout recuperation.
  • Deep muscular tissue massage is available.
  • Weight restriction is rather high.
  • There are three sizes available.
  • Warranty of ten years
  • Free returns after a 100-day trial

Today, try one or all three, and you’ll notice results in just a few minutes!

The “chirp wheel weight limit” is the maximum weight that can be lifted with a Chirp Wheel+. It is not recommended to exceed this weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Chirp Wheel pop your back?

Does the Chirp Wheel help?

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