Brand Spotlight: Revive MD

ReviveMD is a brand of supplements designed to help people live healthier, more active lives. The company’s products are made with natural ingredients, and they’re also certified by an independent lab.

Revive MD is a company that has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. Revive MD offers a variety of supplements, vitamins, and more to help people stay healthy.

Brand Spotlight: Revive MD

Revive MD, welcome to the world of dietary supplements. Welcome. “Oh great, another fricken supplement business,” you may be thinking. That’s understandable, but Revive MD isn’t just another supplement firm. In fact, I’d say that this isn’t your typical supplement firm. Dr. Domenic Iacovone, a well-known personality in the fitness and hormone treatment worlds, and Matt Jansen, a world-renowned fitness instructor, co-founded Revive MD, a health-based wellness organization. What these two gentlemen bring to the table that most other firms lack is the expertise and knowledge required to manufacture goods for folks who wish to pay attention to their internal organs and hormone levels.

Revive MD is not beginning their brand with well-known sports nutrition items such as a pre-workout supplement or protein powder. The most crucial aspect of our total health is our internal organs and hormone levels, which Revive MD is focused on. Revive MD is for those who wish to prioritize their health above everything else.

To comprehend the purpose behind Revive MD, you must first comprehend who is behind the brand. Many of you who are reading this will never get a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make these things. Do the makers utilize the items themselves? Do they really feel that health should take precedence? The answer is a resounding yes in the case of Revive MD.

Matt JansenRevive MD was founded by Matt Jansen and Dr. Dom Iacovone. Matt Jansen’s name may ring a bell. Matt is an internationally recognized trainer most known for his work with Dallas McCarver. Matt also sent five athletes to the 2018 Olympics. Matt works with some of the top male and female bodybuilders on the globe, and he firmly believes that health should always come first.

While preparation for their performances, Matt’s athletes put their bodies through a lot, particularly the Mr. Olympia. He recognizes the critical nature of your total health and fitness, particularly your internal organs.

Dr. Dom IacovoneDr. Dom Iacovone is best known for his work in endocrinology. Dr. Dom has his own medical facility called Revive Therapy & Wellness. They specialize in hormone therapy. With Dr. Dom’s knowledge in the space, he has quickly grown his practice into one of the largest HRT clinics in America in just under two years.


Dr. Dom understands the need of health and wellness supplements for your internal organs as well. Many serious lifters, for example, have high blood pressure and liver enzymes. Dr. Dom understands this since he sees patients with similar symptoms on a regular basis. Dr. Dom recognized an opportunity to deliver effective, dosed health and wellness supplements.

Matt and Dr. Dom spotted a need in the market and decided to address it.

Revive MD was founded after realizing that there was a need in the market for a nutraceutical firm dedicated to providing medical-grade vitamins to professional athletes. It will be unnecessary to purchase certain vitamins from 12 separate websites. We’ll be your one-stop shop for all of your vitamin requirements.

So, do you still believe they’ll be like the rest of the supplement industry? When we asked Matt and Dr. Dom how they distinguish from the 800+ companies in the sports nutrition sector, they gave us a straightforward answer:

Everything distinguishes Revive MD from the other 800+ brands. We are not in the sports supplement industry to compete with other companies. Our products are designed to be used in combination with your preferred BCAA, pre-workout, and protein supplement.

Does this rule out a Revive MD pre-workout or BCAA supplement? Perhaps not, but that’s OK. This sector requires a brand that produces the highest-quality health products.

How would Revive MD differ from other vitamin businesses like Swanson or even NOW Foods if it isn’t a supplement company? Again, the solution is straightforward: clinical doses.

Our compositions were solely based on clinical evidence. Every element in our kidney recipe has undergone successful human clinical studies, which may be read by anybody who is interested. The most crucial feature is that these compounds are not only in our formulae, but they are also in the therapeutic dosages that are required to create results. Every product we touch will be created in this manner.

The foundation of Revive MD is education. Due to a lack of understanding, consumers waste a lot of money on sugary beverages, processed meals, and other unhealthy goods. Education is an important part of the brand’s internet presence. They provide some of the greatest information on internal organ education that we’ve seen from any business.

Our mission is to not only provide the greatest vitamins and nutraceuticals on the market, but also to educate customers on why they are so important for overall health and performance.

Let’s look at the three product offers they have based on education.

Capsules for the Kidneys

ReviveMD Capsules for the KidneysYour kidneys are one of your body’s most vital organs. The kidneys are the organs in the body that filter waste from the blood. They also play a role in the body’s regulation of blood pressure, electrolyte balance, and red blood cell synthesis. Bodybuilders may have elevated blood pressure due to the intensity of their workouts, the usage of stims, or the use of an exogenous steroid.

Although Revive MD products are not especially created for steroid users, they may be beneficial. Then, everyone who wants to prioritize their health may benefit.

At first glance, Revive MD’s Capsules for the Kidneys seems like a crazy dosage. The label states to take 4 capsules 3x daily for a total of 12 caps. Before you get scared think about whether you would rather have a convenient dosage only to not have nearly enough of any one ingredient to actually help or are you willing to sacrifice convenience for results? 

Capsules for the Kidneys starts with 4g Organic Astragalus Powder. Astragalus has been shown to decrease proteinuria (excess protein in urine) caused by damage to the kidneys. The damage to the kidneys is typically caused by high blood pressure. In one report, Astragalus was shown to maintain stable levels of estimated glomerular filtration rate and delay the initiation of renal replacement therapy in patients with progressive chronic kidney disease stage 4.

The amount of organic beet root extract utilized is 3g. Beet Root was shown to serve a significant impact in lowering blood pressure in a review of research (which can cause kidney failure). Supplementing with Beet Root may protect rats from paraquat-induced acute kidney injury, according to another research. Beetroot also contains a lot of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

One gram of grape seed extract is used. Grape seed extract reduces renal failure (the last stage of chronic kidney disease, when the kidneys fail) in chronic kidney disease patients, according to a research. The research was conducted on human patients over a six-month period.

Pine Bark Extract has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve kidney function. Per a study, pine bark extract also improved blood flow to the kidneys, reduced protein in the urine and lowered blood glucose levels. This was all done at 150mg per day. This is what we get with ReviveMD Capsules for the Kidneys.

AstraGin and Bioperin, the last two components, are utilized to boost absorption.


ReviveMD TudcaTUDCA stands for tauroursodeoxycholic acid, which is a bile salt that occurs naturally in the body.

TUDCA has been found in studies to prevent cholestasis (a medical diagnosis for a liver ailment that causes a halt or block in bile production), which may lead to jaundice. This is the vitamin we use to keep our livers healthy. Even if you aren’t on steroids or don’t drink alcohol, you should still look after your liver, and TUDCA is the best place to start.

TUDCA has also been demonstrated to reduce high liver enzymes in addition to avoiding cholestasis. Anabolic steroid users may have increased liver enzymes. Another reason to use TUDCA for liver health is this.

TUDCA has been authorized by the FDA for the treatment of liver disorders caused by insufficient bile flow (cholestasis). TUDCA is now being used to treat disorders other than liver disease, according to a growing body of research.

The amount of TUDCA you should take is determined on your ALT/AST value. If you’re in the middle of the range, 250mg per day is ideal. If you’re between the ages of 60 and 85, you should take 500mg each day. If you’re above 85, you should take 750mg to 1,000mg each day.

Testing Kits for Use at Home

ReviveMD KitsRevive MD also is offering Testing Kits for Use at Home. They currently offer five kits: Ultimate Wellness, Full Wellness, Food Allergy, Basic Hormone and STD.

The following is how Revive MD describes how the kits work:

After ordering the lab kit via our website, our staff will contact you to arrange for a licensed phlebotomist in your region to come to wherever you are, at your leisure, and draw your blood. Within two days of the draw, you will get your results. If anything unusual appears on your panel, you may book a free consultation with one of our in-house doctors. 

They do come to you! Going to a testing facility and having to wait for your blood to be taken is one of the most inconvenient aspects of blood testing. You are doing everything via Revive MD. They are in charge of the blood work. They are the ones who provide the outcomes. They are also the ones who make the suggestions.

At-Home Kits How It Works

Test Your Overall Health:

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Revive MD is a raw supplements brand that offers a variety of different products. Revive MD has been around since 2012 and they offer a wide range of products including vitamins, minerals, protein powders, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Revive MD supplements?

A: Revive MD is owned by the manufacturer, not a third party. However, they are open to working with others in order to bring their medication and supplements into other markets such as Canada or Europe.

Are revive supplements good?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

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