Blade Fat Burner Review

Oona, the Blade Fat Burner is a scientifically-backed and natural supplement that promises to help you lose weight. This review covers everything from ingredients to results and whether it really works or not.

The “blade pills review” is a supplement that claims to burn fat and increase muscle. It has been proven to work with an independent study on the product.

Blade Fat Burner Review

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The majority of currently available exercise supplements fall into one of two categories: muscle rehabilitation or fat loss. Fat burning pills are supposed to offer you more energy and stimulate your metabolism to burn more fat, whilst muscle recovery supplements are meant to enhance muscle growth post-workout. 

Blue Star’s Blade Fat Burning pills come under the latter type. These exercise supplement tablets are designed to boost your metabolism so you can work out longer and burn more fat while doing so. It bills itself as the world’s newest and most powerful fat-burning supplement for males. They also claim that all of the major elements in the product have been scientifically shown to be safe and effective.  

Skald and Animal Cuts, for example, are two fat-burning exercise supplements on the market. Manufacturers of workout supplements make a wide range of claims regarding their products, from the basic to the spectacular. The difficulty is that most of these supplements are not regulated by the FDA, and there are no standard laws governing the production and distribution of exercise supplements, making it difficult to distinguish between the wheat and the chaff. So today we’ll look at Blue Star’s Blade fat-burning pill and discuss its benefits, drawbacks, price, availability, and whether or not you should purchase it. 

Skald Fat Burner is presently preferred above Blade Fat Burner. This is why:

Blade Fat Burning Supplement

Blade Fat Burners (Overview)

Blade Fat Burning Supplements Bottle

Blade Fat Burners are made for guys who want to lose weight swiftly. Blade promises to be manufactured from a “award-winning formula” and to be more powerful than any other fat-burning supplement currently available. According to the container, the pill encourages “24-hour” fat burning, which means your body will be working around the clock to enhance your metabolism. 

Blade, according to Blue Star, has been created and tested on people and has shown to be effective. Many nutritional supplement firms base their health claims on rat research, therefore Blue Stars’ assertion, if genuine, puts them ahead of the pack. However, just because a company claims something does not mean it is true. Blade is one of the most popular supplements on various bodybuilding websites, including, with many positive customer reviews. 

Blade also contains natural stimulants to help you workout with more energy and endurance. Blade is said to have a number of properties that work together to provide the most effective workout. Start by taking one supplement each morning and gradually increase the dose until you attain your target energy levels, according to the makers.  


  • Gives you the energy you need to workout more effectively.
  • To burn fat, activate lipolysis.
  • Increases the production of body heat, which aids in fat burning.
  • Appetite control


  • In large amounts, stimulants may be harmful.
  • Yohimbine has the potential to be harmful.
  • Medication for heart or blood pressure disorders may interact.

Blade Fat Burners: Who Makes Them?

Blue Star Nutraceuticals, a California-based nutrition and supplement firm, created Blade. Blue Star is a well-known brand in the fitness supplement industry, with a strong online presence. They claim to be 15 years ahead of the competition when it comes to new exercise supplements, and they’ve been doing it for quite some time. 

Blue Star takes pleasure in the fact that their goods are backed by science. All of their goods, according to their website, were created and confirmed via human testing, which is a big claim if genuine. They claim that each product undergoes over 1,000 hours of study before being manufactured, and that they would not sell a product until it has been shown to function. Blue Star claims to have this evidence, however we couldn’t discover any references to clinical trials that backed up their claims. It’s strange that they make such a big deal about proof and evidence yet don’t present it in a clear and concise manner. 

Although Blue Star Nutraceuticals has a verified BBB profile, company has a poor rating. However, the most of the bad feedback seems to be about their shipping and invoicing processes rather than the items themselves. 

Blade’s Ingredients

The main Blade’s Ingredients are CH-19 sweet pepper, acetyl-L carnitine, green tea extract, caffeine, bitter orange, and yohimbine. 

The initial components are Sweet pepper, CH-19, is a common ingredient in fitness supplements. Pepper extract is included in most fat burners because it increases thermogenesis and boosts the body’s temperature, making it simpler to burn fats. The addition of Acetyl-L carnitine is intriguing, and Blue Star believes it may help you get more energy so you can workout more effectively. 

Green tea and caffeine are typical stimulants contained in many weight reduction products, including Skald. They’re both good at suppressing hunger, which is why they’re in so many fat burner products. Both bitter orange and yohimbine, however, have certain drawbacks. Both drugs aren’t very harmful on their own, but when combined with caffeine, which is one of Blade’s key constituents, they may cause significant negative effects. 

Is Blade Fat Burner a safe product to use?

Blade Fat Burning Supplement Effects

Blade’s caffeine causes a rise in heart rate, which is the most usually reported negative effect. This is a typical issue with caffeine pills, and it may be avoided by taking a lower amount. More crucially, coffee may interact negatively with yohimbine and bitter orange, resulting in low blood pressure, exhaustion, and, in the worst-case scenario, fainting and loss of consciousness. When using any supplement that contains these substances, we advise extreme caution. 

Blade Fat Burner: Where to Buy

Blade Fat Burning Supplement Website

Blade is available directly from Blue Star or via third-party merchants such as Amazon. Their website states that Blade is available at a limited number of physical merchants, but does not give a list of those locations. Blade costs $69.99 for a 120-capsule canister. 

Skald Fat Burner is presently preferred above Blade Fat Burner. This is why:

Are Blade Fat Burners Worth It?

We say yes but with one important caveat. Most Blade’s Ingredients have some pretty solid evidence backing their efficacy and are more or less safe, but you need to be extremely careful considering Blade mixes caffeine with bitter orange and yohimbine. Under the right (or wrong) circumstances, these ingredients can interact to have negative effects. 

Fat-Burners That Work

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Overall, I give it a 3 out of 5 rating.

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The “blue star blade reviews” is a product that has been on the market for a few years. It’s sold as an appetite suppressant, weight loss supplement and fat burner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do fat burner products really work?

A: Im not sure what a fat burner is, but supplements that claim to help you lose weight generally work by either burning fat or suppressing appetite. This will cause the body to burn more calories and result in less stored fat.

What are the side effects of Blue Star blade?

A: Blue Star is a type of blue lightsaber blade. It has been known to cause nausea, dizziness, and an extreme fear of the color red in those who use it.

Which fat burner is best for weight loss?

A: A lot of people have asked me this question and I cannot answer it for you. You will need to consult a doctor or nutritionist in order to find the best fat burner for your body type, specific health needs, lifestyle goals, etc.

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