BlackMarket Labs Fit Review (Updated 2020) Read This BEFORE Buying

BlackMarket Labs (BML) is a very popular company that has been around since 2000. They have one of the largest online communities, which can be found on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. Their supplements are carefully designed to meet you specific needs so they provide more than just health benefits.

The “review bros best pre workout” is a review of the BlackMarket Labs Fit. The article includes personal experience with the product, as well as reviews from other users.

BlackMarket Labs Fit Review (Updated 2020) Read This BEFORE Buying

Profile of Ingredients


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The FIT from Black Market Labs is broken into three distinct blends: 

Complex of Endurance and VO2 Max 

Complexity of Power 

Complexity of Energy and Focus 

Electrolyte Mixture 

Complex of Endurance and VO2 Max at 5205mg is comprised of Beta Alanine, Cordyceps, Reishi, King Trumpet, shiitake, lion’s mane, PEAK O2™, and BioPerine™.

Beta alanine may help you improve your endurance and overall exercise performance. Typical effective dosages are 3.2g, which Black Market Labs has included in FIT.

Cordyceps, shiitake, and lion’s mane are mushrooms with a broad variety of applications, the most notable of which is anti-inflammatory.

PEAK O2TM boosts VO2 max, extends time to fatigue, and boosts power output.

Last but not least, BioPerineTM boosts the compounds’ bioavailability.

The Complexity of Power (4800mg) is comprised of creatine monohydrate, betaine anhydrous, and 300mg Alpha GPC (50%). Creatine monohydrate, one of the most studied ingredients, helps increase ATP production during exercise. Betaine anhydrous helps increase power output and workout capacity.

Complexity of Energy and Focus (451mg) is theobromine, caffeine anhydrous, and mucuna L-dopa. Straight forward with  theobromine and 200mg of caffeine anhydrous as your stimulants, and some L-Dopa to help you feel good.

Overall the Profile of Ingredients isn’t bad, despite there being no real “pump” ingredients. However, given who this product was originally intended for, that makes sense. Still, there are things in here that feel like they’re taking up space.

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