Bio Complete 3 Review

Bio Complete 3 is one of the most popular supplement options for people looking to make a change in their health and wellness. The product has been designed by an experienced team with over 20 years of industry experience helping thousands of users feel better, look better, and live healthier lives. Bio Complete 3 contains ingredients that have been clinically proven safe and effective when taken as directed.

Consumer Reports has tested and reviewed the “bio complete 3” supplement. The bio complete 3 is a product that claims to be a natural way to support weight loss, energy and wellness.

Bio Complete 3 Review

Keeping our guts happy and healthy is essential to our overall health. However, maintaining good Gut Well-Being is more difficult than it seems, and many of us are losing out on essential nutrients that our bodies and stomachs need to not only live but also flourish. 

That’s where Gundry MD’s Bio Complete 3 promises to fill in the blanks. This supplement is unusual in that it contains postbiotics in addition to prebiotics and probiotics.

What are postbiotics, and how do they work? Is Bio Complete 3 a good choice for your Gut Well-Being, and if so, why? Let’s take a deeper look at this supplement, as well as everything related to Gut Well-Being, so you can make an informed selection. We’ll go through the components, doses, and advantages, among other things. Let’s get this Bio Complete 3 review underway without further ado!

Review of Bio Complete 3: Key Facts

Advantages Weight Loss, Gut Well-Being, and Energy Levels
a list of ingredients Sunfiber, Tributyrin, Bacillus Coagulans, and more
Costing $69.95/bottle
Discounted prices Save up to 40% off
Business Gundry MD

Get Save up to 40% off Now

Dr. Gundry’s Bio

Who better than Dr. Steven Gundry of Gundry MD to expose us to this new “biotic”?

Dr. Gundry departed his post as Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at California’s Loma Linda University Medical Center in 2002 after a successful career as one of the world’s leading specialists in heart surgery. After that, he established The Center for Restorative Medicine.

He has spent the years afterwards researching the human microbiome and creating his “Holobiotics” ideas. 


Supplements by Gundry MD

Dr. Gundry has focused on the microbiome for over two decades, the billions of small organisms that dwell in, on, and around your body.

His firm has produced a wide range of supplements, skin, haircare, and food items in addition to his published publications.


Dr. Gundry has been a pioneer in the field of Gut Well-Being, its role in immunological health, and the development of digestive health products. Here are a selection of the most popular items.

  • Total Restore – prevents leaky gut syndrome by promoting a robust, healthy gut lining.
  • Prebiothrive – prebiotics to promote Gut Well-Being, control bowel motions, and treat inflammatory bowel disease.
  • GI Renew – aids in the improvement of digestion and the decrease of stomach discomfort.
  • Metabolic Advanced – improves energy levels, aids digestion, and strengthens immunological responses by providing metabolic support.
  • Lectin Shield – prevents harmful proteins from forming.
  • Primal Plants may help with digestion.
  • 24 Strain Probiotic is a probiotic supplement with 24 strains.
  • Pre and probiotic strains are included in Power Blues.
  • Bio Complete 3 by Gundry comprises Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Postbiotics are three types of probiotics..

The company’s goal statement, “To drastically increase human health, happiness, and longevity via a unique perspective of food and nutrition,” is reflected in the products, website, and literature.


Philosophy of “Holobiotics”

Before we get into the Bio Complete 3 review, it’s important to grasp the product’s concept. 

People must first realize that diverse bacteria rule their bodies in order to grasp “Holobiotics.” Some microorganisms are beneficial, while others are harmful.

Unfortunately, the majority of people choose a diet and lifestyle that destroys good bacteria while promoting the growth and multiplication of harmful microbes.

The loss of the right microorganism ratio gradually throws off your whole body’s equilibrium and wellbeing. Irritable bowel syndrome, a weakened immune system, and skin or stomach problems are all symptoms that this is occurring.

Dr. Gundry coined the term “holobiotics” to describe the dietary and lifestyle choices individuals must make to maintain their beneficial microorganisms. Eventually, the ratio will be restored, and their health will improve.

Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Postbiotics are three types of probiotics.

The word “biotics” refers to dietary practices that may steer gut bacteria toward a more favorable condition for host health, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics (food components or dietary supplements that include probiotics and prebiotics) are thought to alter the gut microbiota and its activity, hence improving immune response.

You may recall that good bacteria in our gut make up 70 to 80 percent of our immune cells, which defend us against colds, infections, viruses, and other “bugs.”

Taking care of your Gut Well-Being is critical if you want to remain healthy. When your immune system is weakened, you’re more susceptible to autoimmune diseases, colds, flu, allergies, and a variety of other ailments.

  • Prebiotics are microorganisms that help your gut microbes maintain a healthy equilibrium.
  • Probiotics are live organisms that keep the gut bacteria from causing digestive problems. These are your gut amigos, as Dr. Gundry puts them.
  • Synbiotics are a combination of prebiotics and probiotics that help beneficial bacteria survive and thrive in the gut.

According to NCBI, postbiotics is the newest member of the biotics family.

“During the fermentation process, food-grade bacteria create beneficial chemicals.” They consist of microbial cells, cell components, and Metabolites that are intended to aid in the promotion of health.”

Postbiotics is a relatively new word that is still a little hazy. They include a wide range of chemicals, such as:

  • Metabolites
  • Fatty acids with a short chain length (SCFAs)
  • Fractions of microbial cells
  • Proteins that are useful
  • Polysaccharides found outside of cells (EPS)
  • lysates of cells

What Is Bio Complete 3 All About?

Now that we’ve discussed the holobiotic idea, let’s talk about Bio Complete 3 and how it may help you feel better.

Bio Complete 3 is a dietary supplement that comes in the form of veggie capsules. Prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic are three proprietary branded, all-natural substances.

  1. Probiotics may help you get a lot of beneficial microorganisms in your stomach.
  2. Prebiotics are a kind of prebiotic that helps the beneficial bacteria grow.
  3. Postbiotics help maintain the gut lining and relieve “leaky gut” symptoms

The product is made in a recognized cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility in the United States. An independent third-party lab also tests the recipe for quality and purity.

Bio Complete 3 is sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, lectin-free, and sweetener-free.

Bio Complete 3 comes in a bottle with 120 capsules, which is enough for a thirty-day supply.


3 Ingredients in Bio Complete

Bio Complete 3 only includes three components, as previously stated. Each ingredient is a registered or trademarked chemical that is held by an ingredient producer and licensed to Gundry MD.



CoreBiomeTM, which contains 1000 mg Tributyrin, is the first component. Gundry MD also has an exclusive worldwide distribution arrangement with a firm named Compound Solutions for this component.

In reality, Compound Solutions is a reputable nutraceutical ingredient producer that supplies the natural goods sector with unique, proprietary chemicals.

CoreBiomeTM is a short-chain fatty acid (SCFA), which is one of three different types of fatty acids.

Because of the popularity of MCT oils, most people are acquainted with MCTs, or medium-chain fatty acids. Long-chain fatty acids may be found in foods like avocados, olive oil, and seafood, and they’re good for you.

Short-chain fatty acids, on the other hand, may be the most significant of the three fatty acids for overall health. When it comes to creating balance, they are perhaps more important than either pre or probiotics.

SCFAs aid in the creation of a healthy gut environment that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. They also prevent hazardous germs from multiplying too much. Finally, postbiotics produce a synbiotic connection in Gut Well-Being when used in combination with pre and probiotics.

“SCFAs like CoreBiomeTM are like a multivitamin for your gut,” says Compound Solutions.


Taiyo International Inc. has licensed the second trademarked ingredient. It’s a soluble fiber and a prebiotic.

Furthermore, this component meets current FDA requirements for dietary fiber and provides scientifically proven health benefits:

  • Supports the digestive system.
  • Weight loss and weight management
  • Glycemic index is reduced.
  • Beneficial gut bacteria are fed.


Finally, ProDURA® 2 Billion CFUs, a registered trademark of UAS Laboratories, is the third component.

UAS Labs, based in Wausau, Wisconsin, bills itself as the Probiotics Company® and has a long history of clinical studies and research.

ProDURA® is a Bacillus coagulans probiotic, a spore-forming bacterium that helps to maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut.


Overall, we are quite satisfied with the Bio Complete 3 formulation’s well-researched, scientifically validated, and patented constituents.

Additional Ingredients:

This nutritional supplement, like the rest of the Gundry MD line, is devoid of any fillers or additions. In this situation, Bio Complete 3 has reduced levels of the following ingredients:

  • Cellulose Microcrystalline
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose is a kind of cellulose that is derived from hydroxypropyl
  • Silica
  • Magnesium Stearate is a kind of magnesium salt.

3 Advantages of Bio Complete

Their usefulness, like that of other nutritional supplements, is dependent on whether you have a nutritious diet, are attempting to reduce weight, have joint issues, or want to improve your general Gut Well-Being.

Gut Well-Being

The most important advantage of Bio Complete 3 is that it helps to maintain a healthy gut lining. This is a living organism-filled space that also houses a portion of the immune system.

When we consume junk food or unhealthy meals, our gut flora starts to deteriorate, and we might get irritable bowel syndrome, digestive problems, and inflammation.

Additionally, leading a healthy lifestyle, taking probiotic supplements, and consuming more dietary fiber encourage the development of beneficial gut flora.

Bio Complete 3 evidently performs this for you, ensuring your digestive health without the need to take various supplements at the same time.

Other Advantages

Even if these aren’t the major reasons for using Bio Complete 3, there are a few more benefits to using this Gundry MD medication.

Better digestion, weight loss, regulated bowel movements, decreased junk food cravings, a significant increase in energy, and managing your immunological response are all additional advantages.

Bio Complete 3 Dosage Recommendation

Two capsules twice a day, ideally before a meal, is recommended by Gundry MD.

Still, taking Bio Complete 3 consistently for optimal Gut Well-Being is the best choice.

The product is best taken in the morning before breakfast and again before supper, according to Gundry MD. This will provide you with safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What is the performance of Bio Complete 3?

Bio Complete 3 receives great scores for its ability to reduce bloating and increase energy and vigor.

The fiber in the supplement helps with digestion and relieves stomach discomfort. It may also help with the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

However, no weight reduction was seen while utilizing the product. However, it may help with weight loss.

We would still recommend this routine to anybody suffering from gastrointestinal problems who also wants to improve their overall health.


Is Bio Complete 3 a safe product?

Although there have been no reports of major side effects from Bio Complete 3, the combination of components may induce bloating, gas, constipation, and thirst in some people.

Of course, before beginning any new dietary supplement, you should always speak with your doctor.

Although the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate supplements, all Gundry MD products are subjected to rigorous testing and assessment.

Where Can I Purchase Bio Complete 3?

Bio Complete 3 is available for $69.95 per bottle on the Gundry MD website. You can acquire your first bottle for just $49.95 if you utilize this link.


Other savings are also available when purchasing several bottles at once. Three bottles are $134.95 ($45/bottle), while six bottles are $254.70 ($42/bottle). When you buy either the 3-pack or the 6-pack, you also receive free delivery.

By joining up for a subscription, you may save an extra 10% on all packages. Subscriptions may, however, be terminated at any moment. However, we only encourage joining up if you want to place repeated orders.

We suggest beginning with a single bottle if you’ve never tried Gundry MD Bio Complete 3. You may see how it works for you by doing so. 

Bio Complete 3 comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, just like all of Gundry MD’s other products.

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Final Thoughts on Bio Complete 3

Gundry MD and Bio Complete 3 have left a positive impression on us. The company’s ownership, marketing, labeling, and packaging are all transparent.

All of Gundry MD’s products are tested by an independent third-party institution. They also provide a 90-day money-back guarantee on their supplements.

Finally, with three patented, scientifically verified components and no proprietary mixes, we appreciate the formulation.

In addition, we rate Bio Complete three out of five stars for effectiveness. This is backed up by a slew of positive reviews on the company’s website, all of which corroborate our results.

If you wish to take care of your digestive system, you could be ready to try Gundry MD Bio Complete 3. It’s also beneficial if you want to maintain a healthy weight, increase your energy, and boost your immunity. 

To determine whether Bio Complete 3 is right for you, start with one bottle and one capsule at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bio complete 3 legitimate?

A: Yes, Bio Complete 3 is a legitimate course.

Is Steven Gundry a real doctor?

A: No, Dr. Steven Gundry is not a real doctor. He has no medical degree and his diet plan is unproven to work for long-term weight loss or prevention of disease in healthy people

How long does Bio complete 3 take to work?

A: It typically takes around 15-20 minutes. This is an approximate time frame, which can vary depending on how much foam you put in your mouth.

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