Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is a fitness author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He’s also the host of which serves as his online fitness journal with hundreds of articles on various topics like intermittent fasting and nutrition

Ben Greenfield is a professional triathlete, author, and coach. He has been on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine and is well known for his work in the fitness industry.

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is an author, podcaster, and health coach from the United States.

Ben Greenfield is one of the world’s most well-known health and fitness “biohackers,” and he presently presents the famous Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast.

Greenfield is a professional speaker in the disciplines of fitness, nutrition, and general health, as well as a New York Times bestselling book.

Ben is also a co-founder of Kion, a supplement firm started in 2017.

Ben’s adventure is surely enthralling. But what do we know about his early life, and what can we learn from his remarkable journey?

This comprehensive Ben Greenfield biography will include all of the essential details about Ben and his life.

We’ve compiled statements, statistics, and data from a variety of sources to give you a unique perspective on Ben’s life and work.

We’ll look back at his early years and track his growth up to the present day to see what we can learn from his outstanding and unusual narrative.

So, now that we’ve got the introductions out of the way, let’s get into Ben Greenfield’s life narrative.

Ben Greenfield’s Personal Data

• Full name: Ben Greenfield • Date of Birth: December 20, 1979 • Age: 42 • Height: 1.92m (6ft 3in) • Weight: 79kg (175lbs) • Birthplace: Lewiston, Idaho, United States • Jessa Greenfield is his wife. • Instagram: @bengreenfieldfitness • Net Worth: Unconfirmed

Ben Greenfield, who is he?

Ben Greenfield is a health coach, author, public speaker, and podcaster from the United States.

He is known as one of the most prominent ‘biohackers’ in the world, and he has a devoted following as a result of the extraordinary steps he takes to improve his health.

Ben characterizes himself as a “people performance consultant,” despite the fact that he has written 13 books.

Ben was born in Lewiston, Idaho, on December 20, 1979. He was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school, and he says that the experience taught him to be quite self-reliant.

His father was a veteran fireman and paramedic who eventually went into business for himself.

Ben Greenfield

(Photo courtesy of Instagram user Ben Greenfield)

“Throughout my studies, I had to be entirely autonomous and self-reliant,” Ben says. “I truly like working alone, being alone, and being a lone wolf.”

Ben graduated at the age of 15 and started college at the age of 16, where he played singles and doubles for the men’s tennis team.

“I continued to offer tennis lessons up until my freshman year of college.” I also had a private employment as a high-school writing instructor.”

Ben was often on antibiotics as a child due to a variety of stomach ailments, which may explain his interest in good health.

Anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, pharmacology, microbiology, biochemistry, and nutrition were among the subjects he studied. He subsequently went on to Duke University and the National Football League for an internship.

He graduated from the University of Idaho in 2004 as the top senior in his class, at the age of 20.

Ben started working in the fitness business in 2005. In northern Idaho and eastern Washington, he teamed with doctors to create personal training studios, gyms, and physiology and biomechanics laboratories.

Ben was named America’s best personal trainer a few years later, in 2008.

Ben started competing as an amateur triathlon during his early years in the fitness sector. He finished more than 120 events, including 12 Ironman triathlons.

Ben Greenfield

(Photo courtesy of Instagram user Ben Greenfield)

Ben admits that after the birth of his twin kids, he “pivoted” his company into media, writing, speaking, and consulting. During that time, he started the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast, which was one of the earliest fitness podcasts in the world.

Ben was recognized one of the world’s top 100 most important individuals in health and fitness in 2013 and 2014.

Ben claims in his profile that he has helped thousands of individuals accomplish their objectives and enhance their quality of life all around the globe – “from high-level CEOs to soccer mothers to professional athletes and beyond.”

Ben has written for a variety of publications, including Forbes, Men’s Health, Huffington Post, and Fox News, to name a few.

Ben’s book “Beyond Training,” which was initially released in April 2014, became a New York Times bestselling author.

During this time, Ben began to get a reputation as a ‘biohacker,’ as he explored a variety of self-experimentation tactics to improve his health and fitness.

Ben and Angelo Keely co-founded the supplement firm Kion in 2017. The firm offers its own brand of coffee, which is “carefully picked and roasted for taste and purity,” as well as a variety of other nutritional supplements.

Ben Greenfield co-founded Kion in 2017

Ben Greenfield co-founded Kion in 2017 (Photo courtesy of Instagram user Ben Greenfield)

“We have a thankfulness practice as a family every morning, utterly amazed and appreciative for our possibilities,” Ben remarked in an interview with UK newspaper The Times of London in early 2020. I put in a lot of effort, but I don’t feel like a special person.”

Later in the same interview, he discussed how he thinks the health and fitness business has evolved in recent years.

“There’s a growing understanding and change in the fitness world towards the thought that a person’s fitness may be useless in the long term.” “Happiness isn’t found in muscles.”

Reading literature, playing the guitar and ukulele, spearfishing, bowhunting, plant harvesting, and cooking are among Ben’s favorite pastimes.

Ben Greenfield

(Photo courtesy of Instagram user Ben Greenfield)

Ben’s official website lists “longevity, anti-aging, biohacking, fitness, nutrition, and cognition” as some of the fields in which he is an expert.

Now that we’ve gotten a better understanding of Ben Greenfield’s tale, it’s time to look at some of the statistics and numbers from his life and work so far.

Height, weight, and age

Ben Greenfield was born on December 20, 1979, in New York City. He is 42 years old right now.

Ben is 6 feet 3 inches (1.92m) tall and weighs 175 pounds (79kg).

Ben himself validated these height and weight figures in a 2009 article on his official website.

Life as a Wife and a Family

Jessa Greenfield is Ben Greenfield’s wife. River and Terran are their twin sons.

He presently resides with his family in Spokane, Washington, in the United States.

Ben Greenfield wife

Ben Greenfield met his wife Jessa at Sunday school when he was growing up (Photo courtesy of Instagram user Ben Greenfield)

When they were both youngsters growing up in the same neighborhood, Ben met his wife Jessa in Sunday school. They began dating in their early twenties.

Net Worth

Ben Greenfield’s net worth has not been officially determined.

A lot of sources estimate the sum to be approximately $1.2 million, however because the source of the figure is unknown, it’s definitely best taken with a grain of Pink Himalayan Salt!


Ben is regarded as one of the “original” biohackers. Here are a few of his favorite biohacks that we’ve culled from his media appearances.

• Ben has been a proponent of intermittent fasting for a long time. He’s been doing it for a while and adds, “I suggest 12 hours for ladies and 16 hours for males.”

• He uses ice baths or five-minute cold showers to practice ‘cold thermogenesis.’

• He goes to the sauna on a regular basis.

• For mitochondrial function, Ben employs red light treatment equipment.

• He’s also seen using blue light-blocking spectacles to aid sleep and regulate his circadian clock.


In July 2008, Ben Greenfield debuted his renowned podcast, The Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast.

The Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast, which has more than a decade of episodes under its belt, is widely regarded as one of the best health and fitness podcasts available.

Ben Greenfield

(Photo courtesy of Instagram user Ben Greenfield)

What Can Ben Greenfield Teach Us?

Ben Greenfield’s tale is, without a doubt, inspiring. But what can we take from from his experience?

If there’s one thing Ben excels at, it’s putting in long hours. He has definitely never shied away from putting in the hard work necessary to achieve his objectives.

He gained excellent experience as a teacher and tennis instructor throughout his early years, acquiring abilities that he would later be able to use to his activities.

Throughout his career, Ben has also shown a high level of humility. When I listen to his interviews, he often mentions how he practices thankfulness on a daily basis. He also designed and constructed the Christian Gratitude Journal.

We may all benefit from a greater sense of thankfulness in our lives. And we could all benefit from Ben’s commitment to hard work and concentrated energy throughout his career.

Finally, some last thoughts

The biography of Ben Greenfield has come to a conclusion.

We’ve taken you through Ben’s interesting early years as he grew to fame in the fitness industry before being regarded as one of the world’s top biohackers.

Ben’s journey and tale are inspiring, and although we may not all want to go to the same extremes when it comes to our health, we may all benefit from being more aware of our surroundings and practicing true thankfulness on a more frequent basis.

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Ben Greenfield is a fitness and nutrition expert who has been in the industry for over 20 years. He has worked with some of the best athletes on the planet, including Olympic Gold Medalists. Reference: ben greenfield boundless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ben Greenfields wife?

A: Ben Greenfield is a journalist, blogger and author. He has written articles on his blog called BenGreenfieldFitness since 2006.

What age is Ben Greenfield?

A: Ben Greenfield is a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you an answer.

Where does Ben Greenfield get his peptides?

A: Ben Greenfield is a personal trainer, author and founder of the website The

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