A Quick Look At The GHOST Greens Label

GHOST greens is a certified organic, vegan and gluten-free supplement company that offers consumers the opportunity to purchase premium quality products while supporting independent farmers. They want to help people feel better about their health, so they encourage everyone to make healthy choices in life by offering non-toxic items. eticulously researched ingredients such as chlorophyllin & spirulina ensure GHOST Greens are not only sustainable but safe for everyday use too.?

The “GHOST Greens Label” is a supplement that claims to be the best tasting greens on the market. The label also boasts that it has no fillers and only uses natural ingredients.

A Quick Look At The GHOST Greens Label

We thought we’d have a peek at the GHOST Greens product ahead of its introduction next week on the 22nd. GHOST took home our 2019 Brand of the Year Award, and it seems that they are on their way to retake it. With the popularity of greens products growing, GHOST is hoping to make a statement with their forthcoming offering.

ghost greensTo begin with, GHOST Greens has a clear label. While this may seem like normal in pre-workouts these days, it’s still a fresh idea for the Greens category, and we have to applaud them for it. The product has two different mixes, one called GHOST Fruits+Vegetables and the other called GHOST Gut Health. Each one has its own unique mix, which we’ll go over in detail.

The first blend is your “greens” mixture. It features all of the greens you’d expect to find in a salad. Kale (1390mg), Organic Spirulina (500mg), Organic Cracked Cell Wall Chlorella (500mg), and, of course, Organic Wheat Grass (500mg) are all included. There are others, such as broccoli, but we particularly like the additions of Spirulina and Chlorella since they are high in Chlorophyll, which has been demonstrated in animal tests to be helpful in the removal of heavy metals from the body.

“Antioxidant Reds,” a “reds” combination, is also included. This is another entirely transparent mix that provides 2200mg of reds. Acai Juice Powder, Pomegranate Juice Powder, and Organic Goji Berry Powder are among the constituents. There are a total of 9 components in this mix, with their respective quantities specified.

The next component is SpectraTM, which is a patented antioxidant combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It’s becoming more popular, and it’s fantastic to see it in this place. It is dosed correctly at 100mg.

Now we go on to the GHOST Greens Gut Health section, which begins with Inulin. Chicory Root is a prominent source of inulin, a prebiotic giber. Probiotics provide an ideal habitat for good gut bacteria to flourish. That’s fantastic, since the next portion of the mix from GHOST includes 10 billion CFUs of probiotics. The number of cultures in each probiotic strain is also given, which is something that not many manufacturers do. 


Finally, there’s BioCore® Optimum Elite, a clear digestive enzyme combination with a trademarked name. Enzymes help the body break down food, so include them in a gut health supplement makes logical.

Overall, the profile seems to be better than many other brands, and the absence of proprietary mixes is helping to create a new industry standard. Of course, some other companies are already doing so, but it is by no means widespread.

With that stated, there is something more we need to discuss. Not only does the profile look good, but for every tub of GHOST Greens sold during the launch, GHOST will plant a tree. Something we’ll talk about throughout the launch period. So keep an eye out!

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“Ghost Greens Original Flavor” is a product that has been around for quite some time. The supplement was created by GHOST, which stands for “Green Health and Organic Spirits.” The company’s goal is to provide food with the nutrients that are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Reference: ghost greens original flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of ghost greens?

A: Ghost greens is a game mode that requires the players to avoid getting hit by reds or blues while they collect as many ghost greens as possible.

What does ghost original greens taste like?

A: Ghost Original Greens taste like a mixture of old and new.

How many servings of vegetables are in ghost greens?

A: There are 8 servings in a jar of ghost greens.

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