XP Sports unveils formula for its pre-game supplement – Boost

Earlier this week, we posted about how gaming-focused formulas are becoming one of the latest trends in the supplements industry. As a result, there appears to be an influx of new gaming supplement brands entering the market.

Just one of them is XP Sports – created by the company behind Six Star, Muscletech, and Hydroxycut. In the coming months, the brand is set to release three supplements – Boost, Zero-Lag, and Gummies.

With the formula for Boost now available, the following article will delve deeper into what to expect ahead of its imminent release. Continue reading as we spill the details!

Formula for XP Sports Boost

As is the case with most gaming supplements, the formula of Boost is designed to provide you with a boost of energy so that you can power through lengthy gaming sessions. Other benefits of XP Sports Boost are as follows:

  • Increased Focus
  • Improved Alertness
  • Enhanced Eye Health
  • Quicker Reactions

As you can see from the supplement facts label below, XP Sports included a handful of premium ingredients which includes 100mg of focus-boosting NeuroFactor, 30mg of FloraGlo for eye health, and 1.6g of NooLVL.

However, there are many other ingredients in this powdered supplement, too. This includes caffeine, an ingredient which a 2016 study (1) confirmed is ‘an effective strategy to counter both physical and cognitive degradation associated with sleep loss‘.


Final Thoughts

XP Sports Boost is designed to take your gaming to the next level. So, if you do decide it’s the supplement for you, you’ll be able to get your hands on it later this summer!

One container contains 30 servings, but only 15 if you opt for a 2 scoop serving. At the time of writing, there are two confirmed flavors – Sour Lime Pucker Face and Rainbow Candy.

That’s all from us here at Supplement Devil – over and out!

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