WIN! EVL Nutrition’s New Plant Based Protein

EVL Nutrition are fast becoming a major player in the supplement industry. With effective, transparent supps and an ever growing catalogue of products, the company is going from strength to strength.

Now, they’re giving customers and potential customers the chance to win their yet unreleased plant based protein supplement.

Plant based protein is becoming more and more common. As veganism and vegetarianism become more mainstream within bodybuilding and fitness as a whole. Genius Nutrition are set to release ‘Vegan Strong’ in a coming weeks and join the party too.

EVL are launching their Stacked Plant Protein with chocolate and vanilla flavours and you can enter the competition run in conjunction with the mighty Stack3d supplements over on their website here.

The supplement comes with 20g of protein, 4g of BCAA’s and promises to be an amazing alternative for vegans and people willing to try a new protein source.

Plant Proteins can be easier to digest and put less stress on the digestive system, making them a preferential choice for some lifters regardless of their diet.

They also taste damn good too.

Get entering if you fancy a tub, or wait until release over at EVL Nutritions website, which is coming SOON!

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