Genius Supplements: Vegan Strong & Keto Genius Announced

Genius Supplements are a company that’s going from strength to strength at the minute. Offering a line up of transparent and effective supplements at a good price, it’s these sorts of companies that keep their customers for life.

Hot of the press from the Genius HQ is the announcement of 2 new supplements. The first, being Keto Genius. Keto Genius will be powered by a combination of nootropic ingredients and  goBHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) ketones.

This formula should hugely help with focus and satiety, helping to eliminate cravings and cut down on calorie intake. Whilst enabling you to up your performance somewhat too.

Vegan Strong

Next out of the Genius brain comes Vegan Strong. Which has been called a ‘complete game changer’ by the company and offers up two new trademarked protein sources.

With more and more athletes seemingly turning towards vegetarianism and veganism as an effective diet for recomposition, this product could prove a real winner.

Currently we only know of 1 flavour of Vegan Strong, and that’s chocolate. And each tub will come in at 20 servings.

Both supplements sound like good additions to the line up of Genius Supplements and to the supplement industry as a whole.

We’re excited for more information and to put these new products through hell.

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